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Rex the Wonder Dog 29
"The Scientific Crook Catcher!"

(reprinted in DC Special #1, Oct-Dec 1968)
Story by John Broome Pencils and inks by Carmine Infantino 6 pp.

Though most Detective Chimp stories were narrated by Bobo's owner/boss, Sheriff Chase, he was off on a case in this unusual story, leaving Bobo alone to narrate his own adventure.

The story opens with Bobo (aka Detective Chimp) perusing a wanted poster for the dangerous master of disguise, Larry the Lynx. Bobo noticed a headline in the Oscaloosa Press announcing a convention of scientists in the Florida town, where the mysterious "Weapon X" will be displayed. This seems like just the sort of thing that would attract the Lynx, Bobo thinks. But when he arrived at the convention hall, the security guard didn't recognize him as a police officer, and didn't understand his pleas of "Wook! Wook!"

So Bobo returned to the sheriff's office, and using a pair of stilts, a cane, a business suit, and a long fake beard, disguised himself as... a scientist! In this guise, he was admitted to the convention with no problem... but was left with the task of how to mingle inconspicuously. When an astronomer tried to stump his fellows with a trivia question... "The light of what star was used to open the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago?"... Bobo's ill-timed sneeze was mistaken for the correct answer (Arcturus) and he became the center of attention. Thinking quickly, he stepped on the foot switch of a nearby machine, and the loud noise covered up the fact that he was only moving his lips without saying anything.

Nearby, a goofy-looking scientist accidentally turned on a powerful vacuum pump, ripping off Bobo's beard disguise. As the guard chased the chimp, Bobo's instincts told him to rip off the scientist's own false beard, revealing him as Larry the Lynx! The guard pursued them both into a physics exhibit, where the Lynx locked him out of the room, leaving Bobo to face the armed thug alone.

Bobo leaped onto a giant pendulum, causing it to swing wildly, helping him dodge the crook's bullets until his gun was empty. The Lynx ran for the far exit, but Bobo leaped toward a model of Archimedes' lever. As the chimp landed on the lever, the model globe on the other end flew into the air, caromed off the ceiling, and struck the fleeing felon on the head, knocking him cold. The guard arrived to take the criminal into custody and confirm that Weapon X was still safe and sound.

Sheriff Chase returned home to find Larry the Lynx in jail, and a few days later, an honorary science degree arrived in the mail for Bobo. "K-kk--!" the chimp asserted, polishing his nails. "Just call me Professor Bobo!"