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Strange Adventures 82
"The Day Science Ran Wild!"


Story By: Otto Binder Art By: Sid Greene & Joe Giella

How could Earth be conquered by other-dimensional invaders without firing a single shot? They have no weapons... but expect to overcome the world in the span of 24 hours. The aliens await Earth's retaliation -- knowing that our world's powerful weaponry would prove powerless to prevent the invasion! On the splash page, the aliens watch as a plane drops an atom bomb, but it is boomeranging back in the air -- towards them! One morning in a busy city, people pause at a newstand to buy a newspaper, but it begins to stretch -- like taffy! As other citizens look at a building clock... they see its hands spinning at high speed... and giving off a piercing shriek like a siren!

The amazing events continue, flames come out of water faucets, soft wood is unable to be sawed through, and precious diamonds -- all turn to piles of salt! Professor Joel Carter is amazed when his car begins floating through the air... like a balloon! The next few moments finds him escaping injury when the car crashes to earth. Arriving at his lab, Carter sees that some wood has become magnetic... and it attracts glass! He drops some marbles into a water dish -- and they bounce back-- as if the water has become elastic! The laws of science have run wild!

Turning on the radio, Carter sees that the radio forms "smoke words" in the air! He looks out the window... and sees a strange giant globe, made of the purest white metal he's ever seen! He joins the crowd, who see a strange spaceship parked beside it, and alien creatures begin to come out... The aliens communicate telepathically, referring to Earth as Dimension 3, and to themselves as being from Dimension 18. They've started their globe machine the previous evening, which exposed the planet to Z-Rays! Its effect is to alter our dimension's science laws... gravity, magnetism, and electricity... The aliens seek to win Earth without firing a single shot! Stone buildings begin to melt, and soon, Earth's entire civilization will fall!

The army arrives... and Carter knows that they won't have an easy time of it. The counterattack is doomed to failure since Earth's ballistic laws have also been nullified... Their flamethrowers shoot out snowflakes, their bullets curve away from the white globe, and an artillery shell explodes into a rainbow! In pure desperation, a A-Bomb is dropped, but boomerangs back into the air! The alien asks if the Earthmen are ready to surrender, now that they've seen that their own weapons are useless. The soldiers can only stare at their now-useless weapons... but Carter wonders why their machine is protected by the purest white metal in the universe...?

He walks off, passes by a paint store... and thinks about the white globe... if it would be subject to the same treatment as white paint reflecting the sun's rays, and black paint absorbing heat! Carter buys a spray-gun and some black paint as a "weapon." At night, he waits until he can get close enough to use the spray-gun when the alien guards start to relax... It starts to rain... and when it stops, before dawn, the two alien guards sleep. Unfortunately for Carter, he stumbles in the dark... and drops the spray-gun! The two aliens are awake, and when Carter seeks to throw a punch, he realizes that the laws of momentum have also changed... his punch has no more weight than a feather! The next moment finds Carter bouncing out of their reach, as he suddenly recalled his experiment with elastic water... and jumped on a puddle of rainwater... reaching the top of the globe!

As the sun begins to rise, Carter uses his spray-gun! The thin layer of black paint does the trick, causing the metal to absorb the intense heat of the sun! The delicate electronic mechanism is upset! The heat warps and wrecks the Z-Ray projector inside! With the Z-Rays no longer radiating over the world, the normal laws of science are restored... Carter is able to punch an alien, while the others dash for their red rocketship, and head full-speed for Dimension 18! Carter waves a fist and warns them not to come back, for Earth has a weapon which can defeat them... anytime! The scientist smiles, for his world was saved by a spray gun... and a few cents worth of black paint! Quite a bargain!

The white globe resembles the Perisphere, which serves as the headquarters of The All-Star Squadron.

The aliens are yellow-skinned, bald, and wear blue shirts with green pants.

A certain formula enables Jimmy Olsen to become Elastic Lad.

A spray-gun filled with concentrated doses of insecticide was able to defeat "Rorrg, King of the Spider-Men!"

The ability to bounce comes in handy for Chuck Taine, who is better known as Bouncing Boy, of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Steve Chung
"The Day Review Ran Wild!"