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Jimmy Olsen 113
"The Super-Brain of Jimmy Olsen"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND (80 Page Giant #50) August - September, 1968

Story: Unknown Art: Unknown

What will people be like in a million years? Will they be heroes or villains? Will their minds be so evolved that not even the man of steel, with all his super-powers would be able to face them? The questions are answered by... "The Super-Brain of Jimmy Olsen" On the splash page, Superman is lugging a giant sack filled with desert sand to the south pole, due to the irresistable order of Jimmy Olsen! At the Daily Planet, cub reporter Jimmy Olsen greets his co-workers warmly, offers to hang up Lois Lane's coat, and assist Clark Kent with a re-write! Naturally, he also greets editor Perry White as "The Chief," which has the gruff newspaperman less than pleased. (Holy Edward Platt, Batman!)

Even though his boss bawls him out for the nickname, Jimmy figures that Mr. White is the still the best boss he ever had, and Clark sees that the cub reporter has a kind word for everyone, as well as a heart of gold! Later in the day, the mild-mannered reporter changes to the man of steel -- and begins his patrol of Metropolis... Superman knows that not only is Jimmy HIS pal... but everyone's pal! The cub reporter would never deliberately make anyone unhappy! Events are taking place which may change that opinion -- for Professor Potter is giving a demonstration of his latest invention... the evolution accelerator! The device emits special Z-Rays, which will speed up the evolutionary changes, making a twentieth century man into a being of the future! (Holy Zanuck, Batman!) According to the professor's sketch, the future man will have a bigger brain, a bald head, no teeth, a super-intelligent mind, weak muscles, and tentacled fingers! (Holy Jemas, Batman! He'd make a fine editor-in-chief!) Jimmy sits down for the demonstration, as Professor Potter draws the curtains, the cub reporter figures that he'll write it up for the "Crackpot Corner" feature in the Daily Planet. With the curtains now concealing Jimmy, Professor Potter tells Lois and Perry that in moments, the cub reporter will soon emerge as a youth from the year 1,000,000 A.D. The editor chews on his cigar and assures the girl reporter that the scientist is no doubt a candidate for the funny farm.

When the curtain parts, Lois and Perry see that the professor's invention has worked! Greeting his fellow co-workers, the former cub reporter wishes to be addressed as the Cosmic Brain of the future! Lois sees that Jimmy seems so strange and yet so wise, while Professor Potter assures her that the effects will wear off in the evening, and he'll be the Cosmic Brain for twelve hours. The Cosmic Brain stares at Lois' typewriter, unimpressed by the primitive instrument, and the girl reporter sees that Jimmy's personality has changed. His eyes are colder... almost sinister! The Cosmic Brain sees his duty to aid the primitive people, and reads about a geologic mystery concerning Earth's main land masses clustered in the northern hemisphere, and circling the North Pole. The Cosmic Brain tells Perry that he will stop working for the newspaper while he works on the project, and the newspaperman doesn't like it!

Using his cosmic brain, Jimmy gestures and radiates anti-gravity rays, causing Perry to float in the air! When the editor wishes that Superman were present to stop him, the Cosmic Brain sends a telepathic summons for the man of steel! When he arrives, Superman strikes an invisible barrier created by the Cosmic Brain! Learning more about his pal's transformation, the man of steel learns that the Cosmic Brain has super-hearing and telescopic-vision! He tells Superman to check with him as they focus on a jewelry shop across town... The Cosmic Brain describes an apprentice diamond cutter who is fearful of splitting his first real gem! Requesting that the jeweler give him an artificial stone to practice on, the apprentice splits it perfectly! He is then surprised that the jeweler gave him another real diamond in order to keep him from getting the jitters!

Having demonstrated his powers, the Cosmic Brain cannot explain his mystery purpose, but commands the man of steel to do certain jobs for him! When Superman asks what will happen if he refuses, the Cosmic Brain gives his reply via a secret telepathic message... since he, too has x-ray vision -- the Cosmic Brain has spotted the secret pocket of the man of steel's cape... which contains Clark Kent's clothes! If he doesn't obey the Cosmic Brain... his secret identity will be revealed! With his first task written down, the man of steel flies out the window, with the Cosmic Brain assuring him that there's nothing criminal about the job. Superman is to dig a crater 100 miles wide in the Antarctic ice cap! This makes no sense to the man of steel, who dives down at the ice cap, and shatters it! Superman then hurls the ice blocks away in all directions, using super-force equal to 1,000 hydrogen bombs!

Returning to the Daily Planet for his next deed, the man of steel is told by the Cosmic Brain to rip loose the heaviest mountain on Earth from the Himalayas, and dump it in the crater! After flying the mountain to the pole... Superman wonders if his futuristic pal is trying to make a fool of him! His next errand is to tow an uninhabited island to the crater! Next, at the underground depth of 100 miles, the man of steel carries stones, which were formed under tremendous pressure, and weighing thousands of tons! Superman then carries 100 carloads of desert sand to the crater! The man of steel fills the crater with heavy metal junk, brining the weight to billions of tons! He can only wonder why the Cosmic Brain made him re-arrange things on Earth in this way! At the Daily Planet, Superman asks the Cosmic Brain if he's remodelling the world to the way it will be shaped in a million years, and if so, he refuses to continue -- even if it means the loss of his secret identity! The Cosmic Brain still has one more power over the man of steel...

His eyes can bring forth any radiation he wishes! In addition to x-ray vision, the Cosmic Brain can emit kryptonite-vision! Superman has enough time to mention that it is the substance from his native world -- which is harmless to Earthmen... but is able to weaken him... before he begins to keel over! With the Cosmic Brain returning to his figures, the man of steel is to complete the final task! By the time he returns, the evolutionary force will have worn off, and Jimmy Olsen will be himself again... with these mysterious orders being good deeds being performed by Superman! In space, the man of steel hurls meteors to fill up the crater to the very top, and Superman wonders if this could be some sort of practical joke! Returning to Metropolis, the man of steel sees that the Cosmic Brain is gone, but he left a note on Jimmy's desk! It reads that the newspaper article had a clue about the Earth being out of balance, with one half heavier than the other. The Cosmic Brain used his mental powers to unravel the mystery...

In 1,000 years, the increasing stresses would have caused the world to blow apart! Superman sees by shifting weight from the heavy to the light half of Earth, the Cosmic Brain erradicated the danger forever! When he wonders why the future being didn't tell him about the danger, the man of steel recalls the nervous apprentice diamond cutter... The Cosmic Brain deliberately kept him in the dark because if Superman realized what he was doing, he might have become nervous and jittery, and made an error... blowing up the world! Jimmy has saved the world - and he's back to normal now! The man of steel wonders if his pal recalls his secret identity of Clark Kent! When he thanks Jimmy for the note from the Cosmic Brain, the cub reporter doesn't remember being evolved by Professor Potter's invention, and Superman's secret identity is safe! In his identity as Clark Kent, the mild-mannered reporter reads about Professor Potter junking his evolution accelerator, which was powered by a rare meteoric metal, which is no longer available on Earth! (Holy Selegue, Batman!) For the Man of Steel, one Cosmic Brain was more than enough!

In this story, Jimmy is seen as a good neighbor, friend, and co-worker, and in his evolved state, he remains true to his character.

Among those who have recieved super-brains in the Silver Age: Superman, Batman, and Adam Strange.

Professor Potter's evolutionary accelerator resembles nothing more than a shower curtain!

The task which the Cosmic Brain has the man of steel perform intially makes as much sense as when Paul Newman was told to dig a hole, then fill it with dirt in the movie, "Cool Hand Luke."

Another foe who can radiate kryptonite rays from his eyes is Titano, The Super-Ape! John Corben, aka Metallo, as well as The Kryptonite Kid were among the man of steel's rogues gallery who are adept at bedeviling Superman with the deadly substance from his homeworld!

Like the professor played by Sterling Holloway in the "Adventures of Superman" episode, "Through The Time Barrier," the invention was powered by a rare meteoric metal.

Steve Chung
"The Super-Review of Jimmy Olsen"