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Flash 149
"The Flash's Sensational Risk!"


Story: Unknown Art: Carmine Infantino

(Originally Reviewed On 10/09/01)

On the cover, Wally West is watching television with his parents, and sees The Flash unmask himself as Barry Allen! (Holy Shipp, Batman! It's 1990 again!)

On the splash page, The Flash and Kid Flash travel to another world where they must stop a series of explosions on Earth, but in order to be able to defeat this threat, The Fastest Man Alive will run a personal risk, while the other-worldly foes aim their energy bolts at their super-fast, invisible enemies!

Saturday morning finds Wally West sleeping in bed, grateful for no school, but the next moment finds the youngster thrown out of bed by a nearby explosion! Less than a minute has passed, as Wally puts on some clothes, then passes through the kitchen, pausing only to tell his mom that he's going to find out what happened, and outside, he activates his ring, and soon it is Kid Flash who races towards the site, miles away from Blue Valley, and sees an enormous crater in his path...

Diving into it, he sees no trace of a meteor or bomb, and the next moment finds Kid Flash enveloped in waves of radiation, which pull him down in an undertow, and according to the editor, an undertow is the powerful sucking force of the waves on a beach returning to the ocean! (Holy Ebb Tide, Batman! I thought Aquaman was the sea king!)

In the Blue Valley newspaper, Wally West's disappearance is reported, and within a day, reports of several more explosions have occurred in other areas of the planet, fortunately none in an inhabited area, and scientists prepare to send a searchteam. On this day, The Flash arrives at Blue Valley and begins his own investigation regarding the explosions and the disappearance of Wally West, soon coming across his trail and the crater, confident that it is responsible for his disappearance. Hours pass, and soon the darkness is too much for even The Scarlet Speedster to continue his investigation, but at the home of Wally West, Kid Flash is waiting for his mentor with a plea for aid...

Kid Flash tells him about an emergency that only he and Flash can take care of, ending with the wave of radiation which created the crater, and how he was drawn to another world, one of an alien, advanced civilization. On the world of Ikora, The Fastest Boy Alive learns about the inhabitants via telepathy and vibrates at super-speed in order to stay invisible and continue the search, which ends upon seeing a sort of Ikoran television set, which features a news report about the K-10 Gang committing crimes with some sort of new explosive, which threatens those on other worlds, as well!

The theory goes that while the explosions are small on Ikora, they are much larger on other worlds, and Kid Flash knows he must capture The K-10 Gang and hand them over to the authorities, and in Ikora City, the gang continues to use the new explosive in a crime wave, such as blowing a Zeon safe, a commotion which attracts the youth's attention...

Even though the Ikoran getaway car is much faster than its terran counterpart, Kid Flash is able to overtake it, and in doing so, he becomes visible to the telepathic Ikoran crooks, who fire their energy bolts, and one strikes a glancing blow on the youth's head. Upon recovering, Kid Flash knows that he must contact his mentor and together, take down the gang before more damage is done. As The Flash agrees, he is shocked to see Kid Flash keel over from the blow to his head...

Flash races to his sidekick's side and when the boy comes to, he has no memory of being Kid Flash or anything, due to the Ikora energy-shot!

The Scarlet Speedster carries his young partner to Guinana, South America where they are soon standing beside a giant footprint left from the adventure of the "Land of Golden Giants!" (Flash #120), and he tells the youngster how they used teamwork to bind the giant, but this unique adventure eludes his memory, and Flash tells him how Kid Flash came to wear the yellow and red uniform he currently wears (Flash #135: "Secret of The Three Super-Weapons")...

With Kid Flash unable to remember, Flash takes Wally to see some doctors, who advice him that the young boy should be home with his parents, and in Blue Valley, his mother and father are glad that their son is alive, learning how The Flash found him wandering around. The Scarlet Speedster leaves Wally watching TV with his family, and theorizes that a sudden shock would bring Wally out of his amnesia, then hurries to the TV station where the program The Wests are watching is on the air...

Watching television, Wally knows that there's something important he should remember, but then a sudden change comes over him, as he sees The Flash reveal his secret identity to the world on television! Outside the house, The Flash wonders if his plan worked, and soon is met by Kid Flash, who has regained his memory, and who leads his mentor to Ikora via the use of vibration to replicate the wave undertow which first brought him to Ikora...

On the outskirts of Ikora City, The K-10 Gang seek to steal from the automated mail stations, and as they ready for the big blast, Kid Flash gets sight of them, and tells Flash that their plan to cover the world at super-speed to find them has paid off! The K-10 Gang sense the menacing thoughts coming towards them, and aim their energy-bolts at those self-same thoughts, but the blasts barely miss the oncoming invisible forms of The Flash and Kid Flash, each who have blanked out their thoughts so that the crooks can't sense them...

Once behind their foes, the energy blasters are taken apart via super-speed hand shakes capable of slicing the toughest of metal. The trio scatter, but the crooks are caught in a super-speed barrier as Flash and Kid Flash cause them to fall from the after-trail of their super-speed form. With K-10 out of commission, they are turned over to the authorities, and the Ikora government pledges to destroy all samples of the explosive so that it does not threaten Earth or any other world again, and their assurance is enough for The Flashes.

Returning to Earth via their vibrations, Kid Flash is concerned about how his mentor sacrificed his secret identity to restore his memory, but The Scarlet Speedster assures his young partner that it was for a split-second at super-speed that The Flash unmasked on television, a sight which only those with super-fast vision, such as Wally would see, the only risk being when and if Wally would regain his memory, as well as if the youngster shared the secret with his parents. The two speedsters part, as Kid Flash returns home to his parents.

Reference to this adventure was made during The Trial of The Flash by Cary Bates when Kid Flash was to testify, and panels were reprinted from this adventure, as well as Kid Flash's origin story.

An otherworldly threat and mysterious explosions threatening the world which requires swift action before things get worse.

In 1990, The Flash received his own CBS TV series which ran for one season.

Wally's parents seem to be getting along, considering that post-crisis, Randolph West was supposedly a Manhunter.

Steve Chung (Back from a week of a lack of reviews) "The Flash's Sensational Review!"