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Brave and the Bold 100
"Hide And Seek!"


Script: Jack Miller Art: Neal Adams

"He will live -- in the bodies of others -- and walk among men -- until he has found his killer!" In the dead of night -- Boston Brand walks the lonely, empty blocks... but his heart burns with the flame of revenge... as he must play a solitary game of... "Hide And Seek!"

His footsteps silently tread the damp road... his cries are unheard from a being invisible to the living... Boston Brand wonders how long he must search for his killer, and if he has to hunt the entire country --? He wonders what the police are doing about it, and decides to see for himself! As he enters the precinct, he sees a pair of cops smiling as they leave, and wonders who is assigned to his case. Boston Brand was an acrobat from a second-rate circus, and Deadman heads for the records department. Entering the desk sargeant's body... he searches for his file, and finds that the murder case was assigned to Detective Michael Riley! When he looks for the detective's address in the personnel files, he sees that Riley was dishonorably discharged for excessive cruelty while performing his duty! His killer who used excessive cruelty is still out there, and Deadman leaves the dazed desk sargeant's body... Dawn finds him passing through the walls of a second-floor apartment, and Michael Riley sleeps on the couch like a dead man. Boston reviews some of Riley's old news clippings, and learns more about what happened to the detective.

In apprehending a hoodlum, who surrendered peacefully, the detective began punching him... and the incident was witnessed by two men... former boxer Peter Bones... and dock worker Roy Martin...

The newspaper clipping describes Martin as wearing a beard and an artficial arm with a hook -- a Hook! The man who killed Boston Brand wore a hook! He sees now that it was Roy Martin -- who killed him! When Riley was getting close on the case -- Martin framed him, to get him out of the way! The newspaper doesn't have Martin's address, but that of Peter Bones is there! Figuring that both men are in on the frame, Boston decides to grab a body -- and Detective Michael Riley is elected! Before he goes out, Deadman gives Riley a shave...

"Michael Riley" pays a call on Peter Bones... and asks him about the night that he and Martin saw him beating a crook-- Bones tells him to forget it, but "Riley" is a sore loser! Maybe the detective doesn't like a frame any more than the former boxer would like a fixed bout!

Bones doesn't want to have anything to do with the raving cop, but "Riley" tags along when Bones heads upstairs to feed his pigeons! For the former boxer, the pigeons are like a bunch of little kids! On the street -- a motorist is about to change the tire on his car... but when the CLANG reaches the rooftop... "Michael Riley" finds himself up against a punch-drunk Bones!

CHONK! The boxer delivers a right to "Riley's" jaw! WHOOOSH! The "detective" manages to duck a left! WHAM! He lands a right to Bones' mid-section, but... CRAK! The former boxer feints with his left, then...

KRASH! The punch sends "Detective Riley" into the pigeon coop!

Bones is distracted by the flying pigeons... and calls for them to return... but WHAM! "Riley" manages to get his attention with a right uppercut, and the pug is no longer in the mood for a fight! He promises the former boxer to get him cleaned up, but first "Riley" wants the truth! Bones needed the money -- needed it to feed his kids -- and he was told that if he testified that he saw the detective beat up the crook... "Riley" wants to know who ordered the frame...

Roy Martin -- The Hook! Having learned what he wanted to know, the "detective" asks where he can find the Hook! As it turns out, he lives just two doors away! Number 306 -- second floor! Peter Bones figures that he isn't a bad guy since he kept his word, and bought the bird seed! As "Riley" tells Bones to stay on the roof so that he can make a phone call, a hook could be seen in a nearby window... if he weren't in a hurry! On the street, Boston Brand knows that his torment is about to end... as the "detective" calls the precinct and tells them that he has evidence to clear himself, and get the killer of the circus acrobat! SKREEEE! The siren song is most welcome to his ears, as he shows them where Pete Bones is... on the roof!

Bones kept his word to stay on the roof -- but he didn't really have any choice in the matter... dead from a blow to the head with an iron bar. "Riley" knows that the Hook must have been listening when Bones gave his confession. As a pigeon soars past him, he knows that their "father" won't be coming back. The lieutenant asks where the Hook can be found, and they head two doors south... When "Riley" asks if he'll know him when he'll see him, the lieutenant describes the man as being bearded and wearing thick glasses! When they enter the Hook's room... the killer is long gone, but the murder weapon is still there!

Roy Martin's description does them no good since the beard and glasses were part of a discarded disguise! The lieutenant eyes a travel folder for Sunny Mexico and notifies the Mexican authorities to be on the lookout for the Hook. There are fingerprints on the crowbar which should be of help! Detective Riley has been cleared, and while the lieutenant shakes his hand to congratulate him, a frustrated Deadman takes his exit...

This story originally appeared in Strange Adventures #210 (March, 1968).

The otherwordly art of Neal Adams makes the series a memorable one, with such imagery as Deadman being told by Rama Kushna (who appears in the form of a tree) what his mission will be before he can rest.

In 1985 (or so), Deadman's stories from Strange Adventures and the Neal Adams-drawn stories from Brave and Bold were reprinted in a six-issue Baxter Format. It is especially worth picking up for the Neal Adams interview by Nicola Cuti.

The series is reminiscent of the TV series, "The Fugitive," where Doctor Richard Kimble assumed different occupations to find the killer of his wife... a mysterious one-armed man.

I had heard that there was going to be a "Deadman" series on TNT, but don't know what's become of it since then.

Unlike Jim Corrigan, a police detective who was killed by Gat Benson, then returned as the spirit of vengeance known as the Spectre, Boston Brand's mission is to find his killer as an agent of Rama Kushna.

He retains his human qualities and experiences everything from frustration at searching for his killer, to surprise when he finds how his twin brother, Cleveland Brand is doing, and understands that this new form of existence has its good points when it comes to making a difference in the world of the living.

Pigeon coops have been popular since the Marlon Brando movie, "On The Waterfront." In this story, "Roy Martin" uses Peter Bones as a "pigeon" to cover his tracks in exchange for a handful of birdseed.

Michael Riley's career as a police detective has been revived, while the newfound "career" of Boston Brand... as a Deadman has just begun...

This Review Is Dedicated To Simon Delmonte, Tim O'Shea and Tom Orzechowski

Steve Chung
"Review And Seek!"