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Action Comics 370
"Supergirl's Shattered Marriage"


Story: Unknown Art: Kurt Schaffenberger

Supergirl... beautiful, intelligent, and super-powerful! These remarkable qualities may not be enough when she takes a husband... who has a fickle nature! In the story of... "Supergirl's Shattered Marriage!" On the splash page, The Maid of Steel has a baby on her back, and watches as her husband, Gary Sparks, takes it on the lam with a pony-tailed brunette at the controls of a spaceship! Linda Lee Danvers is behind a tree at Stanhope College, and is watching Gary Sparks kissing a co-ed, and admits to herself that she has fallen for him! When the girl leaves, she confronts him, and Gary tells Linda that it wouldn't be fair to the other girls if he were tied to only one!

He sees a poster about the dedication of the new Stanhope science building on Founder's Day, and sees that Supergirl will be there, and Linda heads for some privacy, where she changes to The Maid of Steel, who'll go after Gary where Linda couldn't. Gary and his friends are racing in their cars, but the drawbridge is opening, but Gary believes that he can make it! Unfortunately, in his bid to show his friends that he's not chicken and try for the jump, he misses, and is about to become a chicken of the sea, when Supergirl arrives on the scene!

She dives and catches the falling car before it can strike the deck of a passing ship! Gary thanks her for the save, and she hints that she's aware of his reputation. He tells her that he's bored by the girls on campus and wonders if he could date her, and Supergirl agrees to a Saturday date, while thinking that Gary does dig her! The week passes, and Supergirl takes Gary diving, flies him to see the lights of the Aurora, which has Gary insisting that her eyes are so bright as to dim it, and the two take in the amazonian waterfall known as The Bridal Veil, which gives Gary an idea...

At a quiet picnic, Gary asks her to marry him, and Supergirl accepts the proposal! When he says that he hopes to raise enough money for an enagement ring, she tells him not to worry, and bores like a drill down into the earth, where she finds a giant seam of coal, then goes back for Gary, who watches her apply super-pressure from her fist to make the coal into diamonds, and he wants the perfect diamond for his bride!

Once the stone has been selected and the cavern has been sealed, Gary compliments Supergirl on the vein of gold for the setting of the gem, which makes their engagement official. She vows to keep her word, as he is to name the day, which will be next weekend! Supergirl heads off to share the news, and in Midvale, she tells her foster-parents of her intentions, which has them wondering if their foster-daughter has taken leave of her senses! Determined to prove them wrong, she leads them to the basement, where she has invented the prognostron, a computer-predictor in her lab. Feeding all the facts about her groom and her into the circuits, the device will compute their probable future, and the screen will show the results!

They see Supergirl's wedding day, with The Justice League, and her Kryptoniian parents are there, but the Danvers aren't! Her foster-mother assures her that it's probably because they must preserve her secret identity. They watch as the new bride lands at the new home, and sees Gary relaxing, not bothering to find a job! He doesn't see why he should work when he's married to her, and Supergirl could easily make them rich, just as she made the engagement ring. She speeds up the computer to see what happens next, and Mrs. Danvers is pleased to see that she'll have a granddaughter, but the little tyke is playing with the house like it's a Lego set, and Gary isn't doing anything to stop her!

Supergirl arrives from a mission and sees that Kala has been up to some mischief, and Gary points out that their child has super-powers, and he's not exactly Superman. She builds a robo-nurse to take care of Kala, and Gary can goof off as much as he likes, a comment which he doesn't find very funny. When she returns from another mission, Supergirl sees that the house is a mess and wonders what happened to the robo-nurse. Gary tells her that it was making so much noise, he shut it off! Seeing that the only solution is to take Kala with her, Supergirl does just that, as the present-day Maid of Steel accelerates the prognostron, in hopes that her future husband will reform. She's startled to see a space-ship arrive, and a gorgeous brunette is at the controls!

She is Lustra of Galactic Tours, and Supergirl was to aid her in filming the wonders of Earth, but since his wife is away, Gary offers to show her around, that is, if he had super-powers! She gives him a kinetic armlet, which enables him to have almost as many powers as Supergirl, and they take their leave. After an exhausting search, Supergirl finds them on a volcano, angry at her husband, who has no time for their family, but plenty of time for this alien tour guide. Gary is sick of her nagging, and is determined to do what he wants to do, and if that annoys her, then they'll settle things in divorce court! Snarling, Supergirl has had enough and is about to slap Gary silly, just as the present-day Supergirl turns off the prognostron before she sees if the armlet has made Gary invulnerable or if her slap would kill him!

She hugs her foster-father and admits that marrying Gary would be a mistake, and he knows that she gave her word to him. Her only hope is to con Gary into breaking their engagement. The following day at Stanhope, Gary tells the others that he's marrying Supergirl, and to confirm that this is no trick, he's burning his little black address book! He's torn all the phone numbers and tells the girls he won't be calling them after the wedding, making the girls believe that he's actually serious! At City Hall, Gary and Supergirl have the document to make their marriage official, and now head for a minister, with Supergirl so taken by the idea that she'll be Mrs. Gary Sparks by tomorrow, that she lifts up the startled groom in her joy!

She is so giddy that she is whirling Gary around at super-speed, while he begs her to stop! Bracing himself against a tree, he asks her to control herself, and she apologizes, then decides to make it up to him by giving him a great big hug! (Holy Contino, Batman! If she's not careful, she'll be a widow!) Gary screams for her to let go before she crushes him, and tells her that she's nearly cracked his ribs! Supergirl assures him that she adores him so, and offers to apologize by kissing him, which he hopes will be gentle!

SMMOOCHHHH! The super-kiss is drawing out his breath like a vaccum, and he can't take the pull! The Maid of Might assures her fiancee that everyday she'll prove her love for the rest of their lives, and Gary has decided to call the wedding off before he's carried away... in a box! He rips the marriage license, and regrets that he's lost the phone numbers, while Supergirl soars away, pleased that she's succeeded in getting him to call it off! The following day at Stanhope, the girls wonder why Gary isn't on his honeymoon with Supergirl, and when he tells them that he broke it off with her, they find it the wildest story they've ever heard. Even though they're no longer engaged, Linda feels sorry for Gary, who'll be known as a campus phoney instead of the campus Romeo.

In the previous issue, Supergirl suffered a broken heart, and in this issue, she suffers a broken marriage! Great Krypton!

Little Kala is wearing a spacesuit and is strapped to her mother's back, while she continues with her missions.

Gary Sparks sought to show the others that he was the fast and the furious in racing the drawbridge, but in the end, it was a draw!

In The Silver Age, Rick Jones drove to the Gamma Bomb testing grounds, so that the others wouldn't think he was chicken!

Like her cousin, Gary Sparks has a suspicious "S" curl, which would tie in with the Action #260 review, where Supergirl kisses her cousin! (Holy Elvis, Batman!)

The prognostron shows Supergirl's wedding, which was not a dream, a hoax, or an imaginary tale... just a computer simulation.

Lustra's spacecraft resembles a time-bubble from the 30th Century.

A happy Supergirl is a scary Supergirl, at least to Gary Sparks.

This Review Is Dedicated To Gary Arkell.

Steve Chung
"Supergirl's Shattered Review!"