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Jimmy Olsen 131
"The Amazing Spectacles of Doctor X"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND (80 Page Giant #74) August-September, 1970

Story: Unknown Art: Curt Swan

The cub reporter has always admired the man of steel's various vision powers... but the time comes when Jimmy Olsen acquires a special vision power of his own. Read on to learn if Superman's pal will be happy or have regrets by what he sees through... "The Amazing Spectacles of Doctor X" On the splash page, the cub reporter is typing a scoop about his pal which will take place about 24 hours in the future! With the aid of these special goggles, he'll be able to get the story before it happens! Weeks had passed while Jimmy Olsen was trailing the criminal scientist known as Doctor X! He manages to find his hideout and while the doctor is out, the cub reporter gives the lab a look-over. He knows that Doctor X is able to copy the feats of ancient sorcerors by using modern technology to commit crimes! Among the doctor's equipment: a ghost cloak, a witch's flying broomstick, an invisibility mask, and a youth elixir formula XYZ229...

As Jimmy prepares to take notes before calling the police, he hears the sounds of approaching sirens! The police arrive, aware that Doctor X has just died in a plane crash, and having found the address of his hideout among his effects! The building is roped off and everyone is to be kept out... including all reporters! The cub reporter knows that the authorities will think that he sneaked in despite their precautions, and he'll be in trouble... Jimmy dons a pair of dark glasses and is relieved when the police do not recognize him as a Daily Planet reporter! Once on the street, the cub reporter knows that he can't write up the story or else the police will know he was there! Looking up in the sky, he sees the man of steel towing something through the air!

Superman is towing a giant striped whale for the aquarium, but when Jimmy asks a passerby if he sees it, the cub reporter is in for a surprise! The pedestrian goes on his way and the cub reporter, having removed the dark glasses, sees that there's no whale or man of steel in the air! Since Doctor X created the goggles, Jimmy believes that it was an optical illusion he saw! As he reaches home, the cub reporter sees his pal towing the striped whale, and others see it too! In his apartment, Jimmy realizes that the goggles have given him future-vision whenever he wears them!

The next few minutes pass and Jimmy sees futuristic events unfold before his eyes! The events are focused on the man of steel, who stops a pair of gunman, as well as stopping a meteor! The cub reporter also sees a future danger for Superman, who will be exposed to green Kryptonite when he lays a building cornerstone! Since the event will occur tomorrow morning, the cub reporter has enough time to warn his pal! Jimmy sees another future event where Superman is changing back to his secret identity, and although he can't see his pal's face, a workman accidentally will! The next future-vision is focused on Jimmy, himself, and he sees himself fishing...

The giant fish begins to pull him into the water, and his leg becomes tangled in the fishing line! Even though he's half-drowned, the cub reporter manages to activate his signal-watch! His pal arrives to fish him out, then carry him towards a kid's camp, to find a doctor! Unfortunately, the doctor shakes his head, as the man of steel turns away... weeping, and the still form of Jimmy Olsen rests on a bed! He realizes what the vision means! Three days from now on May 10th, the cub reporter will die... for he has seen the events which will lead up to his own end! Jimmy hopes that the future-visions are wrong, and he'll find out tomorrow at the corner-stone ceremony!

The following day finds the cub reporter finding the Kryptonite before the ceremony, and he saves his pal's life... even if his own life is doomed! On the second day...the man of steel is landing in an alley, where his secret identity will be exposed... but the cub reporter manages to place a manhole cover so that the workman will be unable to see anything... and he won't peek either while his pal changes! Since both future-visions have come true, Jimmy knows that tomorrow may be his last day of life! At his apartment, the cub reporter leaves a last will which has the Metropolis Museum as the recipients of his Superman Souvenir collection! The day has come... and the cub reporter is determined to keep his secret to himself!

He gets an idea, just as he listens to Perry White giving mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent an assignment... Jimmy decides to go along with Clark to the mountains in search of a flying saucer which crashed near there! The gruff editor agrees that two can work more swiftly than one, and the cub reporter knows that if he's nowhere near his pal, he will change his own future! He will stay with Clark and avoid the man of steel! Unfortunately, even Superman's Pal is unaware that the reporter is really the man of steel! In the mountains... Clark and Jimmy split up to search for the flying saucer! The cub reporter knows that the hour is close at hand, but he is about one hundred miles away from where he went fishing in his vision! His pal, who was in the vision, can't show up at all! Once he is out of sight, Clark changes to Superman, who realizes that Perry White's assignment came at an awkward time! He made a promise... and has to do a job... with Jimmy's help! To the cub reporter's horror... the man of steel has arrived to take Jimmy on a little fishing trip!

As his pal carries him through the air, Jimmy tells Superman that he'll d-d-drown! The man of steel is all-too aware of that fact! He tells the cub reporter what has to be, has to be! Jimmy knows that not even his pal will stand in the way of fate! Superman wonders if his pal knows about the drowning, if Jimmy was sent the movie script, too? The cub reporter dons the goggles and sees that both he and his pal are participating in a camera scene where a portable "iron lung" will save his life! As they land at the children's camp, Jimmy now knows that they are going to participate in a safety-first film! While flying, the cub reporter has lost the future-telling goggles, but he's very happy to see that rumors of his death were exaggerated!

Villains who use goggles include: Captain Atom foe, Dr. Espectro and Flash rogue, The Rainbow Raider.

Dr. Double-X was a Silver Age foe of the Batman.

A ghost cloak would seem to be the trademark of The Gentleman Ghost, while the Fadeaway Man uses a special cloak to get away from Hawkman and Hawkgirl!

A witch's broomstick was used by Zatanna when the Outsider changed her into an old witch to bedevil the Dynamic Duo.

In the Silver Age, Bobby Darin was a celebrity who wore dark glasses.

In the '70s, Black Lightning would face both the 1,000 and crimelord Tobias Whale.

The son of the Golden Age Hourman is able to see an hour into the future.

Dream Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes is able to forsee events through dreams.

A Silver Age story had Green Lantern menaced by "The Man In The Iron Lung!"

Steve Chung
"The Amazing Review of Doctor X"