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Action Comics 260
"Mighty Maid"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND In honor of our group being reactivated, I thought I'd take a stab at posting a review. I just got a few old issues of Action on eBay, so I'm starting with what is new and fresh (for me at least). If you see something in brackets [like this], it's an aside or comment by me and not part of the actual story ;-)

The cover of this issue shows Superman kissing a red-headed woman in an orange outfit with a green cape and green boots while both are floating in mid-air. Perry White and Lois Lane stand below watching; Perry excited for the potential scoop exclaiming "Lois, what a terrific scoop! At last Superman has found a super=powerful woman worthy of his love!". Lois is a bit more reserved (well distraught really). Her response -- "'Sob' The biggest... and for me the unhappiest... story of my career". The caption to draw us in proclaims, "'Mighty Maid'! You'll never guess who she is!". Any guesses yet?

Our story begins at the Daily Planet and Perry White telling Clark that "More and more twisters are striking the tornado belt. I shouldn't have given Lois an assignment in that area, but she insisted." Clark says that he would have gone, but he had vacation plans. [Where would Clark be going, Smallville? Kandor? Time-trip to visit Lyla Lerrol?]. Still, Clark knows that Lois is always getting into trouble and as he checks up on her with his telescopic vision, he sees a twister bearing down on her [Holy Helen Hunt -- that's for Steve ;-)] He races to save her and Lois thinks to herself how scared she would be if she wasn't sure that Superman would save her [Lois would have to wait about 12 years to read "Does Earth Need a Superman" -- so we can't be too hard on her]. Lois is indeed saved from the twister, but not by Superman! A woman in a strange costume has performed this feat and when Superman asks her who she is, she replies, "You may call me Mighty Maid".

We soon learn that Mighty Maid is from another dimension and braved the interdimensional crossing just so she could meet Superman (she is stroking his chin as she reveals this). "I wanted to learn first- hand if you are as wonderful as reported. Frankly, I am not disappointed". Lois in the meantime is doing a slow burn and Superman is totally oblivious to it. "Welcome to the world of three dimensions, Mighty Maid. May I show you some of the scenic wonders of this world?" As the two super-powerd beings fly off, Lois is left to stew in a potent mixture of envy and self-doubt, "It was positively sickening the way he drooled over her. Like a schoolboy. Is she the type of woman he always wanted? Is that why he never married me?". She phones Perry White to fill him in and his response is "What's that! Superman has met a Mighty Maid! Lois! Do you realize how it would boost our circulation if a romance developed between those two! Get back to the office, fast!".

Meanwhile... Superman is giving Mighty Miad a grand tour of planet Earth. They visit the Taj Mahal and she notes how beautiful his eyes are. They visit the Sphinx (and save it from being destroyed by tremors). Superman remarks "I never thought Id be so overwhelmed by any woman". Two archeologists [extras from "The Man Who Knew Too Much"] are watching and one blurts out "He's going to kiss her! Superman is in love!". Mighty Maid laughs and dashes off, but Superman catches up with her over Milwaukee and the two of them embrace in a very passionate [for a Mort W. book at least] kiss. A photographer in a helocopter exclaims "Yow! Wotta picture! This will mean a promotion for me for sure!".

Back at the Daily Planet, Lois is heart-broken but stoic. Perry wants her to cover the budding romance, an international story by now, and to use her friendship with Superman to get the inside scoop when he proposes to Mighty Maid. Lois nixes the idea saying that Superman would want to be alone for such a private moment. In the next panel though Superman pops up and says he'd love to have Lois write up this story. Sure enough, when they are all at the beach that night eating X-ray vision heated hot dogs and super-chilled lemonade, Superman and Mighty Maid embrace again and Superman proposes. Mighty Maid accepts and Lois makes her exit with tears in her eyes saying she needs to get this story to press. Super[callous]man remarks "She's crying! Women! Sentimental scenes move them easily to tears!". As she drives off, Lois thinks to herself "Oh, Superman [Laurie Anderson must have read this story], I'm not super, like Mighty Maid! I'm just an ordianry woman. But I love you -- and I -- I'd have made you a wonderful wife! Why couldn't it have been me?". Lois returns to the Planet and writes her story (which Perry praises saying it's the best she's ever written). [That which does not kill us... hurts like hell]

As Superman and Mighty Maid make a farewell tour of the Earth, Lois and Perry head to an industrial plant where our heroes are going to make an appearance. Lois' look of gloom has left her and Perry thinks she's hiding something from him -- she is! She's reasoned that Mighty Maid must be a robot and that she, Lois, will expose the hoax and have the last laugh. Alas, the electromagnet that Lois maneuvers Mighty Maid into has no effect and Lois is forced to conclude that Mighty Maid is not a robot. Mighty Maid figures out why Lois would want to belive this and says "Oh... I understand! You care for Superman yourself, and you were hoping... I'm sorry Miss Lane". To which Lois replies "Hmph! I don't want your pity".

Mighty Maid and Superman vanish into the fourth dimension, Lois vows to always love him, and Perry muses how strange earth will be without a Superman. Instead of leaving Earth however, Superman and Mighty Maid splash down in the ocean at super-speed and then come up in an underwater cavern. "Nice going, 'Mighty Maid'! You may unmask now...". "And become my real self again? Good!". Off come a wig, make- up, false legs [???] and padding [wink] to reveal Kara Zor-el, our Supergirl. She asks her cousin why the hoax -- why are they hiding an the cavern?. His response "It all began the day I began to hear angry voices! At first I thought I was losing my mind... Then using my super-hearing, I followed the soundwaves to their source, a space ship millions of miles from earth... I learned I was being observed by a radar-like monitor aboard the ship! But unknown to the aliens, their monitor-ray enabled me to hear their thoughts [so was it super- hearing he was using to track them down?]". We then see the aliens (who look a little goofy if you ask me) -- "We cannot destroy invulnerable Superman, but we can hurt him by demolishing his adopted planet, Earth!". Supergirl asks why they would want to hurt him -- his response is the big shocker! Years ago, some of their ships were migrating through space past Krypton and they were mistakenly attacked and decimated. The survivors vowed to have their revenge, but Krypton was destroyed before they could exact it. So, as Krypton's last son [not including the Kandorians], Kal-el is the sole object of their quest for vengence. Supergirl asks why he didn't fight them and he replies "I don't want to harm them! From their point of view, there is some reason for their anger!" [Superman must have read Noam Chomsky] Superman also reveals that he accidently figured out that their radar doesn't work when he is under water and so they must hide under the sea. Superman then uses super- vision and sees that the aliens are in suspended animation as they return to their distant world. He hopes that when they awaken in 100 years, they will be ready to forgive Krypton and Kryptonians. Supergirl asks how he knows what really happened and he tells her that the Kandorians say that Krypton thought it was under attack.

Supergirl remarks how thrilling the adventure has been and begs Superman to let her leave the orphanage. Superman says no and reminds he that she must be his secret weapon in case kryptonite ever destroys him.

We then join Superman rescuing Lois as she "accidentally falls off a new building she has been inspecting". "Superman!! Back on Earth! B- but what about the fourth dimension... your bride...". He tells Lois that she was too young for him as she was only 15 and Lois thinks to herself "Then there's still a chance for me".

A pretty good yarn that is made slightly creepy by the passionate kisses we see the super-cousins sharing and the unspoken thoughts we are made privy too. Ah well... Luma Lynai [sp?] would be around in 29 issues or so to further complicate their relationship.