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Jimmy Olsen 113
"The Helmet of Hate!"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND (80 Page Giant #50) August - September, 1968

Story: Unknown Art: Curt Swan

It's no secret that Jimmy Olsen's idol is the man of steel! The two pals have participated in many adventures, from space, to time, and even to other dimensions! In many instances, Superman saved the life of the cub reporter! But now, Jimmy has become the man of steel's worst foe and places his former friend under a hideous spell! Read on to see the deviltry which overcomes Superman when Jimmy wears... "The Helmet of Hate!" On the splash page, Now wearing the helmet of hate, Jimmy's red kryptonite ray has changed the man of steel into a devil, who is cutting deals with the criminals of the underworld! At Superman's Arctic Fortress of Solitude, the man of steel is placing a wax figure of flight attendant Lucy Lane in the "Jimmy Olsen Room" alongside the wax figures of Porcupine Boy Jimmy, Elastic Lad, Future Boy Jimmy, and Wolf-Boy Jimmy. A bell-signal sounds, and Superman knows that it means the people of Kandor wish to speak with him!

The minature Kryptonian city which was shrunk by Brainiac into a bottle is on display in the Fortress of Solitude, and the city's scientists alert the man of steel that their space monitors have sighted a flying saucer crewed by Brainiac's gang heading for Earth! Twelve of the Kandorian scientists wish to leave the bottle city and battle the criminals to avenge what happened to their city... even though they'll be tiny! Superman declines their offer of aid. If the raiders have a new weapon which can kill a super-powered being, then it will be the man of steel who'll die! The Kandorians wish him well. As Superman heads into space to confront the alien invaders, he uses his x-ray vision and sees that they have no weapons that can harm him. Still, he bounces off the ship's force-shield, one which even he can't penetrate! Within the ship, Boz and Grumm watch Superman return to Earth, knowing that their force-shield will protect them, and their super-telescope will follow his progress while the man of steel is outdoors.

As he returns to Earth, Superman answers the signal watch summons from Jimmy Olsen, who reminds him that he had promised to perform a feat for the members of the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club. Even though the man of steel is very busy, he keeps his promise. Seizing an anchor, he tells Jimmy and his fan club to watch as he snaps the thick iron as easily as if it were a piece of candy! Later, the cub reporter takes his fans on a tour of the Superman Museum... and asks the curator if he can borrow the imitation Hate-Helmet and Red K Ray Gun for an article about the trophies! With the curator's permission, Jimmy arrives at the Daily Planet, where he asks Perry to take a picture of him with the imitation trophies on the roof for the feature. The editor agrees and asks Lois to come along, especially since it always helps to have a pretty girl in the picture! On the roof, Jimmy has donned the Hate-Helmet, and now armed with the Red K Ray Gun, he hates Superman! He hates Superman! The girl reporter wonders if this is a prank, while Perry realizes that in some way, the imitation trophies must have gotten mixed up with the real ones! The cub reporter is no longer Superman's pal!

Jimmy intends to deal with the object of his hatred by using his signal-watch to summon him... Lois cries out to Perry to stop him, but before the editor can remove the Hate-Helmet from Jimmy, he is shoved backwards by the cub reporter! Aboard the saucer-ship, the two aliens watch in fascination as Jimmy uses his signal watch to call Superman! A moment later, the man of steel arrives on the roof, and is fired upon by the Red Kryptonite Ray-Gun! The substance from his home planet always has an unpredictable effect on him! Aboard the saucer-ship, a drifting cloud blocks the view of the super-telescope, and both aliens wonder what will happen to Superman this time! The cloud has passed, and both aliens laugh at the sight of the man of steel, and the wicked fate which has befallen him!

On the roof, the Red Kryptonite Ray has weakened the man of steel, causing him to grow horns, like a devil! (Holy Affleck, Batman!) The ray has caused a reverse reaction! Instead of being a strong hero, he has become an evil villain! Perry and Lois stare in disbelief at the transformed hero, who may have just lost his super-powers, but he can still do much super-evil! He makes the editor an proposition for him to endorse Tom Remson, the racketeer, for Mayor, and he'll make him rich beyond his wildest dreams! Perry is unable to resist the temptation, and agrees to the deal! Jimmy laughs at what will happen when the public learns of how the man of steel has corrupted the editor of the Daily Planet! He will be hated as much as the cub reporter does! An extra heads off to the presses, and the readers can't believe that Perry White would endorse such a crook! One comments it's as if he were in cahoots with the devil, himself! Remson and his thugs meet Superman in an alley behind the Daily Planet... The mayoral candidate wishes to thank the man of steel for the endorsement...then sees what's happened to the former hero. Superman has donned a devil's attire, then has Remson and his men sign a contract which will make them kingpins of crime! (Holy Michael Clarke Duncan, Batman! The Fisk is in!) Lois sees that the crooks are signing the contract, just as the devil's victims would. The cub reporter laughs, for he knows that the evil which his ex-pal is doing today will haunt him forever!

Time passes, and Superman has regained his super-powers, but maintains his devilish personality. He is able to crush a rock into dust. A flying saucer appears in the sky, and the man of steel takes Jimmy to see how he'll help Brainiac's gang make the world suffer! Superman suggests a bargain with the crew of the saucer-ship! In exchange of boarding the ship, and permission to press the button which will shrink Metropolis, the man of steel promises not to battle them! Aboard the ship, one alien suspects a trick, while the other is sure that evil or good, Superman is a man of his word. When he recovers from the Red K, the hero will be devasted by the fact that it was he who shrank Metropolis! The force-shield is turned off, with the man of steel and his ex-pal allowed entry. The two aliens laugh as they point to the button which operates the shrink ray, and the irony of Superman dooming the city he's always protected is not lost on them!

The man of steel smiles, and Jimmy begins to goad him into pressing the button, for he can't wait to see Superman's face when the Red K's devil effect wears off, and he'll regret this for the rest of his days! Suddenly, the devil horn's on the man of steel's head burst apart! Tiny Supermen fly out from them! The tiny figures destroy the shrinking ray and the force-shield equipment! The two aliens can't believe that the man of steel broke his word about not battling them once he was aboard! Superman has kept his promise, for it is the Kandorians who are doing the destroying... and now, the man of steel begins to wipe the red dye from his skin with the super-friction of his hands! Jimmy smiles at the trick they pulled on the two aliens! Upon learning that the duo weren't armed with a new super-weapon, Superman signaled his pal to execute Plan "J" for Jimmy! The cub reporter figured it out when he snapped a piece off of the anchor, forming the letter "J." (Lois used Plan "L" in Lois Lane #29 and Perry used Plan "P" in Action Comics #295.) The man of steel then tunneled underground to his Fortress of Solitude, so the telescope wouldn't detect him! Once there, he freed some of Kandor's inhabitants from the bottle, and hid them within a pair of hollow horns! He had hid the horns and a bottle of red dye in his cape's pouch! Jimmy had slipped Perry a note, instructing him to make a fake "contract" with the "Devil!" (Holy Jemas, Batman!)

When the aliens ask about the Hate-Helmet and The Red Kryptonite Gun, Jimmy tells them that they were fake props kept in the Superman Museum until the time he would use them in the first step of putting Plan "J" into effect. He had pretended that the helmet had affected him, just as Superman had pretended to have been affected by the Red K. The man of steel had puffed a cloud between them and the space-ship with his super-breath, which obscured their view, while he attached the horns to his head, and applied the red stain! The "racketeer," Tom Remson, was an undercover agent. He pretends to be a racketeer in order to spy on the underworld! Superman staged the hoax so that the aliens would believe he had become an evil devil, and they woud let him through the force-shield after promising not to fight them! He didn't, but he had succeeded in smuggling in the Kandorians who did! At the Fortress of Solitude, the man of steel thanks the Kandorians for their aid. They promise Superman that they'll transfer Brainiac's men to Kandor with the Exchange Ray and jail them! Shortly, the Kandorians exchange the crooks for statues of them! The man of steel knows just the place to put the new statues! In the Fortress' Hall of Villains, the two statues are placed next to their leader, Brainiac! Jimmy laughs at the thought that the aliens would believe he would hate his best pal!

Superman had masqueraded as a devil to fool a pair of underworld thugs in Superman #138. The story was reviewed by Tom Orzechowski.

In Action Comics #324, "Supergirl's Black Magic" had the maid of steel sprouting horns of her own.

I could never be sure if Brainiac was a android or an alien. In his first appearance, he was an alien, but in later appearances, he was an android from the planet Colu.

Red Kryptonite would have unpredictable effects on the man of steel.

Comic Shop News has their annual Red K Awards in recognition of the year in comics from the good, the bad, and the dubious achievements for the past 356 days. This year's Red K's should be out in CSN #826 at your local comics shop.

The two members of Brainiac's gang share their leader's dress sense, just as the members of Jimmy's Fan Club emulate their hero's attire.

Interesting that Superman and the Kandorians weren't able to find an enlarging ray to restore Kandor.

Steve Chung
"The Helmet of Review!"