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Jimmy Olsen 122
"Jimmy Olsen, Wolf-Man!"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND (80 Page Giant #62) September, 1969

Story: Unknown Art: Curt Swan

(Originally Reviewed On 12/27/01)

Having once been turned into a Wolf-Man, the cub reporter again finds himself in the same terribly hirstute situation once more, and even worse! Jimmy is getting a kiss from stewardess Lucy Lane, only the kiss of this beautiful girl doesn't work in breaking the spell, which unbeknownst to young Olsen, is caused by the magic of Mr. Mxyzptlk! In Metropolis, Mr. Mxyzptlk returns for another visit and is grateful to have escaped from the advances from his girlfriend, Miss Gzptlsnz, on her birthday, then sees Jimmy walking on the street below. The imp follows Jimmy on his date with Lucy Lane, who is eager to have dinner lunch with the mild-mannered cub reporter...

Upon seeing the stewardess, Mr. Mxyzptlk is smitten by her beauty and cannot believe that she is dating that oaf, Olsen! At a swanky restaurant, Jimmy and Lucy are sharing a dance, with Jimmy figuring it's worth a week's pay for the meal since they're happy, while the fifth dimensional imp watches them from an outside window. After their date, Jimmy drops Lucy off at her apartment, and soon, the stewardess answers a knock at the door, and sees the fifth dimensional imp bearing a giant emerald for her approval! Knowing about Mr. Mxyzptlk from her sister, Lois, Lucy rebuffs him by telling him that Jimmy Olsen is her boyfriend!

At Jimmy's apartment, the young cub reporter is going over his trophy case, while outside, Mr. Mxyzptlk's eyes catch sight of the wolf-man potion, which takes the kiss of a beautiful girl to break the spell! Suddenly, Jimmy is compelled to take a swig of the wolf-man potion, not knowing that it is the fifth dimensional imp's magic which is causing his rash action, as well as turning the potion to ordinary water, so that it is his magic which will make Jimmy a Wolf-Man once again! Dazed, Jimmy uses his signal-watch to summon Superman, while Mr. Mxyzptlk decides to watch the fun from a discreet distance! When The Man of Steel arrives, Jimmy fills him in on what has happened, and wonders if his pal can arrange for Miss X to kiss him in a darkened room, and who broke the spell last time.

Assuring his pal that he'll do it, Superman flies out, while Jimmy waits and soon sees his face becoming wolf-like and his hands become hairy paws. Turning off the lights, Jimmy hears the approach of Superman, who unbeknownst to Jimmy, has brought Supergirl to kiss him, as she did before. The purpose of the darkened room is to keep her identity a secret, as in the time of this story, she was Superman's secret weapon, while the young cub reporter believes it's to keep the girl from not being frightened by his features. Superman watches as they kiss, and both Jimmy and Kara think that they'd like to do it again sometime. The next moment finds Superman and Jimmy alone in the darkened room, with Jimmy thinking that The Man of Steel flew Miss X home at super-speed, but there's some bad news for young Olsen...

Seeing his reflection, Jimmy is horrified at still being a wolf-man, which The Man of Steel states he saw in the dark with his radar-vision(?) (Holy Second Sight, Batman! Does Superman have a radar-sense, too?) Superman leaves, but tells Jimmy to take heart, as he prepares to deal with some extreme emergencies, he'll think of a solution to help his pal! The following day finds Jimmy as his old self, but come nighttime, he'll be a wolf-man again! Seeking to get his mind off his problem, he accompanies Lois on her assignment to find Emil Kobrak, the most wanted convict in the U.S., as they interview Al Teller, who was a friend of Kobrak before going straight! (Holy America's Most Wanted, Batman! Is Lex Luthor not on the top ten most wanted list?)

While Lois interviews Teller, Jimmy stares at the exhibit of Emil Kobrak being chased by Superman, admiring the realistic figures in the capture scene, and then kicks the Kobrak figure in the knee! Surprised that he's been found out, Kobrak tells them how he took his wax figure's place in the exhibit when he learned that Lois was going to interview Teller, and hid in plain sight so that he could listen better. Using his signal watch to call Superman, Jimmy tells Kobrak that he saw the perspiration on Kobrak's brow, and naturally, dummies don't sweat, while The Man of Steel catches the two crooks. In the office, Lois is at her typewriter, thanking Jimmy for his help with the story and wonders how she can repay him, while Jimmy's attention is on the rising moon... Lois sees Jimmy in his wolf-man form, and recalls Superman telling her that only a kiss from a beautiful girl can break the spell! Jimmy is ashamed to ask for her help, but Lois kisses him and hopes with all her heart that it will cure him, while the cub reporter weeps at her great display of kindness!

The kiss failed to change him back, and Mr. Mxyzptlk can hardly wait when Lucy Lane sees her boyfriend now! The following day in Metropolis park, Jimmy sees that it'll be dark soon, but Lucy wants to go to the zoo, where she admires the cute timber wolves, while the moon rises, and Jimmy begins to change... He turns his back to Lucy, hoping to spare her the sight of him, but Lois told her what happened, and this time, Lucy wants to kiss him, unlike the previous occasion when she refused to. Closing her eyes, Lucy thinks of someone handsome, while Jimmy regards this as a most important kiss from her! Opening her eyes, Lucy voices her opinion that Jimmy is still ugly, while the cub reporter regards her as a wonderful girl to be putting up with him, and the fifth dimensional imp is enjoying every minute of the cub reporter's agony!

At the beach, Jimmy is looking at the moon's reflection on the water, when he slips on a pebble, then falls into the sea, where he is caught in the warm embrace of Lori Lemaris, who has read his mind, and uses her knowledge of his predicament by kissing him, but this, too, fails! Telling him that perhaps the right girl will have the right kiss, Jimmy visits Lana Lang, who agrees to kiss him, thinking that if she succeeds where Lois didn't, Superman might choose her over her rival, while Jimmy hopes for the best, and even Mr. Mxyzptlk begins to admire Jimmy's tenacity! Unfortunately, The Wolf-Man Jimmy Olsen walks down the street, having met failure once more, but a veiled girl calls out to him, telling him that her kiss will absotively, posolutely will cure him!

Lifting her veil a bit, Jimmy is kissed by the mystery girl, and notices his face and hands are now back to normal. Curious to see the beautiful girl whose kiss cured him, Jimmy removes her veil and sees Miss Gzptlsnz, whom he regards as a homely hag, and whose arrival has caused Mr. Mxyzptlk to come out of hiding and admit that it was his magic that changed Jimmy into a wolf-man, but not knowing how her kiss could have cured him! Having been stood up on her birthday, Miss Gzptlsnz followed him to Metropolis and saw what he put Jimmy through, and tells the imp that she used a special brand of lipstick to cure him. Reading the label of the Kltpzyxm lipstick, Mr. Mxyzptlk is tricked into returning to the fifth dimension for another 90 days! Before she leaves, Miss Gzptlsnz tells Jimmy that she used fifth dimensional magic to cure him, and assures the young cub reporter that she'll be nagging the imp for each one of those ninety days, then recites her name backwards! Now cured of being a wolf-man, Jimmy is once again dating Lucy and is eager for a kiss, to which she rebuffs him, telling the wolf that he's had enough kisses to last him months!

Even one who says his prayers at night and is Superman's pal, can became a wolf-man when Mr. Mxyzptlk's interest in Lucy Lane blooms.

I guess Jimmy is the reason why there's child-proof caps on aspirin bottles.

Lois proves to be more sympathetic to Jimmy than her sister is to him.

Lucy wants to help Jimmy and is honest about his appearance when the kiss fails to work.

A kiss between a mermaid and a wolf-man. About as likely as one between a mermaid and a Superman.

Lana Lang is still seeking to out-do Lois and become Mrs. Superman.

In our adolescence, we had to deal with acne, while Jimmy has to deal with a real close shave in this story.

Steve Chung
"Jimmy Olsen, Wolf-Man Review!"