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Giant Batman Annual 7
"The Second Batman And Robin Team!"


Story: Unknown
Art: Sheldon Moldoff

There will come a time when the caped crusader will become old -- someday, he will have to retire! When that time comes, Robin, the former boy wonder, will be his successor -- Batman The Second! But, who will become Robin The Second? See for yourself, as we get a glimpse into the possible future of... The Second Batman and Robin Team!" On the splash page, Batman II and Robin II are duking it out with some hoods, with the second boy wonder seeing that his father, the original caped crusader, and his mother, Batwoman are coming to help this new dynamic duo! (Holy Geritol, Batman!)

The fingers of Alfred Pennyworth are busy at the keyboard, as he is recording the story following the saddest event of his life... The previous week, Batman startled the world with a dramatic announcement... He is now an old man... it is time that he retire! Since the boy wonder is now an adult, the caped crusader finds it fitting that Robin inherit his mantle and become Batman II! In the Bat-Cave, Alfred watched as Bruce Wayne hung up his costume forever... Dick Grayson is Batman II now! He will be fighting crime on his own... he won't have a Robin to aid him, as he had aided Bruce. There is a dissenting voice from Bruce Wayne Jr. -- the son of Bruce Wayne and Kathy Kane (Batwoman)... He tells his father that Uncle Dick has been training him in secret! Young Bruce wants to be a crime-fighter like his parents were! Dick tells the youngster that he gave him some basic training, but he had no idea that he wanted to use it to become Robin II! Bruce Jr. points out that he is at the age that Uncle Dick was when he became Robin! He figures that crime-fighting runs in the Bat-Family... he's the son of Batman and Batwoman! Kathy is against it and won't allow it! Young Bruce soon won his parents over -- and began his training... Now knowing the art of judo, he doesn't expect his father to spank him!

Bruce Jr. learns every part of criminology from the best of crime-fighters... He uses iodine spray to bring out fingerprints on the glass...! The day comes when Bruce Jr. dons his costume and stands beside his Uncle Dick in front of his parents... Kathy tells Dick to take care of her son... make sure that he doesn't get hurt, and the former boy wonder promises to keep an eye on him! When Bruce and Kathy are alone... she sees that their little boy is growing up so fast, and Alfred knows that the lad is a chip off the old block! On their first night patrol, the new dynamic duo hide their fears from one another... Dick hopes that he'll be able to take care of the boy, while Bruce Jr. wonders if he'll be as good a Robin as his uncle was! On the Batmobile's radio, a police call concerning masked crooks attempting to steal from a televised auction show! (Holy Southeby's, Batman!) Minutes pass, and the new team of Batman II and Robin II arrive at the studio!

At Stately Wayne Manor, Bruce, Kathy, and Alfred watch as the new dynamic duo fight the crooks at the television studio! Freeing themselves, the crooks head into another studio -- and it is there that Bruce Jr. makes his first mistake... He plans to swing across the ancient Baghdad set on his bat-rope... and cut them off at the exit! Batman II realizes too late what Robin II is about to do, and shouts a warning... The prop building begins to tip over, and both heroes are caught beneath the crumbling structure! Robin II forgot that the prop was made from paper mache and couldn't stand his weight! Batman II tells his partner that everyone makes mistakes when they're trying too hard! He's sure that the boy will become an ace crime-fighter!

At home, Bruce Jr. is convinced that he is a flop as a crime-fighter, but his mother reminds him that she was overeager as Batwoman, and his father had to help her out! Dick smiles and tells Bruce Jr. that he's made his share of mistakes as Robin... Bruce tells his son that they all believe in him... they know he'll come through! The following day finds newspaper reporter Dick Grayson on his way to the office when... Ted Tate, the gangster drive by! He recalls how the crook was part of the Babyface Jordan gang, and how Jordan broke out of prison! Seeing the groceries in the car, Dick realizes that Tate may be heading for the hideout! Bruce Jr. arrives at Dick's office for lunch -- but when he arrives... the boy learns that Dick stepped out and left him an envelope! There is a penny inside -- and Bruce Jr. knows that Dick must have left a message! At the lab in the Bat-Cave, the boy sees that certain letters have been scratched out on the back of the coin... "One Cent United States of America" becomes "On Cent Ted Tate Mica!" Bruce Jr. now knows that his partner is on the scent of Ted Tate -- and is heading for the old mica quarry! (Holy Selegue, Batman!)

Seeing Robin II leaving the Bat-Cave in a hurry, Alfred notifies the boy's father... Bruce checks out what his son was examining under the microscope! (Holy Sequential Tart, Batman!) He now knows that Tate might be hiding Babyface Jordan, and if so, the entire gang should be meeting there! His son doesn't have the experience to help Dick deal with that sort of trouble without help! Bruce grabs his costume, with Kathy determined to come along, too! Even a Batman can't win an argument against his wife -- and so... Kathy is elated that her costume still fits her -- even if she had to cover her gray hair with a wig! At the entrance of the old mica quarry, Robin II has arrived... and is approaching silently forward... He listens to the crooks crow about taking Batman II by surprise when they jumped him! They plan to keep him in the shack until Babyface can decide what to do with him! Knowing that Uncle Dick is captured, he knows that he must free him... but wonders how to get past the guards! He gets into the engine and turns on the headlight...

The next moment finds the headlight's beam shining off the layers of mica crystal... blinding the guards! Robin II is able to slip past the guards, and enter the shack... Batman II is glad that his partner got the message, and is asked how he figured out that this was the hideout! He learns from Dick that once Tate came out of the grocery store, something fell from his trouser cuff! After examining it, he knew it was crude mica ore -- and this had to be where the hideout was! Robin II tells Batman II that they better leave the shack, and the boy wonder delivers a tap on the pate of Tate! The new caped crusader groans at his partner's pun, and it is at this point that the Babyface Mob arrive for a meeting with their boss... The new dynamic duo know that they are in for a tough battle!

Even these two valiant fighters find the odds are too much against them -- and soon... both are taken to the back of the quarry, where the boss is waiting! Just as they reach Babyface Jordan... they see Batman and Batwoman approaching! The mob boss tells his gang to get behind the mica layers, and hold 'em off! BANG! BANG! BANG! Batwoman and Batman duck behind a traincar, with Kathy knowing that they'll never be able to get past the gunfire, but the caped crusader is sure they can -- once they take a ride! Seconds pass, and the train begins to chug deep in the mica quarry... Batman tells his wife to keep down, while the crooks see the engine about to crash into their mica barrier! CRASH! At the last moment, both Batman and Batwoman jump from the engine, and tell the other two members of the team -- to get to work!

The sight of three generations of crime-fighters joining forces to fight the foes of law and order! Robin II likens them to being the three musketeers, while his father points out that they don't need any swords, and Batman II agreeing that all they need are their fists! Once the mobsters are in jail, there is a joyful reunion in the Bat-Cave... Kathy is proud of Bruce Jr., and his father agrees that the new team of Batman II and Robin II is here to stay! In the present, millionaire Bruce Wayne asks his butler what he's up to, and Alfred Pennyworth tells his master that he wanted to try out the new typewriter, and before he knew it, he was writing a story of what might possibly happen to them in the future! Bruce regrets that the story can't be published or else it would give away his secret identity! No one will ever read it, but Alfred had so much fun writing the imaginary story of the future that he might write another one someday...

The main difference between the Second Batman and Robin Team and the originals is that they have the roman numeral II in gold on the front of their uniforms, and Robin II has different-colored hair from Robin I.

In this imaginary future, the head of the family wears a suit and smokes a pipe, while watching television on an old '50s TV set.

Looking at the color of Robin II's hair, it reminds me of Vicki Vale's haircolor than it does that of Kathy Kane!

Looking at a panel where Bruce Jr. is wiping tears from his face, and seeing his distinctive hairstyle, it makes me wonder if Batwoman ever spent a weekend in Riverdale!

In this imaginary future, criminals wear business suits, hats, and white bandanas to cover their faces when on television! (Holy America's Most Wanted, Batman!)

In this imaginary future, pennies still resemble those of the 1950's (either that or Dick was into coin collecting).

The now-elderly Bruce Wayne resembles Efrem Zimbalist Jr. in appearance.

In this imaginary future, heroes will win a fight barehanded against armed crooks, despite being outnumbered two-to-one.

Like Alfred Pennyworth, I've had so much fun reviewing this imaginary story of the future that I think I'll review another one sometime...

This Review Is Dedicated To Jen Contino and David McMahon

Steve Chung
"The Second Batman And Robin Review!"