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Jimmy Olsen 122
"Jimmy Olsen's Viking Sweetheart"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND (80 Page Giant #62) August - September, 1969

Story: Unknown Art: John Forte

(Originally Reviewed On 01/17/02)

Jimmy Olsen has a following with his fan club, who admire his exploits for The Daily Planet, but Lucy Lane does not, for she has rejected his attentions on numerous occasions, but this may change, thanks to Jimmy Olsen's Viking Sweetheart! Jimmy and his fan club are spending the weekend on a ski trip, but the cub reporter only has eyes for Lucy Lane. The members of the fan club are disappointed that their idol won't be giving them skiing tips, and instead, will be striving to win Lucy's love, which they see as a hopeless case.

Lucy greets Jimmy, then goes skiing with Ron Baxter, The Olympic Ski Champion! (Holy Isabella, Batman! I remember Natasha, Herc, Johnny, Warren, Bobby, but no Ron...) Momentarily discouraged, Jimmy sees a sign about the ski jumping championship tomorrow, and believes that he may be able to leap Daredevil chasm! (Holy Look Before You Leap, Batman! Not even The Lead-footed Leap-Frog could do it, but spring may be in the air!) On the slope, Jimmy prepares for some practice jumps, then lands at an awkward angle, starting a landslide! Caught in the avalanche, Jimmy begins to lose consciousness, but when he comes to, he hears a call for help... in old Norse! (Holy Norse Code, Batman!) Having visited the age of Vikings, he is familiar with the language.

Digging through the snow, he comes upon a girl named Holga, who calls him Leif! Telling her that he's not Leif Erickson, but a cub reporter, the girl struggles to figure out what happened during the time she was trapped in the snow slide. It was only weeks ago that she and Leif arrived on Vineland with his crew, eager to get married, and one day, as they were crossing a mountain range, her foot slipped, and she fell into a snowbank! Now awake and confused from her ordeal, she listens as Jimmy explains to her what must have happened. It has been a slumber for many centuries, but Holga is grateful for the rescue, especially from one who is even more handsome than her Leif! As Holga's fingers touch his face, Jimmy feels their coldness and offers to hold hands so that he can warm them for her.

In the hotel room of The Jimmy Olsen Fan Club, one of the members chuckles as they watch Jimmy about to warm Holga's fingers, then presses a button so that the Holga robot's temperature will be adjusted. Another member congratulates Harvey, whose robot designer uncle gave him the experimental robot, which he likens to a living doll! (Holy Newmar, Batman!) It was their plan to bring the robot along when they learned that Lucy Lane would also be at the ski resort, as competition for Jimmy's affections. Unaware of the trick, Jimmy smiles as Holga presents him with her amulet as a token of gratitude and affection. Jimmy offers to be her advisor and guide to the modern world, starting with the English language, but Holga presses the knob on the magic pin given to her by a soothsayer so that she can speak the language. In reality, Harvey has pressed a button on the console for the language change. (Holy Esperanto, Batman!) At the ski jump, Ron Baxter sees the Norse beauty, who is with Lucy's friend, Jimmy Olsen, but wonders why she's wearing the odd attire, and figures that they must be making a movie in the area, while Lucy wonders why a starlet would waste time with the cub reporter.

After hearing her story, Lucy is skeptical, but Holga asks to borrow Jimmy's skis, and soon, she is skiing and impressing the others, as Jimmy tells them that it was The Norse who invented skis and are the world's greatest skiers. Once her leap is completed, the others gasp in amazement, for Holga has leaps over Daredevil Chasm! Press photographers arrive and take pictures of the smiling Norse lass, who tells them that Jimmy is the most attractive man she ever met, while Lucy wonders if she's been underestimating him all this time?

Becoming a national celebrity, Holga is invited to The White House, and is given a model of a viking ship by First Lady Jacquelyn Kennedy, with Jimmy as her escort. At Washington Airport, Lucy is aboard the plane which will be flying Holga back to Metropolis, and the General tells her that she is to receive the red carpet treatment! On the flight, Holga orders more sandwiches and coffee for her handsome Jimmy, while Lucy is forced to wait on them, and watch The Norse Lass romance her boyfriend! Upon landing, Jimmy apologizes to Lucy and tells her that his fan club wants to meet Holga, while she is discouraged at not being able to ask him for a date. Running a check of the plane, Lucy finds the model viking ship which Holga forgot, and heads for Jimmy's Fan Club, just to show him that there's no hard feelings. At the club, no one is in attendence, but Lucy uses the key once given to her by Jimmy...

Inside, Lucy sees the monitor screen with Jimmy and Holga focused upon it, but as she gets closer, she discovers that Holga is a robot, and figures that Jimmy has been using it to make her jealous! At that moment, Jimmy is seated on a park bench, and about to tell Holga something, which makes Lucy certain that the cub reporter is unaware that she is a robot. Even so, Lucy is determined to make him pay for snubbing her, and presses a button, which is designed to make the robot treat Jimmy coldly! As Jimmy offers Holga a package for her to open and discuss their future, "Holga" begins to laugh at what she believes is a proposal! Having been proposed to by warriors and chiefs, "Holga" tosses the box, which she believes contains a betrothal ring, aside, as Jimmy beg for her not to leave it like this!

Lucy watches the monitor, enjoying the sight of Jimmy begging and pleading. It serves him right for the way he's treated her, and she can hardly wait to tell the cub reporter that he was in love with a robot! Heading to the park, Lucy approaches the bench, thinking that perhaps she's been mean to poor Jimmy, and sees the discarded gift that Holga tossed aside, as well as a note. As she reads the note, Lucy discovers that Jimmy was turning Holga down for her! She has never known how much he loved her until now! Jimmy turns and sees Lucy, aware that she's read the note, and Lucy begins to weep, for she knows that he loves her far more than she deserves. Knowing that she's been a fool, Lucy tells him that if he still wants her, she'd be proud to announce their engagement to the world! As they kiss, Lucy vows never to tell Jimmy that he was jilted by a robot, and would never dare to hurt his pride! At The Jimmy Olsen Fan Club, Holga is dismantled, having completed her mission, with Lucy having fallen for their hero, and Harvey figures that they'll be invited to the wedding soon!

In a previous story, Jimmy was the best pal of Thor, Red-Haired and Red-Bearded God of Thunder!

In an Adventures of Superman episode, Leif Erickson was the name of a hood who was the focus of Boy Editor Jimmy Olsen's attempts to arrest before the statute of limitations ran out on his crime.

My Living Doll was the name of a show with Bob Cummings and Julie Newmar as Rhoda The Robot.

Hmm, you suppose that Harvey had a chance to tinker with Holga, rather than use her on his hero?

The concept of robot girlfriends was explored by Jack Kirby in the first issue of O.M.A.C. in the 1970's.

A happy ending for Jimmy and Lucy.

In current continuity, I think Lucy is involved with Daily Planet Reporter Ron Troupe, while Jimmy is leading the bachelor life.

Steve Chung
"Jimmy Olsen's Viking Review"