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Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane 93
"The Superman-Wonder Woman Team"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND Cover date: July 1969
Cover: Curt Swan (Pencils) , Neal Adams (Inks)
Story: Robert Kanigher (Script), Irv Novick (Pencils), Mike Esposito (Inks)

Splash Page: a crowd looks up in the sky to see Wonder Woman flying with Superman, and the crowd admiring them as a couple. Lois is crying and taking the blame herself for helping them to get together.

Lois used to dream of marrying Superman, but occasionally she'd nightmare that Superman would actually wed Wonder Woman, so she was relieved to learn that WW had lost her powers and could no longer be considered a rival for Superman's affections. WW appears on a newscast, watched by the DP staff, asking Superman to appear with her in a "one man, one woman circus for charity" and Perry assigns Lois to cover the story, which makes it easier for Clark to change to Supes to join WW (why? is she falling apart?)

Lois visits Diana Prince at her "mod clothing boutique" and offers to help her out with her need to be able to fly for the charity circus. Diana asks for Lois to borrow a "mercury stone" from the vault of the Metropolis Science Museum, which would enable her to defy gravity, but "keep it a secret! We'll surprise Superman!"

Come the day of the circus, and Lois hands the stone to Diana, to enable her to do trapeze tricks with Superman without a net OR wires, and blindfolded too. Superman finds himself falling for Diana because it appears that she has powers again; and the audience concurs with yells of "The sensation fo the age! He should marry her!" and "Kiss her Superman! Kiss Wonder Woman", which he does. Lois tries to reassure herself that it doesn't mean anything, but that night has another nightmare about Superman falling in love with WW, marrying her and becoming mother to his Super-Son.

Perry assigns Lois to follow the new super couple around, "you'll do a series on their private lives!" and once again, Clark is relieved that he doesn't have to do this job. Lois tries to convince herself that there's no need to be jealous and that WW really wouldn't hurt her, but the reader is advised to "wait until part 2, and you may change your mind!"

Part 2: Lois Lane in "Assignment: Heartbreak!"

Lois photographs WW & Supes at her mod boutique, with Diana trying to make Superman look more groovy ("This wig isn't my bag! It would add wind resistance when I'm flying!" She tries to get him to wear a long wig, a "soul shirt" and necklace, but he explains that he's really old fashioned and wants to stick to his regular costume. He offers to take WW for a walk, and Lois tags along to take candid photos, even as they go to a disco. However, Superman's super-fast dancing causes a fire, which he has to put out, and he realises that he can't relax like normal people.

The locals crowd around to get autographs, and Lois is asked when they're going to "make it official" but Lois denies having heard anything of the sort. The lovebirds escape skyward as Superman comments on how easily WW can fly now, when she used to be able to only glide on wind currents.

Lois wanders through the city and comes across a gym, where she enrols and is "plunged into the most arduous training" including weight lifting, rope climbing and judo throws. She dreams about confronting Wonder Woman, to Superman's disbelief, but wakes and hopes it never comes to that.

But the next day, Wonder Woman confronts her, and with Superman looking on, throws Lois to the ground! Lois is unable to rise, and the new couple fly off. Superman wishes that WW were "super-strong and invulnerable so my enemies couldn't harm you", and Diana produces an "amazon ring" which, when bathed in Superman's X-Ray vision appears to give her Super Strength! Lois (presumably having recovered - she's changed clothes, anyway) is at the Metropolis Tracking Centre watching Diana and Superman flying around. She's relieved that Diana hasn't demonstrated any other super powers yet, but predictably, her hopes are dashed once again, as Diana saves a rocket which has fallen from its gantry at a NASA launching site, and Superman tells her that he now only needs proof that she's invulnerable as well as super-strong!

The flying couple head to the "frozen wastelands" where they encounter a UN Patrol Plane dealing with turbulence, which shakes loose one of its atomic bombs. Unfortunately, the bomb explodes while Diana tries to catch it, and Superman is distraught that he may have caused Wonder Woman's death! But she has survived and Lois decides that she needs to contact Jimmy Olsen to borrow a Super Souvenir from his collection.

What now? Read on to Part 3!

Part 3, Lois Lane in "The Super-Bride's Secret!"

Diana takes Lois (still on her photography assignment) to see the house she's bought with money from her mother. Lois thinks the house looks great if your name is Dracula, but isn't allowed to visit the house to photograph it. Instead she goes shopping with Diana for antiques to furnish the house, and for her wedding dress. However, as Lois touches up her lipstick, Diana collapses briefly, and Lois thinks that she now knows what her weakness is. Later on that day, Lois goes back for a visit to the "nightmare manor" and discovers a prisoner being held in the basement - it's Diana! She explains that she was "kayoed" in her mod shop "and brought here by a villainess who's masquerading as me!"

Lois explains to the real Diana that she knew this to be the case when she saw the woman posing as her displaying more powers than Diana ever had as a powered-up amazon. She borrowed a small chip of Kryptonite, and placed it in her lead-lined compact, and used it to confirm her suspicions that the fake Diana was in fact Kryptonian.

But suddenly the fake Diana appears, and magnetises the real Diana and Lois to the bars of the dungeon's cell. She reveals herself as Ar-Ual of Krypton, who makes a discovery of an alien ship filled with technology to provide food for her planet, after the resources of Krypton are exhausted. However, when she is approached by the local police, she decides that if she couldn't keep this technology for herself, nobody deserves to have it, so she explodes the ship. Captured by the police, she is brought before the Science Council and sentenced to spend 50 years in the Phantom Zone.

And many ages later, she manages to escape from the Zone when an "alien space warship" blows up near Earth and opens a hole in the Phantom Zone. "As (Superman's) wife, I'd never be suspected of ruling the Crime World" she laughs to the trapped Lois & Diana. And as she prepares to place Diana in the Phantom Zone and kill Lois, guess who appears to melt her gun. Yes, it's Superman! He had been looking for Lois as he had something important to tell her, and caught her voice with his Super-Hearing. He uses a type of Red Kryptonite (which must have affected him previously) to remove Ar-Ual's powers for 24 hours, frees, Lois & Diana, and takes custody of Ar-Ual.

And what did he want to tell Lois? Only that he'd decided not to marry Wonder Woman, because he cares too much for Lois (so Ar-Ual's scheme wouldn't have worked anyway!)

Wonder Woman reassures Lois that she never would have tried to compete for Superman's affections, and Lois runs off to file her story.

I have to comment on the fashions shown in this issue; they're so cute! Lots of short short skirts, with fishnets, and hip hugging chain belts on the women; the only men shown in detail would be Clark and Perry, and they dress as they always have (except for the one image of Superman in the wig, soul shirt and necklace!)