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Adventure Comics 332
"The Super-Moby Dick of Space! (Part 2)"


(Originally Reviewed On 08/21/01)

Story: Unknown Art: Curt Swan

Lightning Lad is leading The Legion of Super-Heroes in search of The Super-Moby Dick of Space, who has caused him the loss of his right arm! With his robot arm, the energies which it contains will spell an end for the creature. The Legionnaire's ship flies through the darkness of space, while its captain awaits the time when he will have his vengeance, which may come to fruition, as The Super-Moby Dick of Space has been sighted near the asteroid Thanar! (Hmm, is that anywhere near Thanagar?)

Among the crew, Saturn Girl is concerned that Lightning Lad may have become warped by his desire for vengeance and that he will risk all their lives in the quest for The Super-Moby Dick of Space! Brainiac 5 knows that Garth suffered from a concussion and while it has affected his mind, it should be dissapating soon. The Boy of Steel knows that Lightning Lad must not break The Legion's code against killing, and believes that Colossal Boy may be able to avoid this dire situation! In his compartment, Dr. Lanphier knows that it's his fault that they are in the situation that they are in! (Holy Rozakis, Batman! What's the answer to this one, man?) As the ship continues on course, Superboy and Colossal Boy (in a spacesuit) via the emergency airlock to deal with The Super-Moby Dick of Space! Superboy carries Colossal Boy towards the asteroid Thanar, where The Mineral People are in danger! (Holy Justice Selegue of America, Batman! Jack would have quite a find here, wouldn't he?) On the asteroid, The Mineral People see the oncoming creature about to devour them!

Knowing that he can't get near The Super-Moby Dick of Space, Superboy has Colossal Boy lead the creature from the city by using his power to grow and hurls dirt at the creature, then running for an impromptu cave-trap, which Superboy believes to hold The Super-Moby Dick! Colossal Boy leads the creature towards the trap, then intends to revert to his normal size, so that he can escape from the trap!

Just as Colossal Boy makes it to the trap, the arrival of the ship distracts The Super-Moby Dick, who then attacks the ship! The ship is ready to crash on the rocks, but The Boy of Steel grabs it, just as the creature flies back into outer space! Emerging from the ship, Lightning Lad vents his rage on Superboy and Colossal Boy, while Saturn Girl strives to convince him that The Mineral People would have died, while they would have perished. Lightning Lad orders them back on the ship, as they again go off in pursuit of The Super-Moby Dick. Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5 see that Dr. Lanphier has been talking with Lightning Lad about some plans, but their minds are closed off to her telepathic abilities.

Lightning Lad turns the steering over to Ultra Boy, then confers with Dr. Lanphier, as Saturn Girl sees them exchange what seems to be a powerful weapon. Ultra Boy informs Garth that The Super-Moby Dick has headed for an uninhabited planet with a hundred moons, where they'll land soon enough! On the surface, Lightning Lad points out the metal-ore outcrops, which are what the creature will be eating, and should be over the crest! (Holy Toothbrush, Batman! This creature sure needs to meet The Super-Dentist of Space, hasn't he?) Seeing the creature chomping on the iron ore, Lightning Lad tells the others to stand away while he uses the power amplifier in his robot arm to increase his lightning bolts a 100 times! Saturn Girl tells Superboy to stop Lightning Lad before he breaks the code against killing!

Superboy shield the creature from the lightning bolts, but Lightning Lad warns him that The Super-Moby Dick is coming from behind (how apt), causing The Boy of Steel to fall, while Dr. Lanphier rushes to save Superboy! The other Legionnaires use their flight rings to distract the creature, while Superboy recovers from The Green K, but Dr. Lanphier was hurt, and is stunned. The doctor must be rushed to an Earth hospital, while Lightning Lad and the others pursue the creature, Ultra Boy will take the doctor to Earth! Aboard the ship, Lightning Lad has spotted The Super-Moby Dick again!

The other protest when he tells them that the creature has been found, but as they hold a meeting to discuss his fitness as a commander, Lightning Lad takes a space boat to confront the creature by himself on The World of The Dead Robots! (Holy Gigantor, Batman! Will Lightning Lad heed the warning! warning!) The huge robots are now inoperative, having rebelled against their human masters, then lacking the ability to repair themselves, shut down! (Just as Torgo of Mekka from The Fantastic Four comic book would come to be) Dining on the metal, the creature turns towards the space boat, just as Lightning Lad bails out, but The Super-Moby Dick has smashed the ship, with Lightning Lad stunned!

He uses his flight ring to break his fall, and strives to rise before he is killed, and as the other arrive in their ship, Lightning Lad takes aim on The Super-Moby Dick of Space, charging at him through the air, then struck by the bolts of lightning, this time the emerald lightning is reflected onto his robot arm, harmlessly! When the others arrive on the scene, they see that Lightning Lad's bolts have shrunk the creature to tiny size, which is its normal size, having been created by scientific means! (Holy Mr. Wizard, Batman!) Saturn Girl notices that Garth is acting like himself again, and he tells them that the concussion-effect wore off after they left Thanar!

It was Dr. Lanphier who experimented with the creature, who used negative force to have it increase in size, and was all too successful, as it smashed out of his asteroid laboratory! The doctor confessed to Lightning Lad on the ship and told him that a positive electrical force could shrink it again,which had the two of them working on his robot arm and adding the amplifier for his lighting powers! Unable to tell them about his plan, the others would believe that he was still consumed by hate in hunting the creature. Since the creature is tiny again, it will be a threat no longer, and The Legionnaires can return to Earth! In the hospital, Dr. Lanphier regrets that Lightning Lad lost his arm because of him, but Garth doesn't hold him responsible for it, but a physician tells The Legionnaire that there are plans for an arm and leg bank using new techniques, so that perhaps one day, he'll have his own arm again, but in the meantime, he doesn't mind his robot arm.

Lightning Lad is in a real pickle as he continues his search for The Super-Moby Dick (aka The Flying Pickle with Pink Wings and Teeth!)

It's good to see that Superboy came for a humane way to capture the creature, while the others are concerned not to violate their code against killing.

They've been from planet populated with Mineral People and giant robots, which is to me, much more intriguing than Worlds At War, and done in about 20 pages, no less.

In the Legion Outpost Letterspage, Bob Rozakis of Elmont, NY asks why in "The 100 New Feats of Superboy," The Boy of Steel states that, "And while I've often endured the sun's heat of 20 billion degrees, I've never visited this star, the hottest one in the universe - over 10 billion degrees." I'm sure that this is a 100% goof, which the editor attributes to The Bizarro whacky mathematics, as the sun's heat should have been written as 20 million degrees.

Cary Bates of Dayton, Ohio enjoys the feature of "Know Your Legionnaires" and appreciates it so much that he hopes that they'll continue it.

This review is dedicated to Bob Rozakis Honorary Legionnaire known as Answer Lad in the 30 Century and in the '70s, he'll always be The Answer Man!

Steve Chung (Review Boy) "The Super-Moby Review of Space Part 2