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Strange Tales 129
"Beware Tiboro! The Tyrant of The Sixth Dimension!"


Edited By STAN LEE And His Magic Typewriter

Script By DON RICO And His Mystic Fountain Pen

Illustrated By STEVE DITKO And His Miraculous Lead Pencil

Lettered By SAM ROSEN And His Melancholy Penpoint

And His Repeat Review

(Originally Reviewed On 12/05/01)

Dr. Strange, Master of The Mystic Arts, makes a public appearance on the streets of New York, with several reporters seeking to find out why he won't speak about black magic on The Twelfth Hour TV Show, asking if he can't substantiate his principles with logic, and is fearful about being unable to prove his beliefs,while bystanders stare and wonder why their neighbor would refuse to discuss the subject on TV, and note that this man of mystery is a silent one, as well. The reporters are aware that The Doctor has done some good with his feats, yet refuses to attend the challenge of the panelists on the "Twelfth Hour", while Stephen Strange knows that true black magic and their secrets are beyond the comprehension of such as they, and it is enough that he knows it exists! At midnight, "The Twelfth Hour" is on the air, with the panelists informing the viewers that Dr. Strange has chosen not to attend their program, and due to his absence, they refuse to view him as an authority on the subject of the supernatural, and begin the show. Being scientists, the panelists only believe in what they can see, exam, and prove, with all else being nothing but nonsense! (Holy CGC, Batman!) They hold Dr. Strange's theories as absurd as his wardrobe, and intend to prove it, with Professor Schuyler bringing forth the "Screaming Idol." Dr,. Green watches, as Professor Schuyler tells about the effigy which was recovered from Peru, and is considered by the learned men as being a pagan idol, and a piece of superstition. For if Dr. Strange believes this to be a thing of mystic power, they are ready to discredit him...

No sooner is the challenge spoken, that the lights in the studio go out, with technicians reaching for the emergency generator while a travelogue is being played on the air. The lights go on and the panelists are gone, leaving only the screaming idol in their stead, and the studio police searching for the missing men. An exhaustive search yields nothing, while Mr. James is confident that the men couldn't have gone far, yet he has an uneasy feeling that they've disappeared from the face of the earth, and figures that the idol must have something to do with it. Knowing that if they call the police, it will be regarded as a publicity stunt, but there is someone they could call, and who may decide to aid them. Through the magic of modern man, the telephone enables the producers to speak with Dr. Strange, who tells them to touch nothing until he arrives, while he summons the cloak of levitation to his side, and at night, Dr. Strange soars aloft on the night sky!

The Master of The Mystic Arts listens to the men telling their story, then has them re-stage the events by darkening the studio, then using the eye of Agamotto to see what transpires, when a techician is suddenly pulled into another dimension! Sealing the idol under a mystic shield, Dr. Strange asks for a private place when he can do some solo comtemplation, with Mr. James' blessing. Inside, he uses the seven rings of Raggador to communicate with The Ancient One, who responds to his pupil's plea. Seeing the idol, he listens as Dr. Strange tells about the events in the studio, and then he speaks of the effigy of Tiboro, lord of the fiery volcano, rule from the distant past, and if the idol of Tiboro has re-appeared, then the villain is doubtlessly close behind!

Before the time of modern man, Tiboro was worshipped by tribes, using the power of lightning, making an electroplasmic ray to rule this world! (Holy Isabella, Batman!) In time, the tribes, the ruler disappeared, leaving only the idol in their stead. Thanking his teacher, Dr. Strange allows the idol to pull him into another dimension, making certain that the idol is once again covered by a mystic shield so that the phenonmenon doesn't occur while he is away! In the Sixth Dimension, Tiboro sees the approach of The Master of The Mystic Arts, knowing that it wouldn't be long before Dr. Strange would seek him out, as he does with all evil forces.

Tiboro knows that Dr. Strange seeks to free his captives, who would be the first of many of his new subjects, and being the spirit of decay, he is intent on seizing control whenever a world has found itself in a crisis, and the world of Dr. Strange is teetering on the brink! (So, Tiboro is the one who swipes Earths 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, X, and S!) Dr. Strange is confident that man (and woman) will be able to deal with whatever crisis there may be, and Tiboro will be forestalled in his attempts, even as Stephen Strange eyes his opponent carefully and intending to deprive Tiboro of his wand! (Holy Ala Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Batman!) Tiboro is ready to fight Dr. Strange, who is compelling him to drop his wand (like a couch potato without his remote...) and the villain does just that! Intent on fighting his earthly foe with his bare hands, Dr. Strange now knows that all of Tiboro's power is in his wand! Discarding his cloak of levitation (yet keeping a tight grip on his amulet), Dr. Strange uses the skill of the seraphim to dodge the massive punches of Tiboro, while readers no doubt savor that classic Ditko art on the fight scene!

Weary of fighting hand-to-hand, Tiboro seeks to attack Dr. Strange before he recovers his cloak, and uses his electro-plasmic spell, while The Master of The Mystic Arts uses his mystic shield, even though he's in a disadvantage without his cloak! Dr. Strange is blinded by the volcanic nature of Tiboro's spell, then uses his will to summon his cloak, and send it to attack Tiboro, snaring him in its grasp! Tiboro grudgingly admits that the mortal magician has acquited himself quite well, but the mortal world is still doomed! (Holy Jemas, Batman! What a harbinger of doom, he is!) Dr. Strange is confident that mankind will endure against the despotic dreams of those who would deem to conquer them, then, he removes his cloak of levitiation! With The Vapors of Valtorr, Tiboro would see if mankind would survive the full power of concentrated darkness, which has decimated more than one world, then hurls the spell at him! (Holy PG&E, Batman! I guess Tiboro has never been to California...)

No matter how strong Tiboro's spells are, Dr. Strange fights for good, as his spell disbands the spells of the other-dimensional villain! Good has triumphed over evil with the disappearance of Tiboro's spell, but the magician fires his ectoplasmic ray at Dr. Strange, who bids the shades of the seraphim to surround him with the circle of the cosmos! Tiboro continues to use his electroplasmic force, but Dr. Strange calls upon another spell, and with Tiboro's volcanic power spent, The Master of The Mystic Arts compells the ground to surround him, a barrier which Tiboro shatters with a single punch, thinking that the shell would be Dr. Strange's last gambit!

The preceding spell was all an illusion, with Dr. Strange still in possesion of many mystic spells, while Tiboro's power is spent, but he intends to use his wand once again! The wand is frozen by Dr. Strange's use of the omnipotent oshtur, rendering it useless. Dr. Strange tells Tiboro to surrender or else he will die in his weakened condition, and Tiboro reluctantly yields, only to tell him that should he continue to sense the world's decay, he will return, and be ready for their next and final battle! The prisoners are freed, then in the studio, where only a minute has passes, Mr. James sees the artifact disappear, as several persons appear in its stead, and both producers begin to doubt their senses!

Now aware of the true depth of Dr. Strange, the panelists are eager to have him appear on the show and show that black magic exists, but Dr. Strange uses the twelve moons of munnopor to cast a spell of forgetfulness on them, then the studio goes dark once again, as voices call out to turn on the emergency generator! To the cast and crew of The Twelfth Hour, only a few seconds have passed, as technicians figure that the viewers at home will figure the pause in transmission was only for dramatic effect! The scientist believe that black magic is the stuff of fiction, and from the shadows, Dr. Strange allows himself a brief smile, with the memory of Tiboro gone from their mind, folks can work on achieving peace among themselves, so that The Tyrant of The Sixth Dimension cannot strike again! As scientists on TV debunk black magic, The Master of The Mystic Arts returns to his Sanctum Sanctorum on Greenwich Village, carried by his cloak of levitation!

Dr. Strange is probably one of the few Marvel Characters whose identity is publicly known, though the depth of his abilities as seen by the average bystander may vary.

The panelists seem smug in their confidence that black magic doesn't exist, and the fact that Dr. Strange doesn't deign to attend their show would reinforce their overconfidence. This must be how TV was before the advent of Oprah and Jerry Springer.

Tiboro would reappear in Doc's title, with The Black Knight aiding Dr. Strange in his fight to retrieve The Sons of Satannish from his clutches!

In the terms of a mystical battle, good and evil are a match of wits and belief, as well as perseverence.

Steve Chung
"Beware Tiboro! The Review of The Sixth Dimension!"