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Eighty Page Giant 1
"Claire Kent, Alias Super-Sister!"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND In Smallville, Ma Kent is knitting while Clark changes into Superboy...

Ma: "Son, I have a strange feeling that something amazing will change your life today!"

Clark: You're feminine intuition, mom? Ha, Ha!"

Later, Superboy is patrolling high above town when he sees a queer spaceship from another world! He decides to see what the spaceman pilot looks like but is surprised to discover a Space-Woman!

But the sight of the Boy of Steel flying startles the she-pilot, and she starts plummeting to the earth!

Superboy: "Just like a woman to lose control!"

A super-spat ensues as the woman, one Shar-La, explains that she comes from a planet run by women. Superboy wants no part of a planet run by women who run their spaceships so shlockily (and who can blame him?). Shar La is insulted and promises to teach our hero a lesson using powerful rays from the jewel in her ring. Luckily, Superboy is here to explain that he is invulnerable to all physical harm except kryptonite....

"And the angry way you're acting makes me glad I'm not a girl!"

"you may not be able to say that...later" Is Shar-La's cryptic reply. Whatever will happen next?

Well, the boy of steel is flying over a river when he sees his reflection! "Omigosh! I've been changed into a...a girl!" With Shar-La vanished, Superboy is resigned to having a boy's mind in a girl's body. Now the Lass of Steel, our star races home to tell the Kents the bizarre story...

Ma Kent: "Well, I'm delighted! I've always wanted a daughter!"

The happy mother begins the fun task of finding dresses for her new daughter, and the two agree that now Clark will be out of town visiting relatives, and cousin Claire is staying with the Kents. Lana Lang, who lives next door, is delighted to have a new girlfriend...

"We'll try a recipe I heard on the radio! Cooking is such fun!"

And so, the cruel fate begins for Claire because she has the mind of Clark. The destiny quickly begins...

"You mix the batter for the cake, Claire"

and later...

"Hmm...what's better than listening to dreamy records, Claire?"

Just then, an odd warning starts ringing in Claire's mind! At the amusement park, a stunt artist supreme, Arrow-Girl, is in danger! Claire makes a hurried excuse and sets out for the park, but is shocked to discover that the danger is first happening now, not when the warning arrived! What could it mean?

No time to worry about it now, Arrow Girl is shot out of a giant bow and is going to miss the hole in the center of a target and get hurt! The lass of steel saves her to public acclaim from the townspeople

"You look enough like superboy to be his twin sister!"

And thus is born that bizarre savior of Smallville, Super-Sister! But not without a point to this story first...

"Hmff, you may not be as able as Superboy, Super-Sister! After all, super or not, you're just a girl!"

But hey, what about that warning (that came in the form of an S.O.S.) about arrow girl? Well Ma Kent has all the answers : "It's simple Claire! You have feminine intuition now!" It's a boon for Claire! Its not just regular feminine intuiton, it's "Super-Intuition"! And lucky too, because a warning comes in about that pesky Lana! She suspects: "Just before Super-Sister did that job, Claire Kent left me with a flimsy excuse! I'll try and trap her in school tomorrow!"

Next morning, in class...

"Look Claire! Let me show you how neat my new fingernail clippers work!"

But Claire knows that ordinary nail clippers have no chance against nails of steel, so she springs her trick! Super-Sister is flying right past the classroom window! But how?!? Flashback time as Claire explains the ease with which she converted a Superboy robot to a Super-Sister robot! Poor Lana, outsmarted again!

On the way home from school, the Super-Intuition kicks in again, this time about trouble in the tropics!

And on a tropical island, someone is in trouble--A Man!!! It must be a doozy of a problem to alert Super-Sister from so far away, so let us listen in on the tropical tribe in trouble...

"It is tribal law that any hunter who fails to bring back food must leap into the volcano!"

Just then, a young tribe girl rushes forward, pleading to die in her father's place. And what does Super-Sister make of this development?

"Oh No! I'll have to save a GIRL'S life again!"

Well lucky for everyone the tribe girl is the same size as the sister of steel, so its easy to save the girl, and make sure she is spotted in the lava. It must mean the volcano spirit has saved the girl's life, so the tribe commutes the sentence.

Rejoicing about her new Super-Intuition, Super-Sister has her mood dampened when while over the ocean she spots a disabled freighter being towed by the coast guard. "Ahoy, Super-Sister! That frieghter struck an iceberg! The crew was in great danger...but you weren't around!"

Oh well, the intuition thing only kicks in when women are in danger. Well anyway, another girl is in danger at an underwater show! A stunt girl is being approached by a shark ready to attack! Super-Sister saves the stunt girl, but the girl performer is unnerved and meets with her manager...

"I can't go on Mr. Stone! Refund all the customer's money!"

"All right! But I'll tear up your contract! You're through!

Luckily a Super-Substitute appears: "Hold it, Mr Stone! I'll replace your girl performer for this show and give the customers their money's worth!"

Super-Sister dazzles the crowd, and takes satisfaction in helping yet another girl.

Abruptly, everything changes, and Superboy is back with Shar La! There never was a Super-Sister! Remember that threat about the jeweled ring? Well, the ring has the ability to zap people with "Mento-Rays", and Shar-La projected a mental dramatization into Superboy's mind!

"Well, I learned my lesson, Shar-La! I know now how it feels to be a girl and meet undeserved scorn and ridicule from men!"

Later at home, Ma knows she has a fine son, but sometimes she wishes she had a daughter too. Poor Ma! She'll never know she did, but only in a mental vision!

With Clark winking to the reader for some reason, the story ends.

Well, I don't know what to make of this. I never heard of this story, and it is quite bizarre. I know very little about Suberboy, so I can't tell you who drew it or wrote it, but it would be interesting to see this story done today, and how a modern take would turn this into something almost Vertigo-esque. I have no idea what the original comic was either. The rest of the stories in this comic are equally strange, so if anyone likes this let me know, and I'll try and do another.