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Action Comics 311
"The Day Super-Horse Became Human!"


(Originally Reviewed On 8/15/01)

Story: Unknown Art: Jim Mooney

Linda Lee Danvers is kissing Bronco Bill, who is the man of her dreams, and who she intends to reveal her secret identity to, while Bill is in reality, Super-Horse! (Holy Mr. Ed, Batman! Of course, of course!) On Valentine's Day at Midvale, Linda Lee Danvers is the recipient of several Valentines, among them from Dick Malverne and Sandy Powers! Upon visiting The Daily Planet as The Maid of Might, Perry White shows her the valentines and greetings sent to her from around the world!

At The Fortress of Solitude, Supergirl is carrying a large mailsack over her head, as Comet The Super-Horse greets her telepathically! While there, she receives a telepathic message from Jerro, who bids her to come to Atlantis and sounding most urgent, indeed! Upon arriving in Atlantis, she sees that Jerro has some luminous fish spell out the sentiment in his heart, and she is overcome by the living valentine, then gives Jerro a kiss, while Comet wishes that he could express her admiration for her, as well! Emerging from the depths, Supergirl decides to take a tour of Oil City, while Super-Horse figures that she regards him just as another super-pet, and knows that if he were a man, he'd tell her how he'd feel, and it would be worth losing his super-powers, too!

Comet travels at super-speed through the centuries, to arrive in Ancient Greece, where he is greeted by Circe, who knew him as the Centaur Biron, who saved her life from the wizard Malador! The wizard's spell gave her horns ,but her next command made his body twist into knots! (Holy Jen, Batman!) As winner of the contest, she received the oracle bowl, with which she could see into the future, and Biron wondered if her sorcery could aid him in becoming human! (Holy Tupperware, Batman!) Malador sought to use a poison in the spring from which she drank from, but an arrow from Biron was able to foil his scheme! Circe rewarded Biron, but the wrong potion was used when Malador switched it, and he became a horse, instead! Circe also endowed him with the super-powers of the gods! (Holy Fawcett, Batman!)

As Circe asks Comet what happened to him since then, he remembers being exiled to the constellation Sagitarius by Malador, where he was trapped until repeller rays from the rocket ship carrying Kara to Earth freed him! Upon arriving on Earth, he made the acquaintance of Supergirl, who named him Comet, and he asks Circe for the opportunity to declare his love for the maid of might by turning him into a mortal, and she has come up with such a potion, which she first demonstrates on a lamb! The lamb is turned into human child, which will be given to a childless couple! (Holy Dolly, Batman!) Peering into her oracle bowl, Circe sees that Comet will be unhappy as a mortal and will wish to be changed back, but for the nonce, he wishes to become human! (Of course, of course!)

The drops from the potion will turn him into a man once he returns to the future, and he knows that should he wish to be turned back Circe will aid him, but Comet knows that he wishes to be human! Returning to 1964, Comet is dazed by the potion and lands in a subterranean pool of oil, and still befuddled, emerges covered in oil, and sans his cape! (Holy Black Beauty, Batman! That black oil and Texas Tea has worked its magic on his appearance!) Circe's potion has given Comet temporary amnesia!

The Hooded Demon, a masked bandit wandering the countryside is eluding the law and as night falls, he sees the flying black horse and takes it to be the legendary devil horse! He makes some flames, which ignites Comet's oily surface and sets him on fire, but he is unharmed. Comet believes that The Hooded Demon is his friend since he removed the oil, and to the old legend, The Hooded Demon believes that Comet will obey him! Using his gun on Comet, he sees that The Devil Horse is indeed invulnerable! (Holy ASPCA, Batman! You'd never see Roy Rogers or The Lone Ranger do this to Trigger or Silver!)

With his telepathy down, Comet doesn't sense the evil nature of The Hooded Demon, who plans to use the devil horse on his train robbery tomorrow! The next day finds The Hooded Demon riding the devil horse and trailing the train, then ordering his steed to stop the train, and Comet, who regards him as his friend, obeys! The express car is torn apart, while The Hooded Demon commands his steed to go before the marshall arrives! Once the posse arrive, they know that only Super-Horse could be that strong to damage a train, but knows that the horse wouldn't do it! (Holy More Powerful Than A Locomotion, Batman! Comet sure beat that Iron Horse!)

The Marshall and his possee sight The Hooded Demon and The Devil Horse, then fire upon him, injuring him and Comet, who is losing his super-powers due to Circe's potion! The Hooded Demon commands Comet to take him to the hide-out, where he changes clothes and escapes on foot with his loot, intent on finding a doctor, and after he leaves, Circe's spell goes into effect, and Comet The Super-Horse becomes human! (Holy Jekyll and Hyde, Batman! Comet better hide from the law!) Knowing that the transformation only occurs whenever he's in sight of Halley's Comet or another, he remembers Circe's potion and recalls his misdeeds while gripped with amnesia. He changes into some clothes and heads for a doctor...

In the forest, he finds a cabin, and tells the forest ranger that he was injured by a careless hunter. The ranger sees a group of riders, who tell him of The Hooded Demon, but by then the human Comet makes his way to the ranger's horse tied behind the cabin, and flees! Passing by the oil pool, he retrieves his super-cape, then places it in the saddlebag, then pens the white horse some miles away in a box canyon!

On a mountain trail, Comet sees Linda Lee Danvers, who is with a group of Midvale students, on her sight-seeing trip of Oil City, but then he sees that the ledge she's standing on is crumbling! Before her secret identity can be compromised, he grabs the rope from Dick Malverne's shoulder, then lassos her before she can fall far! He introduces himself as Bronco Bill Starr, having used that name when he was last human, and Linda doesn't let on that she knows him as Supergirl, then offers to give him a kiss! As they kiss, she remembers doing this as Supergirl, while he remembers that fond time, as well! Knowing the area as Super-Horse, he offers to be their mountain guide, which is just as well since their guide just got sick, and Linda sighs as she takes in how handsome Bill is! (Gee, I guess that the sight of Superman wanting to be king of the world in the first story would do that to us, as the hapless guide!)

As the day passes, Linda becomes more impressed with Bill, as he saves a bear cub from quicksand, and when she believes she's alone, Linda carves their initials on a tree, while Bill sees this from behind a rock! At Sweetheart's Pass, Bill tells her about a legend that when true sweethearts are in love, that a rainbow forms in the west, and at the foot of the falls, Linda uses her heat-vision to cause a rainbow to form! (Holy Rainbow Brite, Batman! Linda is looking for love in all the wrong places!) Before the rainbow, Bill and Linda kiss, as she wonders if this is the man she'll marry, and he wonders if Circe was wrong about her prediction? As Bill scouts a mountain trail that afternoon, the posse has arrived and is searching for him as The Hooded Demon! Bill knows that he can't tell Supergirl the truth, how he went from being a centaur to a horse to a human! (Gee, in a Weisinger comic, that's a bit much to take, isn't it?)

Bill heads to the canyon and mounts the horse, determined to find the real Hooded Demon to prove that he's not the criminal, while the posse meets Linda and her friends, telling them about Bill's description and The Hooded Demon. Separating from her friends, she becomes Supergirl and soars towards Bill, believing him to be The Hooded Demon and the horse he's riding on to be Comet, not knowing that he is actually Comet! (Holy Horse Sense, Batman! I don't wanna explain that again!) Unfortunately for Bill, a bit of Super-Horse's cape is sticking out of his saddlebag and is convinced that he's used magic on Super-Horse, while Bill maintains his innocence! Upon passing the gusher, Supergirl is weakened by what she believes to be a spell from Bill, but he knows that there's something else which is afflicting her! Knowing that he could get away, Bill now is a fugitive and knows that Circe was right about him having regrets!

In the past, Circe has been watching the proceedings and hears Bill when he asks to become a Super-Horse again! The two drops are administered and Bill once again becomes Super-Horse, who removes his clothes and puts on his cape before his arms disappear! As Comet, he gives a telepathic thanks to Circe, then heads for Supergirl, who tells him that she's been weakened by some Kryptonite in the oil pool, which Comet must have brought up when he first landed there! He saves her by kicking it away and then listens as she tells him to help in the hunt for The Hooded Demon, but as they make their way, the Marshall and the posse tell them that they've found the real Hooded Demon with the loot, and she knows that Bronco Bill is innocent, accused wrongly by her! She confides in Comet about Bronco Bill, the noble man she met and she knows that she'll never see him again, but he tells her that it's possible that she'll meet him again!

Boy meets Girl, Boy turns out to be horse who used to be centaur. Boy becomes human to get girl, but girl thinks he's a crook, and boy must become a horse again! It's the same old Silver Age story... at least in a Mort Weisinger Super-Title, that is.

I wonder if Fish-Boy from Wonder Girl was from Atlantis, as Jerro was?

The Circe in this story is very nice, as opposed to the one who'd turn The Man of Steel into a Super-Beast, not to mention turn Wonder Woman to stone in recent years. She did tie Malador in knots, similar to the pretzelizing abilities of a distaff SARist I know of. Heh.

Circe turns a sheep into a human baby. All I can say is, "It hadda be ewe!"

Comet gets amnesia, is doused in oil, burned, and shot at! Gee, the animal rights people woulda loved Mort!

The Hooded Demon wears a purple mask and has a blue shirt and pants. That's about it. Rather guillable about those legends, too. He'd probably believe that Batman is an urban legend. Makes the Human Eraser look respectable by comparison.

What a day Comet/Bill had! Sure is more fun and distressing for the rest of us, isn't it? Well... misery loves company.

I don't know what happened to Comet Pre-Crisis or Post-Crisis, but poor Biron deserves a happy ending, and at least he got some super-smooches from Linda Lee Danvers.

This review is dedicated to Jen Contino (aka Pretzel Lass of The Legion of Super-Heroes) And Steve Cohen, who'll never again Dial 900 For Zero again!

Steve Chung
"The Day Super-Horse Became Reviewed!"