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Jimmy Olsen 131
"The Unwanted Superman Souvenirs!"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND (80 Page Giant #74) August-September, 1970

Story: Unknown Art: Curt Swan

The cub reporter covets his collection of Superman souvenirs, but the man of steel is in for a shock by what Jimmy does with them one day -- Even the hero himself is mystified by... "The Unwanted Superman Souvenirs!" On the splash page, the cub reporter is dumping his Superman souvenirs in a junkyard, while the man of steel is wondering why his pal is doing this, as well as ignoring him and his questions! (Holy Sanford And Son, Batman!) It's a day like any other day for Jimmy Olsen when he adds another souvenir to his Superman collection... He shows Clark the giant crystal which Superman has just brought from another world. When the cub reporter asks if he's ever seen anything like it, the mild-mannered reporter says that you never know. Jimmy laughs and figures that Clark is jealous because the man of steel never brings him any souvenirs, and the meek reporter tips his orange hat, then leaves.

Outside, Clark has changed to Superman, who sees his pal walking out with one of his souvenirs! Jimmy proceeds to throw the souvenir into a garbage can! The man of steel shrugs, then flies away, but when he passes over the cub reporter's neighborhood, he sees Jimmy throw another souvenir in a litter basket! (Holy Basket-Case, Batman!) The cub reporter ignores his pal's questions about the souvenirs, then leaves, and Superman promises to make this up to Jimmy by giving him a new souvenir! Later, he comes across "Slippery" Sam, the wanted crook, and reaches for the gun, as the bullet bounces harmlessly off his chest! After turning the crook over to the authorities... the man of steel twists the barrel of the gun into Jimmy's name!

At the cub reporter's apartment, Superman gives his pal the peace offering, but Jimmy takes the new souvenir, then heads for the local junkyard, and... wordlessly throws it into a barrel of iron scrap! (Holy Selegue, Batman!) The man of steel retrieves the souvenir, but still doesn't know why his pal refuses to talk to him! He retrieves the thrown souvenirs and wonders what's made his pal act like they're enemies! The following day at the Daily Planet, Clark tries to learn the truth from the cub reporter... and when the mild-mannered reporter asks if he and Superman are still pals, Jimmy laughs over what he believes to be a silly question!

After work, the man of steel follows his pal, who throws a giant hat souvenir onto a violin shop sign, he throws a autographed picture into an excavation site, and throws a plaster bust of Superman into the Housewrecker Inc. site. In recalling how he had come to Jimmy's rescue on many occasions, the man of steel knows that if the cub reporter really despised him, he would've thrown away another "souvenir" first! He looks over a list of the locations where the items were discarded...ashcan...litterbasket...ironscrap...violin shop...excavation...housewreckers...! Superman now knows why Jimmy only throws away three souvenirs a day, and tomorrow, he believes that he'll be able to solve the mystery! He watches the cub reporter throw away a Superman dummy over the eaves of his apartment!

The next souvenir is disposed of at a park lagoon, and the last has been hocked at a pawnshop! At the apartment, the man of steel asks Jimmy if they are still pals, and the cub reporter reassures him that this is so! He now knows that when Jimmy laughed at Clark's silly question, this was what he meant! Each time he's gotten rid of a souvenir, Jimmy was in a hypnotic trance, and didn't hear or see his pal! Superman shows the cub reporter the list of the places he's been to -- using only key words -- which spell out Alive! Help! Knowing that the sleepwalking began after Jimmy received the latest souvenir, the man of steel realizes that it must be a strange crystaline brain, which was removed from its own world!

The gem-brain tried communicating with Jimmy, but succeeded in having the cub reporter dispose of his souvenirs at places whose names would form a message! It knew that only Superman could return him to his home planet! The creature is placed into a case and after using telescopic-vision, the man of steel hurls it back to its native planet! Now it is Jimmy who has a question for his pal... how did he know that he wasn't really mad at him? Superman figured out that the cub reporter would have discarded his secret Superman Signal-Watch first since it's right on his wrist! (Holy Timex, Batman! Jimmy takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!) Once the souvenirs have been returned... the cub reporter thanks his pal and assures him that nothing will ever make him get rid of them again! They will always be pals! (Holy Hoy Murphy, Batman!)

The Brain is the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil.

In What If #6 (first series), instead of becoming Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards became "The Big Brain."

The brain of Karl Von Schmitter was featured in horror stories illustrated by Russ Heath in the '50s.

Among the discarded souvenirs: a lead pipe twisted into a pretzel and a crumpled switchblade knife.

The Dummy is the nemesis of the Vigilante, and killed the hero's sidekick, Stuff, the Chinatown Kid when he became an adult.

"The Creature From The Black Lagoon" was a Universal Horror movie of the 1950's.

A pawn shop was the Earth outpost operated by Martian agents Caroll O'Connor and Barry Morse in an episode of the Outer Limits.

It was in a pawn shop that Joey Crowne (Jack Klugman) sold his trumpet, but then got it back in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Steve Chung
"The Unwanted Superman Souvenirs Review!"