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Jimmy Olsen 122
"The Girl Who Was Lucy Lane's Double!"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND (80 Page Giant #62) August - September, 1969

Story: Unknown Art: Curt Swan

(Originally Reviewed on 02/28/02)

Jimmy Olsen has traveled to the past, the time period of colonial America, searching for something from his present, but finds something else when he meets... The Girl Who Was Lucy Lane's Double! On the splash page, Jimmy admires the cooking of Lucinda, who is pleased that Jimmy has decided to stay in town and marry her. When dusting the souvenirs in his trophy room, Jimmy sees a dogcatcher netting a bunch of alley cats, and among them is Streaky, who is not wearing the super-cape! Streaky takes to the air, flying through the net, moving so quickly that Jimmy knows that the super-cat will no doubt crack the time barrier for the past (as opposed to the future?), aware of this since Streaky is on a counter-clockwise course!

With The Man and Maid of Steel away, it's up to Jimmy to follow Streaky, using the Sunevian magic belt which was given to him by Princess Ilona of The Sunev Galaxy. He recalls how each jeweled button has a different magic effect, and by pressing the onyx button, he'll be able to follow Streaky into the past! (Holy Gemworld, Batman!) Crossing the time-barrier, Jimmy and Streaky find themselves in the woods, where Jimmy lands and sees that he's in a New England town, where everyone is wearing Puritan clothing! The date is Thursday, June 12, 1692, the final day before taxes are to be collected! For those who don't pay, they will suffer the wrath of the governor! Jimmy decides to change clothes, first pressing the emerald button for anti-gravity, and dons the clothes from an effigy hanging nearby.

Reading the note pinned to the effigy, Jimmy sees that the citizens aren't too crazy about the English rulers, much less the governor, then begins his search for Streaky. Unfortunately, he runs into a wolf pack, but unafraid, Jimmy presses the pearl button... emitting an invisible repellor ray, scattering them! Jimmy soon meets some hunters and tells them that he's from a northern colony, now alone thanks to a shipwreck. The hunters offer to help him find a home, and he reluctantly accepts, not able to tell them that he's searching for a super-cat! Returning to town, Jimmy and the hunters see that there's a commotion, with the governor's men having found an effigy of him in the home of Lucinda Lawrence, arresting her and about to subject her to the punishment of a public ducking! (Holy Wabbit Season/Duck Season, Batman!)

Jimmy sees that Lucinda Lawrence bears a striking resemblence to Lucy Lane, while some in the crowd call for her release since it isn't against the law to make effigies. The governor doesn't take kindly to the effigy, besides Lucinda doesn't want to pay taxes, but since they object to her being punished, he offers to take a substitute in her place. Jimmy volunteers and is strapped into the ducking stool, where the governor is determined to make an example of the stranger by keeping him submerged for a very long time! The crowd watches as Jimmy is lowered, but he is confident that he can survive underwater for an hour by pressing the amethyst button on the magic belt. Underwater, he is surrounded by a force field, and above, ten minutes pass, with the citizens urging the governor to return him to the surface!

The crowd is mystified that Jimmy isn't dead, while the cub reporter tells them that he's had much experience in swimming for miles under the Thames river. Jimmy meets Lucinda and tells her how she resembles a girl he knows, and she offers him employment in her uncle's carpentry shoppe. Jimmy is to be his apprentice, live in their home, and have supper that night. Jimmy enjoys the soup, but asks Lucinda why she's not using a ladle or spoon, but a stick. She tells him that it's a special dish. After the meal, they go for a walk, with Lucinda asking Jimmy to stay in town, and he agrees. Friday morning is wash day, with Lucinda and her Aunt Clara going to do the laundry, while Jimmy eats breakfast...

After eating, Jimmy decides to sweep the floor, especially the dusty bear rug, which he takes outside to beat it, and soon sees Streaky soaring by! Pressing the emerald button on the Sunevian belt, Jimmy pursues the suiper-cat, which is being witnessed by several townspeople! Streaky heads down the chimney of Lucinda's house, where Jimmy intends to cut him off at the fireplace, and inside, he grabs onto the black cat, who doesn't seem to recognize the sight of the cub reporter in colonial clothes. Stroking the cat, Jimmy realizes that it isn't Streaky since the black soot isn't coming off. Jimmy prepares to press the button to return to 1962...

Jimmy is horrified to find out that his belt is gone, probably lost during the chase, and now he may be stranded in the past! Lucinda enters and tells Jimmy to hide before he's arrested by the governor's men, with Jimbo wondering what he could have done to merit such treatment. Stepping outside, Jimmy is accused of being a demon, which is further compounded when the cub reporter walks beneath a ladder on Friday The 13th! At the town courthouse, Jimmy is tried for being a demon, with the governor citing that the young man survived a ten minute ducking, and asks for other evidence. One of the hunters points out that they came upon a wolf pack, known as The Devil's Pack since they are all black, fleeing from him.

The wolves would have slain any other man, but for some reason, they left Jimmy alone, compelling evidence that he's a demon, but Jimbo tries to point out that he was using a magic belt with a repeller ray... (Holy Ingersoll, Batman! The defendant really has a fool for a client!) A witness speaks about Jimmy flying on a broomstick... like a witch would, and Jimmy tells them that he was chasing Streaky The Super-Cat by using his magic belt. (Holy Enron, Batman! Take The Fifth, Jimbo!) Others speak of seeing Jimmy playing with a black cat on Friday The 13th, which the governor decides is firm proof that Jimmy is a demon, and he is sentenced to be hanged! Jimmy is placed in the public stocks until he is executed according to the laws of the town of Salem! Jimmy realizes that by using his magic belt, the superstitious folks figure him to be a demon! At the town square, Jimmy is visited by Lucinda, who tells him not to be afraid when something strange will be happening to him in one minute! (Holy Turtle-Boy, Batman! This is Superman's Pal! Something is always happening to him every issue!) The next minute finds Jimmy disappearing in a puff of smoke from the stocks. (Holy Salem's, Batman! Has the cub reporter taken up smoking?)

Jimmy finds himself in Lucinda's home, and he knows that he was brought here by magic... Lucinda's! She is holding the stir stick, which she used to stir the witch's brew, and the stick is not a stick, but a magic wand! Opening the cupboard, Lucinda shows Jimmy her collection of devil dolls, which she uses to torment the folks she doesn't like by sticking pins in them! (Holy Pin The Tail On The Donkey, Batman!) The broom which Jimmy was carrying was her witch's broom, and the black cat was Satan, her black cat! (Holy Sabrina, Batman! Jimmy has met a teen-age witch!) The cub reporter now knows that it wasn't Streaky he was stroking! Lucinda used her magic to steal Jimmy's belt, after overhearing Jimmy mention its powers while chasing Streaky. Having fallen in love with him, she didn't want him to return to the future, but now that Jimmy has been accused of being a demon, he can't stay! Lucinda sends the startled cub reporter to the present, where he sees Streaky soaring by the window of his trophy room. At the Metropolis Museum, Jimmy reads about witches of Old Salem, and sees that Lucinda Lawrence was tried as a witch on June 13, 1692, and in her hands was what was taken to be a devil's talisman... a belt with strange jewels! Jimmy decides not to tell Lucy that he almost married a teen-age witch!

Jimmy finds double trouble when he met Lucy Lane's double!

The Sunevian belt is from "Jimmy Olsen, Freak!"

I wonder if Dan Jurgens would ever consider connecting the Sunevian Belt to the saga of The Sun Devils?

This Review Is Dedicated To Tom Orzechowski (Happy Upcoming Birthday!)


Steve Chung
"The Review Which Was Lucy Lane's Double!"