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Jimmy Olsen 131
"The Burglar Kit From The Future!"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND (80 Page Giant #74) August-September, 1970

Story: Unknown Art: Curt Swan

In his friendship with the man of steel, the cub reporter has come into contact with some incredible devices... including his signal watch, a Red Kryptonite Ray-Gun, and the Sunevian Wonder Belt! In this story, Jimmy comes across a set of super-tools which eclipses even these items! Fast and furious are the thrills when the cub reporter uses... "The Burglar Kit From The Future!" On the splash page, Jimmy uses a pair of x-ray glasses and fourth dimensional tongs to retrieve some photographs for Perry White to use in the next edition of the Daily Planet! The gruff editor realizes that not even Lex Luthor has such inventions from that futuristic kit, and it's a lucky thing that the cub reporter is not a crook! It's evening at the apartment of a certain cub reporter, who is entertaining Clark Kent and Lucy Lane... The stewardess is holding a singing meteor from the sonar galaxy and a firebird feather from the planet Neptune! Jimmy has opened the safe which the man of steel had given him to keep the souvenirs in! Closing the safe, he tells the mild-mannered reporter that he probably wishes that he was Superman's pal instead of him! Clark agrees that a lot of people would envy him, but he knows that Jimmy would flip if he knew that his fellow reporter was Superman!

At suppertime, Clark overhears a noise coming from the trophy room, and Jimmy thinks that it might be a burglar after his souvenirs! He uses a secret two-way mirror on the wall to see into the other room. As they watch through the mirror, they see a strange character appearing from out of thin air! (Holy Jemas, Batman!) The mild-mannered reporter silently recognizes the mask and costume as being that of a burglar who Superman met in the 31st Century! Lucy sees the burglar use a strange device on the safe, and the vibrating ray shakes the safe to bits! They enter to confront the burglar, who is told by the cub reporter to drop the weapon or else he'll use his signal-watch! The burglar complies, then uses a black-out gun to stun the trio into unconsciousness! Clark pretends to be affected by the ray, and while the burglar steals the cub reporter's signal-watch, the mild-mannered reporter changes to the man of steel at super-speed, and prepares to transport him back to his own century in the time-machine which is parked on the roof!

Graxton 4-K is surprised to find himself back in the time machine, alongside Superman, who steers the craft for the 31st Century... Lucy recovers and figures that Clark must have run away before he could be hit by the black-out gun! The cub reporter sees that the burglar has left his kit behind and is already poring over the instructions. He uses the x-ray glasses to see through the safe as if it were glass, while Lucy prepares to leave. When they arrive at her parked car, she sees that the keys are inside, and she's locked out! Jimmy returns with a spiral magnetic beam to open the lock like a master key! Once she's driven off, the cub reporter decides to write about the futuristic burglar kit for the Daily Planet.

The following day, Perry shows the cub reporter the wanted poster of "Alibi Al," who has robbed a bank, but has a perfect alibi. Jimmy is determined to find the evidence to prove the criminal's guilt, and remembers something from the burglar kit which can help him. He visits "Alibi Al" at the boardinghouse and pretends to interview him... He tells the cub reporter how the police searched his safe, but they didn't find so much as a single dime! Jimmy wonders why a poor guy like "Alibi Al" would need a thick-walled safe and decides to check it out while the suspect is away! Sure enough, after using the spiral magnetic beam to open the safe, the cub reporter uses the fourth dimensional tongs to pass through the safe's thick walls... where he finds the stolen money! He takes some of the money to show the F.B.I. and leaves the rest intact so that they can arrest "Alibi Al!" Once he has been arrested, the agents congratulate Jimmy and ask how he did it, but the cub reporter declines in revealing the secret! As he and the director leave the office, they see a slick looking character walking by. The agent tells him that it's Count Slade, an international criminal who is believed to have stolen a capsule of a new radioactive fuel for a powerful warhead! He has not been arrested since the only evidence they have are the radioactive burns on the Count's hands!

The Count has been released and is sure to sell the capsule to a foreign power, and the cub reporter promises to help the inspector by trailing Slade! At the hotel... the Count tells the operator that the La Paree company will be sending an interior decorator to give him some ideas for remodelling the living room of his penthouse, which Jimmy just happens to overhear! (Holy Our Man Flynt, Batman!) Now disguised as a decorator, the cub reporter visits the Count at his penthouse... As Slade leaves to change clothes, Jimmy uses his x-ray glasses and sees that the stolen capsule is hidden in a lead box inside a TV set! (Holy Hot Lead, Batman!) With the glasses, the cub reporter is able to see through lead, which even the man of steel can't do! He pulls out an anti-gravity belt from his burglar kit, and ties it around the TV set, intending to float it to the ground floor, but Slade returns with a gun, and tells him to drop the set or else! He had known that Jimmy was a phoney since the La Paree company only uses lady decorators! (Holy Glen Or Glenda, Batman!)

The cub reporter's red hair was another giveaway, as the Count brushes the wig from Jimmy's head! Slade sees the burglar kit and begins to read the instructions... orders the cub reporter to the balcony! At the rail, Jimmy points out that the Count will need him to help him with the complicated tools since his hands are burned! He demonstrates a teleporting machine, but as Jimmy prepares to focus it on some F.B.I agents to bring them to the penthouse, the Count has a great idea! His pal, Mitch Barton, is about to be electrocuted for murder in Metropolis Prison, and the cub reporter is ordered to bring him to the penthouse! In "Death Row" at the prison... Barton has very little appetite for caviar, tenderloin steak, french fried potatoes, and four flavors of ice cream with the hot seat waiting for him! (Holy Sit On It, Batman!)

A transparent cocoon suddenly surrounds Barton, and as the guards fire, they see the convict vanish before their very eyes! (Holy Guttenberg, Batman!) The next second finds Mitch Barton appearing in the Count's penthouse... Slade tells his pal that with the aid of this device, they will become the richest crooks in the world! Barton knows that with the teleporter, all the valuables stored within vaults and safes will be theirs for the taking! (Holy E-Bay, Batman!) The Count removes the lead box from the TV set, while Jimmy wonders what happened to his signal-watch, not realizing that it had been stolen by Graxton 4-K! The afternoon finds them on a private yacht heading out to sea... The Count knows that the Metropolis Federal Bank has just received a shipment of 50 gold bars! He orders the cub reporter to focus the teleporter on the bank vault and bring the bars to the yacht!

The teleporter is set and begins to transport the gold bars! Barton suggests that they drop Jimmy into the water, but Count Slade has a much better idea! After bringing the cub reporter along to keep him from warning the authorities, they are now beyond the seven-mile limit, where Jimmy is set adrift in a row-boat! As he watches from a distance... the gold bars continue to pile up, and as Barton stacks them higher, he suggests to Slade that he'd better turn the teleporter off! By now, neither man is able to reach the teleporter, as hundreds of bricks have come through instead of fifty! The yacht begins to sink under the tremendous weight...

At that very moment, Superman returns from the 30th Century... with Jimmy's signal-watch! The cub reporter fills in his pal about the situation, and after turning over the crooks to the police , he explains how he focused the teleporter on the main vault at Fort Knox rather than the Metropolis Bank! (Holy Frobe, Batman!) The man of steel heads off to recover the gold bars, and once they have been returned to Fort Knox, and the radioactive capsule has been dropped off at the Pentagon... Superman takes the burglar kit for his Fortress of Solitude! He invites his pal to come along, but the cub reporter has a date with Lucy! At the end of the night... Lucy is impressed by the rascally Olsen who kissed her by surprise, and as he straightens his bowtie, he points out that as the world's most modern burglar, he is entitled to steal a kiss!

X-ray specs are among novelty items which were advertised in comic books.

The Legion of Super-Heroes inhabit the 30th Century, just as Graxton 4-K inhabits the 31st Century.

I believe that Flash-foe, Abra-Kadabra is from the 64th Century.

Kang The Conqueror resides in the 40th Century.

Adamantium is the hardest metal in the Marvel Universe, while Vibranium is capable of absorbing sound, as well as dissolving other metals!

Graxton 4-K operates a time-bubble built for two, while the Legion uses a time-bubble whenever travelling through time.

Rip Hunter uses a Time-Sphere, while The Atom uses Professor Hyatt's Time-Pool in his many adventures.

The Cosmic Treadmill is the mode of time-travel for The Flash.

An excellent example of an extraordinary safe is Uncle Scrooge's money-bin.

Slade Wilson is the real name of Deathstroke The Terminator. The man who gunned down "Battlin" Jack Murdock was named Slade, too.

Count Vertigo is another villain who uses that title, but who's counting?

Jimmy Olsen has been known to dress in drag to solve a case or two.

The X-Man known as Nightcrawler's mutant power is teleportation.

Barney Barton was a small-time hood, who was also the brother of Clint Barton, the Avenger known as Hawkeye. He was killed by Egghead in an issue of the Avengers during the Silver Age.

"Goldfinger" was the James Bond film which had the title character plotting to steal the gold bullion from Fort Knox.

Last Kiss is a feature in CBG and a comic book by John Lustig.

Steve Chung
"The Burglar Kit From the Review!"