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Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane 93
"The Superman-Wonder Woman Team"

Cover: Curt Swan & Neal Adams
Story- art by Irv Novick and Mike Esposito
script by Robert Kanigher
Edited by E. Nelson Bridwell while Mort Weisinger wrote another article for Parade Magazine.

Lois Lane is willing to help the un-fortunate ex-Amazon any way she can (it says here). The trouble is, she's helped her right into the arms of Superman! Oh! How did this happen?!?!

The story starts with Lois reading the tabloid size version of the Wonder Woman issue in which Diana Prince becomes the new Wonder Woman. She has a big smile on her face because a non-Super powered Wonder Woman can't be her rival for Superman's hand. It doesn't even bother her when Diana appeals to Superman to help her put on a charity show. Even when Diana asks Lois herself to obtain the priceless Mercury stone which will give Diana anti-gravity powers, Lois doesn't bat an eye.

But the crowd goes crazy at the duos' aerial antics. The applause is deafening when Superman ends their routine with a big kiss, but it drives Lois off the deep end. (although with Lois, how can you tell?) Images of Superman marrying Diana now haunt her dreams.

It's even worse when Lois is given an assignment to write an article about Diana and finds Superman hanging around Diana's mod boutique. She's seethes with jealousy while Superman and Diana go disco dancing. It's just too much for Lois who decides to take Karate Lessons. (I thought she knew Kryptonian judo- or did that happen later?

Soon Lois is ready to challenge Diana to a duel for Superman's hand. It lasts about three panels. Diana wins. Superman and Wonder Woman fly off leaving Lois crumpled in a heap, without so much as a word of pity.

Diana is too busy trying to get Superman to transfer his super strength to her with a magic Amazon ring. With these new powers, Diana claims to be invulnerable and proves it by withstanding an atomic blast.

Well Superman is pretty gullible, but this is one too many plot twists for ol' LL, whose reporter's brain finally kicks back into gear. She finds the real Diana, a prisoner in Wonder Woman's basement and frees her. Then she tells Diana she's already exposed the other WW as a Kryptonian imposter, Ar-Ual who was sentenced to the Phantom Zone before the Planet exploded. An explosion allowed her to escape, but Superman uses Red Kryptonite to take away Ar-Ual's powers, now that Lois has uncovered her scheme.

So Superman returns Ar-Ual to the Phantom Zone, the real Diana tells Lois she would never come between her and her man, and Superman tells Lois she had nothing to worry about anyway, because he never planned to marry WW anyway, because he loves Lois too much. (My! Things have certainly changed from the fifties when Superman constantly referred to Lois as "That pest who always gets in my hair" and actually started a new life with a new secret identity to get away from her- twice!)

Kind of strange to see Kanigher writing a story featuring the Sekowsky version of Wonder Woman. I wonder how he felt about that?