Jimmy Olsen 66
"Jimmy Olsen's Last Stand!"
January, 1963

Story: Unknown
Art: Curt Swan

The cub reporter has made many journeys into the past! Jimmy Olsen has met many villains in the age of vikings, in biblical times, and even the stone age! Now come the time-travel trip which will top even these adventures! Hold your breath until the last page as you read the review about... "Jimmy Olsen's Last Stand!" On the splash page, the cub reporter is about to have his red hair scalped by Sitting Bull! Jimmy is surprised to see that he looks exactly like Lex Luthor with a bad suntan! The cub reporter is covering the opening of Frontier City, an exhibit devoted to the old west... The festivities begin with the man of steel cutting the ribbon with his heat-vision! Jimmy feels silly wearing an old-time cavalry uniform, but everyone else is wearing western gear at the celebration... even Superman! At a historical display... the man of steel and his pal see wax figures enacting the battle where Colonel Custer and his troops were beaten by Sitting Bull's men! The cub reporter regrets that such a hero should meet his end like that!

At the replica of an indian tepee... Jimmy reads the legend of Sitting Bull's Peace Pipe! "Beware! Do not touch! According to legend, anyone who smokes this pipe goes to the happy hunting grounds!" (Holy Fennimore, Batman!) Unimpressed by the legend, the cub reporter plans to write about it in his feature, then while no one's looking, he sneaks a puff from the pipe, and... Seconds pass before the cub reporter regains his senses... He was in Frontier City, but now he's somewhere else! The smoke from the pipe has somehow transported him into the past! Jimmy is at the site of an indian massacre! He turns and sees cavalry troops... in their 1870 uniforms! The main officer in the lead resembles the statue of Custer! He is heading for his final battle, and the cub reporter, knowing that he can't change the past, heads to warn him of the danger! After listening to the young man in the cavalry uniform, Custer figures that he's lost his mind as the result of the indian attack on the wagon train! (Holy Roddenberry, Batman!) Jimmy tries to prove that he is from the future! He says that the history books tell how Custer graduated from West Point in 1861, how he fought in the Civil War... and was decorated for bravery... The sergeant points out that everyone knows the facts about Custer and takes the lad to the medical officer...

As the men head down the valley... they see that Jimmy was right, for thousands of indians are waiting for them! Custer sees that someone is approaching with a white flag... their leader, Sitting Bull! As he reins in, the cub reporter is in for a shock... As Sitting Bull demands their surrender, Jimmy sees that he is the exact double of Lex Luthor! If the chieftain has half of Luthor's cunning, Custer will not have a chance! The indian chief rides off in anger... Custer tells his men to dismount and take cover! The cub reporter knows that Custer and his men were massacred in this battle! He is determined to save them and change history! As the indians begin their attack... Custer sees his men being cut down, and looks for some cover! Jimmy suggests that they dig deep pits for protection... fox-holes! The colonel believes that Olsen is still suffering from delusions, but his suggestion is a good one! The men begin to dig, with the scout, Buffalo Bill being the strongest man they've ever seen! He has dug ten fox-holes to a soldier's one! Jimmy recalls that Buffalo Bill wasn't with Custer in the battle! He is also struck by the strange resemblance the scout has to Superman in strength and appearance!

Unfortunately, my copy of Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #66 is missing pages 4 to 7, but I'll fill you in...

The battle is over and Custer's entire force has been wiped out! Jimmy knew that it is impossible to change history, but he had to try! In his mourning of the victims, he doesn't hear the footsteps behind him until... Sitting Bull has found the paleface medicine man who escaped! He has him now and his red scalp will make a fine trophy, indeed! The cub reporter screams... but in the next moment... he finds himself back in Frontier City! After explaining to Superman that he was in the past fighting against Sitting Bull at Custer's Last Stand, the man of steel explains that the pipe was stuffed with a dried plant which resembles loco-weed, and when he smoked it, the fumes gave him hallucinations! Jimmy realizes that it was all a nightmare, which is why Sitting Bull resembled Luthor and Buffalo Bill resembled his pal! Superman figures that it was the visit to Frontier City which caused the cub reporter to dream about Custer's Last Stand! The following day at the Daily Planet, Jimmy tries to write about his experience... but finds that the pipe-dream didn't make any sense! Especially with Luthor as Sitting Bull using scientific methods of modern warfare! (Holy War Is Hell, Batman!) Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent agrees that it does sound far-fetched and suggests that he forget it! After Clark examines Jimmy's story... he ponders the dream with Sitting Bull as Luthor, then sees that when the cub reporter ripped up his story! Sitting Bull's name has Luthor's initials... L.L.

Like Jimmy Olsen, Lex Luthor has traveled to the past, where he met the time-traveling reporter, as well, in a previous story.

Superman met the General Custer of a parallel world in Action Comics #399: "Superman, You're Dead... Dead... Dead!"

I guess that Jimmy shouldn't have inhaled. (Holy Timothy Leary, Batman!)

I credit the art in this story to Curt Swan, but I can see touches of John Forte in the art. Perhaps this was a collaboration between the two artists?

I picked up this issue at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

The cover features "The Cabinet From Krypton!" Elderly Jimmy Olsen is telling his pal that Lois Lane must be taken out of there, having changed both him, and Perry White, who is now a baby spilling ink on his editor's desk, and a breastpocket full of cigars in his oversized jacket! The man of steel's x-ray vision shows him what the girl reporter has been changed into -- no... he dares not tell them!

On the inside front cover, Johnny DC presents the Comicpac as a great Christmas gift for you and your friends! 4 current D.C. issues for 47 cents! Superman #158 is featured, where a group of Kandorians have trapped the man of steel in the Phantom Zone for not telling them that their bottle city could be enlarged! They don't hear his warning that everyone in Kandor will die if the city is enlarged!

Johnny DC advertises the Annual Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer Magazine 80 Page Giant.

A Sheldon Moldoff drawn public service announcement, "Touchdown for Picasso" finds a boy refusing to attend a Beethoven concert since he figures it's for sissies -- not for a real football player like he's gonna be. The following day, he is show a newspaper where his favorite hero is picured at the event. Figuring that it must be a joke, he visits the player for the lowdown. That evening... he finds the player listening to Bach and Brahms while doing a little painting... He knows that he'll never be a Van Gogh or Picasso, but it's a lot of fun trying his hand at painting or appreciating the masters... He is ready to show the boy some football pointers... The boy agrees, and knows that he can use some pointers on other things as well.

Giant Superman Annual #6 is advertised with: Hercules, Samson, Mighty Boy, The First Supergirl, Astounding Man, Super-Jimmy Olsen, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Krypto, and the man of steel himself, of course! (Holy Name Game, Batman! Do you suppose Mighty Boy became Astounding Man? Are those the kind of labels you'd want the other gender to refer to you as?)

Giant Batman Annual #4: "The First Batman," "The Phantom of The Bat-Cave," "The Marriage of Batman and Batwoman," "The Man Who Ended Batman's Career," "The Origin of Batwoman," "The Second Boy Wonder," "Am I Really Batman?" "Batman's College Days, " and "The Vanished Batman." (Holy Title Bout, Batman! Just reading the titles makes me wanna read these stories all the more!)

Homer by Henry Boltinoff has the main character listening to his transistor radio about a big snowstorm! It should reach blizzard levels and have 22 inches of snow! Now dressed for the weather, he heads outside, where the announcer ends today's episode of the play, "Nanook of the North!" (Holy Martha And The Vandellas, Batman! Homer is having a heatwave... D'oh!)

Coming... Super-Attractions! Action Comics with Superman changing into a Super-Ant... (Holy Pym articles, Batman! I'd rather be reading this immature stuff than the "groan-up" stuff nowadays!)

Also... The Girl Who Was Supergirl's Double!" Superboy Comics featuring "The Amazing Tots of Smallville!" The great story has Superbaby, Baby Lana Lang, Baby Lex Luthor, and Baby Pete Ross fighting the Al Capone Gang! (Holy WB, Batman! Don't be Kreuk, but I'd love to read this one, too!) Also... "The Secret of Krypton's Scarlet Jungle!" (Holy Margaret Mitchell, Batman! "I don't know anything about jungles, Miss Scarlet!")

Adventure Comics: Who is Mightier... the Boy of Steel or the Man of Steel? Read "The War Between Superboy and Superman!" (Holy Wonder Years, Batman! I bet the boy of steel wishes that Mighty Boy was around to save him!) Extra! A new story of the Legion of Super-Heroes! (Holy Back To The Future, Batman! Since the Legion is located in the 30th Century, every one of their stories is a new one!)

The Brave and The Bold presents Strange Sport Stories. The most amazing world series ever played! "Challenge of the Headless Baseball Team!" (Holy sales pitch, Batman! I can't imagine what fan interference could be stranger than this!)

100 Toy Soldiers $1.25 made of durable plastic, each on its own base, measuring up to 41/2! (Holy Johns, Batman! I won't go there!) Packed in this footlocker toy storage box. 4 tanks, 4 jeeps, 4 battleships, 4 cruisers, 4 sailors, 4 riflemen, 8 machinegunners, 8 sharpshooters, 4 infantrymen, 8 officers, 8 waves, 8 wacs, 4 bombers, 4 trucks, 8 jet planes, 8 cannon, 4 bazookamen, 4 marksmen. (Holy toy story, Batman! I wonder if the eight wacs saw any "action" and if there were any M.P.s to ensure good behavior?)

150 Civil War Soldiers! $1.49 6 Gatling machine guns, 30 Cavalrymen, 30 Infantrymen, 18 Sharpshooters, 18 Field Cannon, 3 Merrimac Ships, 6 Hospital Wagons, 6 Hospital Nurses, 3 Monitor Ships, 6 Scouts, 6 Officers, 6 Sergeants, 6 Buglers, 6 Coast Mortars. (Holy Stars and Bars, Batman! They'd have the 100 toy soldiers outnumbered, not to mention more chances for a date!)

132 pieces Convoy Terror Navies in gray and green for $1.50. 2 Aircraft Carriers, 12 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Heavy Battleships, 2 Destroyer Frigates, 4 Destroyer Leaders, 4 Destroyer Escorts, 2 Mine Sweepers, 20 Cargo Ships, 4 Destroyers, 8 Destroyers, 2 Light Cruisers, 8 Mines, 30 Planes, 10 PT Boats, 8 Mine Layers, 12 Submarines.

Inside back cover: 104 Kings' Knights only $1.49. 4 Kings on horseback with swords. 12 Knights on horseback with Banners. 4 Buglers afoot. 12 Knights on horseback with battle axes. 20 Footsoldiers with Maces and side swords. 20 Footsoldiers with swords and shields. 20 Footsoldiers with long bows. A glorious set of plastic toys every child will be pleased to own! (Holy Hard Day's Knight, Batman! They've slaying dragons like a dog!)

Back cover: It Looks It Sounds It Smokes Like The Real Thing The Daisy Lawman Lever-Gun, "Spittin' Image" of the Model 94 Winchester (Holy Smoke, Batman! I thought it was Jimmy Olsen action figure, complete with peace pipe!)

Steve Chung "Jimmy Olsen's Last Review!"