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Action Comics 369
"The Boy Who Broke Supergirl's Heart"


Story: Unknown Art: Kurt Schaffenberger

Gary Sparks is the big romantic on campus, but this Romeo loves 'em and leaves 'em! If ever a Casanova deserved to be canned, it's this college kid, but he's also... "The Boy Who Broke Supergirl's Heart!" On the splash page, Gary and Linda Lee Danvers are enjoying the Supergirl documentary, with Sparks certain that The Maid of Steel would fall for him, and Linda smiling that he doesn't know who's in the seat next to him at the drive-in. In Stanhope College, a roommate watches as Gary Sparks gets ready for the big dance, and when he asks if Gary will be taking out the girl from the drama club, he is told by the campus Casanova that she's yesterday's news, as he dumps her picture in the garbage, and places one of Claire Valton, editor of the school paper, whom he has been seeing for the past two weeks. The roommate chuckles that in a day or two, he'll dump her, too!

From their window, a couple of girls watch Gary drive off in his new car, and one comments how he supposedly has several girls on a string, but the other would be willing to dangle like a yo-yo for a date with him! (Holy Duncan, Batman! She's the yo-yo!) At Stanhope Airport, Supergirl is using her x-ray vision to pierce the fog and spots several aircraft which are stranded and are running out of fuel! Using the wings from several abandoned aircraft, The Maid of Steel fashions a giant fan to dissipate the mist so that the planes can land! She enters an abandoned chimney, and knows that she's late for her double-date with Claire Valton, who she meant to talk with in regards to her new boyfriend. Soon, Linda is combing Claire's hair in preparation for her date with Gary, who has given her his fraternity pin, so she knows he's serious about her, even though he's left a trail of broken hearts across campus!

Outside of the sorority, Gary greets his date, while Linda is sure that Sparks is in love with no one but himself! At a drive-through, Gary pays for the meal, and Linda is dismayed at how taken Claire is with him. Having only two hundred-dollar bills on him, Gary asks Claire to pick up the tab, and Linda bristles at the sight, confident that she wouldn't let him try that on her! At the dance, Gary ignores Claire and moves in on the captain of the football cheering squad! Outside, Claire wishes that she were dead since Gary doesn't acknowledge her, and Linda offers to take her home!

Claire is unable to eat, sleep, or study, and spends her time staring at Gary's picture, while Linda uses her x-ray vision to see Gary making out with the cheerleader captain on a park bench, then gives her a fraternity pin, which makes her beam! Seeing that Gary is interested in the most prominent girls on campus, Linda decides to teach him a lesson! The following day, Linda is in her room, and is at work at carving a wooden statue with her super-nails! The following week, those attending the art exhibit are impressed by Linda Danvers' statue of a handsome youth, who bears a striking resemblence to Gary Sparks!

Seeing his likeness, Gary is inspired to ask Linda for a date, and she accepts! Looking at his datebook, Gary sees that he's booked solid for the next two weeks, but can fit her in for next Thursday afternoon. Linda can't wait to cut him down to size! (Ouch!) Before the date, Linda applies some hypno-lure eyeshadow from the planet Femina, some super-kiss lipstick from Venus, and bio-magnetic perfume from the flower world of Romanzor, and she is certain that Gary will take the bait! At the ice rink, Gary is enjoying himself on the ice, while Linda is ignored, and fuming! At the drive-in, they take in the latest Liz Baylor & Richard Merton move, "Love Me And Leave Me!" Gary is sure that Merton can't compare with him in the art of romance, while Linda is certain that she's in a lover's triangle since Mr. Sparks is in love with himself! As they watch Merton kiss Baylor, Gary figures that the actor learned his kissing techniques from Gomer Pyle, and tells Linda that they should show them how it's done! (Holy Last Kiss, Batman!)

A Supergirl flim short is next, and while Linda is impressed at watching The Maid of Might take care of a trio of robots, Gary is sure that he could charm her, and Linda is sure that the bio-magnetic perfume is working overtime tonight! She doesn't know if it's the super-kiss lipstick or Gary's technique, but Linda's enjoying herself. At the door, Gary gives her his fraternity pin, and Linda tells him that she'll never forget this moment. Gary tells her that he'll be seeing her tomorrow at the big football game, and to meet him at the admission gate, where he'll have a pair of box seats reserved.

With the date over, it's time for the next part of Linda's plan, by not showing up for the game, and in spite of herself, Linda is sure that she could go for him, that is if Gary didn't have such a crush on himself. The following day, Supergirl is bringing some rare space elements to The Superman Museum, and places them aside for a moment, while she uses her telescopic-vision to see what's happening at the big game! For some reason, she's not able to spot him immediately, but she soon sees Gary cuddling with a female football fan, as they cheer for the team, and share a blanket against the cold weather.

Stunned, she kicks the rare space elements for a super field goal, and figures that Gary would have dumped her anyway, which was her plan for him in the first place. The Maid of Might figures that she shouldn't use her powers in such a petty, spiteful way, and figures that she shouldn't be bothered by the tears she's shedding. Nearby, she is about to save a truck filled with liquid oxygen from falling over a cliff, but is distracted when she sees Lover's Lookout, where she and Gary spent some time, and misses the truck, which hits the ground with an explosive finality!

The truck driver, who had drove from his vehicle before it went over, chastizes her for the wreck, and the surrrounding area is now in a deep freeze from the liquid oxygen! (Holy Selegue, Batman! I didn't see him try to stop it!) Sheepishly, Supergirl apologizes for the miscalculation and tries to forget about Gary Sparks, only to see him in her dreams, for even though she is The Maid of Might, Linda is also a teen-aged girl who is in love with this romantic rogue, and donning her costume, Supergirl wants him... needs him... and is willing to reveal her identity, because any guy would be pleased to date The Maid of Steel!

Purple seems the color of choice, as in the splash page, where Supergirl is dealing with a purple robot centipede in the film short.

Kurt Schaffenberger puts the fun in his art, as we watch this would-be campus Casanova unknowingly set his sights on Supergirl!

The '60s fashions are quite a treat, as Gary is wearing his casual business suit, and on the double-date, they dine at a Mel's Drive-In type of establishment, with those reliable Schaffenberger autos which are good to the last drop (or should that apply to the truck of liquid oxygen, instead?)

Poor Claire, and considering what Linda sees with her x-ray vision, it's lucky for Gary that she didn't use her heat-vision to give him a bad sunburn or super-breath to cool him off!

Interesting that Linda is loading up on the ammo with those exotic, extraterrestrial make-up, lipstick, and perfume. I'm surprised that Gary didn't wind up a gibbering mess on the ice, but then, I guess self-obsession is a sort of invulnerability by itself.

"Love Me & Leave Me" I love irony in a Liz Baylor and Richard Merton movie title , don't you?

Compared to her cousin, Supergirl's romances are rather lively and energetic, while Clark seems to be content to play the waiting game with Lois, not to mention Lana, Lori, and other L.L's of note.

This Review Is Dedicated To Jesse and Jen Contino

Steve Chung
"The Boy Who Wrote Supergirl's Review!"