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Spellbound 14
"The Revolt of Wilbur Bixby!"


Story: Unknown
Art: Unknown

Wilbur hates Griselda... hates her so. If only he could kill her, but he doesn't have the nerve, and the authorities would arrest him. It wouldn't do Wilbur Bixby any good if he killed Griselda, because she only left him one dollar in her will. Without money, he'd starve to death... unless he learned how to eat grass. She's overheard what he's said, and he cringes from her wrath.

Griselda knows Wilbur quite well after many years of marriage. He yearns to be free of her, but without her support, he'd starve to death. She orders her husband out of the stateroom so she can get a good night's sleep. Wilbur is reluctant to walk out into the downpour, but a thrown clock causes him to run out of the cabin. He must do her bidding or else starve to death. Wilbur didn't know what he was getting into. Although they were married, Griselda Vanderholt married him because he was the best looking of the bunch.

Wilbur lost his freedom and his hunger was what kept him under her control. He was without a cent in his pocket, while she always won arguments by not buying him meals. When he didn't want to attend the dull lecture, Wilbur learned that he would either become a cultured man or a hungry one. In her search for culture, Griselda dragged her husband around the world, and he had to carry the luggage in order to eat. She wanted him to work up an appetite while taking in the sights. Wherever they went, Wilbur was made to read the guidebook, and she savored the local color. After all this time, Wilbur Bixby is determined to be free. When they arrive in Greece tomorrow, he is going to rebel.

The following day finds the husband tired from a sleepless night, and carrying the luggage. His wife believes that he can do without sleep, but not without food. She reminds him that if he should try to avoid her, he will starve to death... unless he can learn to eat grass. Wilbur reads about the Parthenon, built under the rule of Pericles between 452 B.C. and 438 B.C. The temple is peripheral with eight Doric columns at each end and seventeen on the flanks. The temple is second only to the Temple of Zeus, said to be built on Mt. Pelion. Griselda thinks that her husband has done very well, and after they visit Mt. Pelion, she'll buy him a meal. Now on the rugged slopes, Wilbur Bixby is reaching the breaking point. Near the summit, Griselda tells her husband to read about Mt. Pelion from the guidebook. As he scans the page, Wilbur finds the answer he has been seeking.

Griselda Vanderholt watches as her husband drops the guidebook and disappears beyond the summit. He wouldn't dare leave her. He'd starve to death without her money, and Wilbur can't eat grass. She reaches down for the guidebook and reads the page. "According to ancient legends and local superstitions, a strange race dwells atop Mt. Pelion and it's believed that any human who drinks from a spring atop the mountain will turn into a member of that race!" She shrinks back in fear, and sees that Wilbur has already had his drink. He's free of her at last, now that he can eat grass. At last Wilbur Bixby is free to live the life of a centaur.

Griselda Vanderholt looks like the mother of Hans and Fritz.

Time flies when Wilbur's wife throws a clock at him.

The grass is always greener when you're a centaur.

Alan Young played Wilbur Post, best friend to Mr. Ed.

Steve Chung
"The Review Of Wilbur Bixby!