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Jimmy Olsen 113
"Jimmy Olsen's Secret Power!"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND (80 Page Giant #50) August-September, 1968

Story: Unknown Art: Curt Swan

The world is amazed when Jimmy Olsen gains a secret power which is a mystery to Superman! What will the cub reporter do with this new-found ability? Find out the source of Jimmy's new invulnerability, in the tale of "Jimmy Olsen's Secret Power!"

On the splash page, the cub reporter tells his pal not to worry about rescuing him and Lucy from a falling statue, while the man of steel wonders about this new power which enables Jimmy to repel the falling gargoyle! In the office of Editor Perry White, Jimmy is asked to come up with a scoop, and the cub reporter mentions a call from Professor Potter about a new invention... Perry is sick of Potter's crazy devices and wants a story which will boost circulation! (Holy Jemas, Batman!) Jimmy agrees, then uses his signal watch to call Superman for help.

At his desk, mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent sees that the cub reporter can use some help, so he heads for the stock room, to change to the man of steel, and learn what's on his mind! When asked by his pal for a scoop, Superman obliges by giving him four scoops! (Holy Kellogg's, Batman!) The first one is to take place today at a warehouse... the second, tomorrow at the airport... the third, at Metropolis Park... and the fourth scoop at the city jail, the day after! He gives Jimmy the details... At twelve o'clock, the two pals are at the warehouse, where Jimmy is admiring the life-like figures of famous historical characters, but the man of steel knows that the crooks who have imported the dummies were not interested in their educational value... more likely in the priceless treasures being smuggled in, made to resemble worthless props! Colombus' map is a rare historical document (Holy Galaxyquest, Batman!), King Arthur's sword is made of solid gold -- not brass (Holy Barr, Batman!), and Queen Elizabeth's crown has real gems, not fake ones. When the crooks arrive to pick up their goods, they are startled to find Superman and Jimmy on the scene. As the cub reporter snaps the picture, the man of steel uses a highly-polished shield to mass-hypnotize them! Later, Jimmy makes his way to Professor Potter's lab, glad to have filed the scoop which Perry liked, and eager to learn what the eccentric scientist wanted. A hood peers from the window and sees him coming, then tells his boss to put on his Professor Potter rubber mask! (Holy Dowling, Batman!)

Since the scientist is out of town, the two crooks have broken into his lab to fake his appearance. The hood watching the approaching cub reporter tells him that everything is on schedule, with the gang down the street ready to drop a stone gargoyle on Jimmy! When the cub reporter arrives, he asks "Potter" what the horseshoe he invented is supposed to do. "Potter" tells him that the horseshoe can absorb energy from an object coming at it with any force... using the same energy to repel it. He hands Jimmy a sledgehammer and tells him to try to hit the horseshoe. Only the fake "Potter" knows what's inside of the horseshoe. The cub reporter is unable to strike the horseshoe, as some force has prevented him from doing so, and is knocking him backwards! "Potter" calls this "Boomerang Power!" Removing the horseshoe from the vise, "Potter" tells him to take it and have fun, while he works on some other things to do. Outside, Jimmy has placed the horseshoe in his pocket, and will tell anyone who's curious that it's a good luck charm. As he reaches the corner, two crooks prepare to drop the stone gargoyle on him! CRRACKKKK! Jimmy looks up and see the gargoyle coming at him, with no time to call Superman (but enough time to size up the situation for readers) he figures that he's a goner!

The next moment finds the stone gargoyle reversing direction... and the cub reporter knows that the "Boomerang Power" of the horseshoe has saved his life! The following day finds Jimmy covering a demonstration of U.S. artillery... but the accelerator pedal on his car is stuck, and he's speeding onto the firing range! (Holy "You Are There," Batman!) The soldiers see his predicament, but there's nothing they can do to hold their fire! The shrapnel from the exploding shells are sent away from him, and smash into the mountainside. After freeing the gas pedal, the cub reporter tells the soldiers that he possesses a secret power, which he'll soon be writing about in The Daily Planet. At 2pm, Superman and Jimmy are at the Metropolis Airport, where the man of steel is to give his pal the second scoop. He has learned that gangland's biggest members will be aboard a plane, and he intends to trap them! As the passengers come off the plane, Jimmy sees that the "rats" being unloaded are real ones used in scientific experiments! (Holy Selegue, Batman!) Superman knows that the gangsters must have been tipped off somehow.

As the man of steel checks on incoming flights, he sees Jimmy chatting with Big Nick Kaye, a gangster crony of the crooks he was expecting on the plane. He wonders if the cub reporter has become pals with crime. Jimmy bids his pal goodbye, then heads for the circus to cover an afternoon story, but not before promising to meet the man of steel tomorrow morning by the big oak tree in Metropolis Park for the third scoop. Superman knows that his pal was the only one to know that someone has promised to leave a clue there on the whereabouts of the East Side Gang! (Holy Gorcey, Batman! I have a "Huntz" that something will go wrong!) At the circus, a trapeze breaks and the girl begins to fall! With no time to call the man of steel, Jimmy stands beneath her, and uses his horseshoe! The next moment finds the girl being repelled upwards to the waiting arms of her partner. As the crowd surrounds him, they ask about his secret power, and he promises them that he'll be explaining it in the pages of the Planet! The following morning at Metropolis Park, Superman and Jimmy see that the clue a crook was supposed to leave was taken by the gang! He wonders who could have tipped them off, and the cub reporter tells him not to worry. He's sure that they'll have better luck with the next scoop.

Later, the man of steel is flying over a midtown sports arena... and sees Jimmy taking a picture of Big Nick Kaye, the racketeer! Superman wonders if his pal has been tipping Big Nick about his every move. At night, the cub reporter is on a date with Lucy Lane at a carnival... The fall guy is being beaned on the head by throwers who must be regular baseball pitchers! Interested in the display, Jimmy volunteers to take the "fall guy's" place and teach the ball players a lesson. The manager agrees, and the cub reporter sticks his head out of the target, as the two baseballs are coming his way... The pitches bounce back at the pitchers, while Jimmy laughs at the sight of the ball players being beaned! When Jimmy collects his ten dollars from the manager, he gives the money to the "fall guy" for some steak for his black eyes. Struck by the cub reporter's generosity, Lucy intends to give him a big kiss!

As she moves towards Jimmy, Lucy is repelled by the horseshoe, and the cub reporter sees that the "Boomerang Power" can work against him, too! The next morning at the Daily Planet, Jimmy knows that he can't keep the appointment with Superman because of the carnival deal. So that Perry doesn't yell at him for a scoop, the cub reporter plans to write about his "Boomerang Power" and Potter's horseshoe. At six o'clock at Metropolis Jail, Lois Lane tells the man of steel that Jimmy wasn't able to make it, due to a performance he's giving at a carnival. He told her that she could have the scoop, instead. Superman is upset because he believes that his pal told the crooks that he intended to stop their scheduled jail break at six! He believes that Jimmy is working in league with the gang, pretending to need scoops in order to learn what traps he plans to spring on them, and sell the information! Lois figures that Jimmy isn't up to such a thing and hands the man of steel a copy of Jimmy's article on his "Boomerang Power." Lois figures that Jimmy's mind might have been affected by the power of Professor Potter's horseshoe, and this is why he's betraying his pal! Aware the professor is out of town, Superman knows that this must be the work of an imposter who gave the cub reporter the horseshoe. Using his x-ray vision on the far away horseshoe, as Jimmy prepares for his appearance, the man of steel sees its secret!

Having sewn the horseshoe onto his boxing trunks, Jimmy is ready that night at the carnival, where an offer of $1,000 for anyone who can touch the cub reporter is being offered. The fifth contestant is sent flying from the ring! Superman arrives, with Jimmy not wanting to fight his pal, but the man of steel challenges him to use his "Boomerang Power" on him! As Superman swings, his own fist strikes him on the jaw, and knocks him out for a count of ten! When he revives, the man of steel intends to come at Jimmy with super-speed, and heaven help the cub reporter if he strikes him! Quick as he is, Superman races forward, only to be repelled, and sent backwards at super-speed into the time-barrier... into the past! With the man of steel's disappearance, the gang has listened via the tiny radio concealed in the horseshoe, which overhears everything near Jimmy. Seeing their chance, and with the man of steel gone, they intend to fly their loot out o the country!

As the crooks' plane leaves Metropolis.. they intend to fly to San Maldo, where they can't be extradited to the U.S. A good plan, but Superman crashes through the wall of their plane, and brings them back to Metropolis! At police headquarters, the man of steel knows now that Jimmy wasn't betraying him, having read the article and using his x-ray vision to find the electronic radio which overheard their conversations about the scoops. The horseshoe was given to Jimmy in hopes that Superman would reveal his secrets. He pretended to go back into the past, but didn't tell the cub reporter since the crooks were listening in on their conversations. He wonders why Jimmy was palling around with Big Nick Kaye? At the city room of the Daily Planet, they meet Roger Mason, an actor friend of Jimmy's, who was pretending to be Big Nick Kaye to show that he could play gangster roles. The cub reporter took pictures of him as Big Nick in hopes of him landing a part on The Untouchables TV Show. Superman apologizes for his error, a super-error.

It looks like although "Professor Potter" was a phony, the horseshoe's power was real, and that we learn that Jimmy's secret power is to repel beautiful women!

It's unknown if the gang gimmicked up Jimmy's car so that it would drive onto the artillery firing range or if it's just his luck when in search of a story.

A more serious version of "hitting the target" occurs in the first issue of Wolverine X-Isle, which was reviewed on The PULSE website.

Some people use a battery to charge their power ring, while others sew a horseshoe to their boxing trunks. It's a living.

The leader of the gang resembles Edward G. Robinson.

In the Silver Age story, "Superman Meets Al Capone," it's revealed that a time-travelling man of steel was the first "Untouchable," and that it would lead to young Perry White's first scoop, which was regarded as an unsolved mystery. (Holy Stacking The Deck, Batman!)

Steve Chung
"Jimmy Olsen's Secret Review!"