Marge's Tubby 39
"Secret Weapon"
Writer: ??
Artist: ??

March-April 1960

The guys are hanging out in their winter coats in front of the Clubhouse (No Girls allowed, of course) when a message from Spike's Westside Boys is delivered declaring war and warning of an attack tomorrow at noon.

Iggy, Willy, and Eddie start talking the talk but luckily get out of defending their turf when each mother makes them gladly go home for chores.

How's Tubby going to protect the clubhouse single-handedly?

High noon comes and Tubby retreats to the clubhouse when all of a sudden Sammi and the Little Men from Mars show up looking for some of that wonderful popcorn Tubby always makes for them. Agreeing to make 'em some in exchange for their help in fighting the Westside boys, the Martians start to fire snowballs at the Westside Boys. The trouble is, the snowballs are so tiny they aren't even noticed by the attackers. The boys think Tubby's alone and they charge in earnest. Oh, the humanity!

Sammi and the boys start rolling a snowball until it's as big as Tubby, and place some of their anti-gravity belts within it. They push the snowball into the gang who can't figure out what secret weapon Tubby used to hit them with the giant snowball since he seems to be all alone. The Westside Boys hightail it to their clubhouse when the Martians decide to go on the offensive along with Tubby.

Giving him an anti-gravity belt (I guess it stretches, too) Tubby and the Martians beat them back to the clubhouse and they wipe out the gang with another giant snowball. Sticking the Martians in his pockets he starts acting cocky and mouthing off until he gains the Boys' surrender.

In victory they go back to Tubby's house (unless they built a nice fireplace and put a couch in the old clubhouse) and celebrate with popcorn.

Tubby's always been one of my favorite characters and when I think about it he has lots of similarities to Jimmy Olsen. Both are always willing to ingest any available liquid (Tiny Tots elixir). Both have alien friends. Both are always willing to dress up as females. And both are lousy detectives (The Spider). I've never seen them together - maybe they're one and the same!