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Action Comics 260
"Mighty Maid"

>Regarding Kara as "Mighty Maid," Mr. SA writes:
> > > Suprisingly enough, this story hasn't ever been reprinted. Do we wonder
> why? No, I don't think we do.
> >I probably have this issue somewhere, but don't remember it. Why in the
>world did Supes have to have Kara disguise herself? I don't need a full
>review, but a plot summary would be helpful.

Hoo boy. :-) Believe me, a full review is easier than a plot summary!

Lois is in the grip of a twister and waiting for Superman to do the rescue thing - but just as he arrives he's beaten to it by a mysterious woman who introduces herself as Mighty Maid, is from another dimension and has travelled to Earth 1 to meet the famous Superman. The introduction involves a *lot* of fondling of a grinning Supes, who promptly takes her off on a tour of world wonders, leaving Lois fuming. Perry White instructs Lois to get on the case and look for a hot romance story. Meanwhile Mighty Maid and Superman check out the Taj Mahal, throw the Sphinx around a bit then end up in a serious spit swap conveniently witnessed by a news helicopter over, for some reason, Milwaukee.

Back at the Planet office Lois is protesting that Superman's personal affairs should remain private when Superman flies in, disagrees and asks her along to a private beach barbeque where he'll pop the question to MM. Professional (or masochistic) to the last, she writes up the story on how Supes will be leaving Earth to marry MM in her home dimension and live with her there. Finally suspecting one of Superman's little plots, she tries a last minute attempt to prove that MM is a robot, but no dice, she isn't - so Superman bids a public farewell to the world, and the happy couple vanish...

... to reappear in an undersea cavern where Kara removes the MM wig, falsies etc. and asks what this stunt is all about. Presumably she's just been having a fun winding up Lois for 8 pages without knowing why... and after hearing the explanation she may well have preferred not knowing, or maybe just have contracted a headache.

"It all began the day I started hearing angry voices!", proclaims Superman sternly. Said voices came from a spaceship full of aliens who were planning to destroy Earth as their only means of hurting the invulnerable Supes. Why? Because years earlier a fleet of their spaceships, passing by Krypton peacefully, had been shot down, leaving the rest of the race vowing vengeance on Krypton. Nuclear fission beat them too it, but they noted the survival of one small spaceship (though not, apparently, of Argo City, the firefalls, the Phantom Zone etc. etc.) and vowed to hunt down "the Kryptonian brat" one day. That day has come, but Superman, having super-heard the story (and checked out in Kandor the real deal, that the Kryptonians thought they were under attack), doesn't want to duke it out with the aliens, since as far as they know they have a point. Apparently he doesn't want to talk it out either - so he's devised this whole Mighty Maid business to fool the aliens into thinking that he's gone to another dimension, in which case, being fundamentally decent, they'll leave Earth alone. Which they do. Possibly with headaches.

So, the reason why Superman had Kara disguise herself is that he needed someone convincing and apparently not from Earth to appear to get married to. But given the way Al Plastino lays it on in the art, one could be forgiven for thinking that Supes picked that plan rather than a stack of less convoluted possibilities in order to do some grappling with Kara (especially since Kara doesn't actually know what's going on - presumably Superman has merely told her to dress up in falsies and wig, pretend to be from another dimension, make passes at him and get smoochy a lot!). Or, on a more mundane level, for thinking that Uncle Mort wasn't all that bothered about what plots he used in toe course of giving Supergirl more promo.

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