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Jimmy Olsen 113
"Jimmy Olsen, Juvenile Delinquent!"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND (80 Page Giant #50) August - September, 1968

Story: Unknown Art: Curt Swan

Juvenile delinquency is a menace to our way of life, and Jimmy Olsen is ready to deal with the teen-age gangs who are disrupting the community! In order to fight the young hoods on their own turf, he must join the gang and become -- "Jimmy Olsen, Juvenile Delinquent!"

On the splash page, as the the teen-age gang known as the Kings begin to chip away at the Superman statue in the park, among the members doing a hatchet job is Jimmy Olsen, who must convince them that he's one of them! (Holy Blackboard Jungle, Batman!) One night at the home of Perry White, the editor and his son are playing chess, when a rock comes crashing through a window! Peering out of the window, they see the Kings walking away from their handiwork. The Daily Planet editor had been discussing the matter of juvenile delinquency in the pages of the paper, and the fear that if they aren't reformed, they will grow up to become criminals!

The note attached to the rock from the Kings reads that if Perry doesn't stop writing editorials against juvenile gangs, he'll be sorry! This only serves to make the editor determined to break up the gangs, starting with the Kings! The following morning, Perry tells Jimmy his plan to have the cub reporter enter Metropolis High School, and pose as a teen-age student! His objective will be to join the "Kings" and to gather evidence, names, addresses for an expose which will be run in the Planet! The cub reporter is looking forward to this particular assignment, and at his apartment, he dyes his hair black, then dons a leather jacket to become "Joe Morley." (Holy Fonzie, Batman! This is a new Winkler for Jimmy!) "Joe" attends his first day of class at Metropolis High, and the study hall teacher is prepared to act out a scene to impress the bad boys! When told to put his cards away, "Joe" stands up to the study hall teacher, then is sent to the principal's office.

After school, he meets with the other boys, who ask him what happened with the principal, and tells them that he's been suspended from class! With help from the school, Jimmy has succeeded in convincing them that he's a wise guy, and hopes that he'll be able to join the Kings! (Holy Wahl, Batman! The cub reporter "Ken" do it!) They are impressed when "Joe" uses a magnet on the pinball machine to win prizes! The store owner is also in on the scheme, and winks at "Joe," who collects his prizes. "Joe" is offered a meeting at the secret headquarters of the "Kings!" Larry the practical joker is squirting a member with a bottle of soda water! Looking around, Jimmy sees that one of the boys is none other than Perry White's son -- Hank! He doesn't want "Joe" to join up with the gang!

"Joe" knows that if he exposes the gang, Perry will learn that his own son is no good! With half the gang for "Joe" and the others against, they set up an initiation for him. At the Daily Planet, Superman has arrived from mapping in outer-space, and is looking for his pal! (Holy Rand McNally, Batman!) Perry fills him in on Jimmy's special assignment. The Kings take "Joe" to an amusement park,w here a condemned roller coast is where he is to be taken for a ride! As the roller coast goes along the teetering structure, Jimmy begins to regret his decision to join the gang! The man of steel has used his telescopic-vision to find the cub reporter, who sees that a section of track is missing from the highest point!

The next moment finds Superman using his own body to close the gap, and the roller-coaster continues down, to "Truck's" amazement! The man of steel plans to keep an eye on Jimmy, who is at home typing up the story at midnight! The next day, after school, Larry is still squirting members with his soda-water, and the members plan to head for Metropolis Park for a little head-hunting! At the Statue Pavillion, they plan to use their axes to chop the heads off of the statues, beginning with the Superman one! (Holy Jebidiah, Batman!)

The real man of steel is taking a cement bath, and workers wonder why Superman would want to turn to stone! Having overheard the Kings' plan, he removes his statue at super-speed, and takes its place on the pedestal! When the Kings begin to use their axes, they are unaware that they are ruining their axes on the invulnerable form of Superman! With the sounds of police whistles in the air, the Kings run away!

As "Joe" turns to run, the statue winks at him, and after he leaves, the real statue is back in place once more! At Jimmy's home, the cub reporter has almost finished gathering evidence against the gang! He still has regrets about Perry's son, though. Nevertheless, the following day at Perry's office, he lets the editor know what he's learned. Reading the story, Perry wonders where he went wrong as a parent! When Jimmy offers to destroy the notes, Perry advises him that the story will be printed, regardless of who gets hurt, including him! The expose will be announced in the evening edition. When "Joe" arrives at the clubhouse, Larry douses him with the soda water, and "Truck" and the others see his hair change color!

Seeing the red hair, they know him as Superman's Pal, whose picture is in the paper, in a story where he is busy investigating a teen-age gang! "Truck" brags that he knew that "Joe" was a phoney from the start! Hank removes his signal-watch so that he can't call Superman! "Truck" plans for the gang to head for his apartment and destroy all of his notes, as well as his Superman trophies! The notes could be re-typed, but he could never replace his priceless trophies! He's upset at Hank White for taking his watch, or else he could have called Superman! Then.. the man of steel does some "underground" work of his own, by burrowing up through the floor of the clubhouse! Superman takes a couple of the gang members for a "spin" by turning them around by their shoulders!

At super-speed, the man of steel squirts the gang members with Larry's soda water, effectively proving that the gang are all washed up! When Superman compliments Jimmy on calling him in time, they learn that it was Hank White who used the signal-watch to call on him! Wishing to prove to his father that he had the makings of a good reporter, Hank joined the gang weeks ago to expose them from within. When he learned who Jimmy was, he used the watch so that Superman could save him! The cub reporter radically alters his opinion of Hank. The next day at the Daily Planet, both reporters are given credit for their undercover work, but both agree that a third name has been omitted... Superman's!

It's interesting to see how dated this story reads, in terms of fashion and the times.

The Kings all wear leather jackets with red badges which feature a king's crown.

One of the members resembles Gilligan and is wearing his trademark hat.

Perry White's trademark purple suit is still in fashion, however.

One of the gang members resembles a young Nick Adams.

In the Silver Age, Superman was turned into a living statue by Zha-Vam.

The Rainbow Doom caused the man of steel to accidentally turn Lois Lane into a glass statue on a memorable cover.

The Son of The Annihilator was a juvenile delinquent who wore a leather jacket and who sported a duck's tail hairstyle. Unfortunately, the look was a bit dated by the time of the late '60s Action Comics story, which was drawn by Wayne Boring.

On the Simpsons, Bart Simpson succeeds in chopping off the head of Jebidiah Springfield in order to prove himself cool to a bunch of older kids.

Steve Chung
"Jimmy Olsen, Juvenile Delinquent!"