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Jimmy Olsen 113
"The Boy Who Killed Superman"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND (80 Page Giant #50) August - September, 1968

Story: Unknown Art: Unknown

In the far future of the 60th Century, the listing of the most infamous rogues of crime would include Blackbeard, Jesse James, John Dillinger, Jimmy Olsen... Jimmy Olsen??? Yes, incredible as it may seem, the police have marked the cub reporter as the most evil villain of all time, as he is guilty of being "The Boy Who Killed Superman!"

On the splash page, the captive cub reporter is shown a display which reenacts the murder of the man of steel by kryptonite! Jimmy is aboard the flying newsroom and overhears an emergency weather broadcast... Hurricane Ethel has changed course and is on a direct course with Metropolis! (Holy Lucy, Batman! Jimmy isn't gonna have a ball!) He hopes that his pal will be able to stop the hurricane, and steers the newsroom for the hurricane. He arrives to see Superman begin to stop the disaster... with his super-speed, the man of steel is flying around the hurricane in the opposite direction! The hurricane will die out and the cub reporter will have quite the scoop!

But in his impetuousness, he flies too closely, and is caught in the backwash of Superman's feat! The flying newsroom spins at super-speed...! Aboard, Jimmy begins to black out! When the odd sensation subsides... he sees that all is normal once more, and flies back for the Daily Planet. The cub reporter believes that he's still reeling from the spin... Metropolis looks different! After landing in a parking lot, Jimmy is in for a real shock! A citizen asks him what he thinks of his new rocketmobile of 5921. The cub reporter realizes that the super-speed spin has sent him through the time-barrier and into the future! He wonders how he'll be able to return to 1958, and is lonely since the people of the 60th century haven't heard of him! Two citizens see that he is wearing 20th century clothing, as they just saw in the wax museum. The red hair identifies him as Jimmy Olsen, who resembles the wax dummy in the museum! (Holy Tussaud, Batman!)

He is happy to be recognized, but not for long, as the two boys run to call the police, and refer to him as the worst criminal of the 20th century! The cub reporter figures that they got their facts wrong, and mixed up his wax dummy with another. Entering the museum, he expects to find himself in a place of honor as Superman's pal. He finds his likeness in the hall of infamy, alongside Blackbeard, Jesse James, and John Dillinger, as the killer of the man of steel! Jimmy reads the ancient newspaper clipping which tells of his deadly deed as "Weasel James," who joined the Gunner Gang and set a trap which killed Superman! The cub reporter knows that he never joined the gang, but then realizes that it might have happened later in 1959 or 1960. Perhaps he became a criminal and it is his destiny to kill his pal once he returns to 1958.

If the story is true, it's no wonder that they regard him as the worst criminal who ever lived! He sees a guard approaching, then finds a way to hide in plain sight! Shoving the dummy aside, he takes its place, but as the guard passes, he sees that the kryptonite is in the wrong hand! The guard figures that Jimmy has made a break for it, and travelled to the future! Intent on capturing him, he draws his gun, only to have it knocked aside by the thrown piece of kryptonite! The cub reporter escapes, but the general alarm is sounded, with a super-scientific dragnet of the future being drawn, and his likeness is seen in the clouds above the city! In an alley, Jimmy has found some future clothing there, and has darkened his hair with dirt for a disguise!

Unfortunately for him, the human magnet device has pinpointed his own wave-length, and reels him in! An aerial cab is flying past, and Jimmy grabs hold to escape the magnet! He drops off elsewhere to hide from the police. At police headquarters, his every move is being watched, and they see him drop through a skylight! In his hiding place, he sees a room filled with future weapons, and uses what he takes to be a guided missile to blow up the robot cops outside! The device returns to him, and squirts him with water!

Activating what he thinks is a heat-ray to melt the robots... the device only shines out colors like a fireworks display! When he tries what appears to be a flying gun, he soars around the room, and the device is making a noise without firing anything! The weeping boy and his mother enter the bedroom, and watch as Jimmy soars away with his flying kiddie car! His next hideout is a museum which has suits of armor on display. Figuring that no one will find him if he hides in the knight's hollow suit! It isn't long before the tin suit begins to move its legs, and Jimmy learns that this is an atomic-powered robot from a factory which sends them to the police!

The armor is removed by the police, and they set to positively prove he was the man of steel's killer before sentencing him! Superman's cape still exists in the future, and glows from the kryptonite contamination! (Holy Croce, Batman!) The cub reporter figures that he's safe since there are no witnesses to the crime after 5,000 years to identify him! The electronic brainiac matches his fingerprints... his magnified red hairs... and positively identifies him from a line-up as the killer of Superman! The future police are pleased to get rid of the murderer of the man of steel forever! He wonders if it will be gas... electrocution... disintegration...? Jimmy has been given his clothing once more and is being sent back to the 20th century, via a time-ray! There, the authorities of his own time will dispense justice to him!

After a dizzying trip through the time-barrier, Jimmy finds himself back aboard the flying newsroom, and back in Metropolis in 1958! Landing on the roof of the Daily Planet, Superman greets him, and Jimmy wonders how he'll be able to tell him about what he learned in the future... that someday, he'll be his killer? The man of steel tells him that he needs his help on a case! He is to pretend to join the Gunner Gang under the alias of "Weasel" James, then use fake kryptonite to trap him and kill him! It will just be a hoax to fool the Gunner Gang into making them reveal their loot! The cub reporter sees that the future people only saw the first part of the story... not the following day's revelation which showed it to be a false death! Once he tells his pal about what happened in the future, Jimmy watches as Superman hurls a metal container which has a written explanation into the time-barrier to the 60th century so that history will exonerate him! When asked if he writes up the future scoop, the cub reporter only wants to forget that he was ever known as... Superman's killer! He wants to be Superman's pal, just like before!

In the Superman movie serial, Jimmy Olsen was played by Tommy Bond, who was "Butch" on the Our Gang comedies.

In the 1950's Adventures of Superman TV series, Jimmy Olsen was played by Jack Larsen.

On radio and in the Filmation cartoon, Jimmy was played by Jack Grimes, who also did the voice of "Sparky" on Speed Racer.

In the Christopher Reeve Superman movies of the '70s and '80s, Jimmy was played by Marc McClure, who played the brother of a time-travelling Michael J. Fox in "Back To The Future."

In the TV series, "Lois and Clark," Jimmy was played by two different actors during the course of the series.

In the WB animated Superman cartoon, Jimmy is voiced by David Kaufman.

Steve Chung
"The Boy Who Reviewed Superman!"