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Action Comics 399
"Superbaby's Lost World"


Story: Geoff Brown Art: Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson

It appears that Superbaby and the Kents are deep in a prehistoric jungle, but whether this is a result of time-travel or a journey to another planet is unknown. The toddler of steel is about to slug it out with a dinosaur in this untold tale from Superman's childhood... "Superbaby's Lost World!" Ma Kent tells Clark not to hit the thunder lizard, but the tot wants to make the bad animal stop growling! KRRRUNNCH! The Kents watch as Superbaby's punch makes short work of the giant robot, one of many in the amusement park. Returning to the ride, Ma is grateful that they are by themselves and that Clark must behave himself or else this will be the last ride they'll take. Naturally, Clark gives his word to be a good boy. (Holy Gerber's, Batman!)

Elsewhere in the amusement park, Connie and Hyde, the country's top jewel thieves have hidden themselves, along with their million-dollar haul. Seeing the approaching police car, Connie sees that they've been followed from the jewelry store by the law, but Hyde ditches the loot in a trash can so that they can retrieve it later! While the Kents are getting a double-scoop ice cream cone, Superbaby uses his x-ray vision and sees the loot inside of the trashcan. Determined to prove himself to be a good boy to his parents, he intends to give the basket back to Hyde. After tearing the side of the trashcan, the tot of steel does his good deed, to the dismay of Connie and Hyde, who suggest that they find the youngster's parents. Clark doesn't see his parents in the crowd and begins to cry, while Hyde knows that he has to do something before they attract a crowd.

Meanwhile, the Kents see that Clark is missing, but Jonathan knows that since the boy is super, nothing can harm him. The tot of steel continues to cry, with Hyde wanting to leave, but Connie knows that the police won't be looking for a family of three. She tells Clark that they'll find his parents, and Hyde takes them to the jungle land ride, which Connie hopes will keep the brat distracted. As they ride the currents aboard the boat ride, Clark wonders when they'll find his parents, with Connie reassuring him that it'll be soon, and Hyde gloating that the cops will never find them in this ersatz jungle.

BUHH RRAAWWW! Connie and Hyde are startled by the hippo, but Clark is gleeful since his mommy told him that all the animals in the park are like toys! In his excitement, Superbaby uses his super-strength and lifts the mechanical animal, but the weight swamps the boat... and they begin to go under! At the bottom of the stream, the tot of steel realizes his mistake, and lifts the boat again to the surface!

Connie can't believe what's she's seeing and wonders if it's all a nightmare, as Clark tips the boat over to get the water out. Hyde wonders how a baby can be so strong, while Connie sees that they are soaking wet! Superbaby sees a jungle "volcano" and knows how to get them dried off quickly! (Holy Joe Vs The Volcano, Batman!) He takes both Connie and Hyde in either hand, then soars towards the top, where Clark figures they'll be dried off soon...

The two are unable to breathe with all the smoke, and Connie begs for the toddler to get them out of there! Seeing that the smoke is bothering them, Clark uses his super-breath to blow away the smoke. HOOOWOOOO! Unfortunately, in using his super-breath, Clark has also blown Connie and Hyde off the "volcano!" At the foot of the mountain, the duo are found on a pair of tree branches by the police! The two officers are surprised when Connie and Hyde beg to be taken away to prison... solitary... anything to get away from the little "super-demon!"

When Connie tells the policemen about the kid with super-strength and who flew them to the top of the volcano, then blew them off it with the force of a cyclone... well, the lawmen are skeptical, and recommend that the duo be taken to a psychiatric ward! Among those who watch the duo being led away are the Kents, who hear about the volcano. On the slope, they find Superbaby happily wrestling with a big wind-up monkey! The toddler tells his foster-parents about how nice he was to the nice lady and man who were very good to him... and Pa Kent knows that his foster-son has had a busy day, indeed! At night, Superbaby is in his crib, cudding his stuffed teddy bear, which he prefers to the big wind-up toy animals at the park.

Ray Bradbury's "A Sound of Thunder" has a group time-travel back to the prehistoric age for a safari... and the biggest game of all... a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In addition to being a book, "The Lost World" was also adapted into movies and a television series on Cable.

Bonnie and Clyde had their own movie with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.

In the Silver Age, young Clark Kent and Lana Lang met Bonnie and Clyde.

Get Smart had a parody of Bonnie and Clyde where Maxwell Smart and 99 are identical in appearance to "Connie and Floyd."

On Lois and Clark, Bonnie and Clyde are among those who are revived by Star Labs scientist Emil Hamilton.

Steve Chung
"Superbaby's Lost Review!"