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Superman 141
"Superman's Return To Krypton! (Part 2)"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND Part II "Superman's Kryptonian Romance!" November, 1960

Story: Jerry Siegel Art: Wayne Boring

(Originally Reviewed On 06/24/02)

In the past, before Krypton's destruction, The Man of Steel is trapped and is determined to find a way off of the planet. It is for this reason that he has resolved to not fall in love with Lyla Lerrol, but even a Superman can experience love and its great power. Despite his determination, The Man of Steel gives into the deepest romance he has ever experienced. It is during this period that he is equally determined to save the lives of his loved ones on the doomed planet! On the splash page, Superman caresses Lyla Lerrol, as behind them, the Jeweled Mountains shine upon them. At Jor-El's lab, Superman is unable to keep his mind on his work, with Lyla Lerrol's etched indelibly on his thoughts, while Lyla has sought to forget Kal-El and during her public appearances, she drives away the wealthy, the powerful Kryptonian men because she cannot forget the young scientist in the "space costume!"

Days pass and The Man of Steel visits his parents, joining them in watching some Kryptonian television, but Lara is staring intently at Kal-El, and Superman knows that his mother's intuition is telling her that he's their son! He recalls how his mother sacrificed herself so that Baby Kal-El could survive in the model rocketship. He tells Jor-El that the missiles they are developing are quite the thing, while inwardly, he wishes he could tell his parents how much he loves them. Lyla arrives and scolds Lara for not telling her that there was another guest, while Superman sees that his mother is determined to bring him and Lyla together. The two couples visit the mind-art center, where Jor-El tells them that he is amazed by the artists who can create artistic masterpieces by seeing them in their mind's eye.

Lara tells them that the mento-ray freezes the mental image onto the canvas, but Superman's attention is focused on Lyla's beauty, which none of the art pieces can compare, but he is determined not to fall in love with her! They next visit a Kryptonian zoo, where Lyla wonders why Kal-El hasn't spoken to her, and he tells Jor-El and Lara that the fire-breathing creature is the one which the movie company will borrow for the film he's in, and Jor-El has mentioned to him that the creature can emit super-powerful flames when angry, but it is wearing a muzzle which nullifies the flames. A two-headed lion beast has escaped, but Superman sees some rope and since he now lacks his super-powers, he must use his wits! Making a loop, he hurls the lasso at the beast's legs, and he and Jor-El yank it back, so that the zoo-keepers have time to get it under control. Superman sees that Lyla has fallen against a wall and is unconscious! He heads to her side, and she regains consciousness, sees that he does care for her... and she kisses him, to the delight of Lara and Jor-El!

Days pass, as Superman and Lyla explore the depths of their love for one another in such native Kryptonian settings as Rainbow Canyon, where he confesses to her that he has never really lived until he met her, and that nothing else matters but her! The colors of the rainbow swirl as they meet and kiss, their hearts beating as one, and at the heart of Krypton, forces begin to churn and twist, foreshadowing the doom which is to come! The fiery forces which lurk in the depths of the planet Krypton are as a wooden match when compared to the searing love which exists between Earth's Man of Steel and Krypton's Lyla Lerrol!

The moments they share together are precious, as they marvel at the Jewel Mountains. The Hall of Worlds contains scenes of planets in other solar systems, which can be seen by Kryptonian super-space telescope. Lyla is amazed that with all which dwells in chance and infinity, they managed to find each other, while he tells her that the universe itself would be without meaning if not for her, but both sense the ground beneath them rumble and quake, as if their love would stand in the way of Krypton's destiny! He calms Lyla by telling her that it's just a minor quake which will soon pass, but she sees the sadness in his eyes, and asks him to share what torments him. Superman can only wonder how he can even begin to explain his desperate situation.

The following day at Jor-El's lab, the young scientist confides to his assistant about his theory that Krypton will soon succumb to its inner stresses. Superman feigns surprise to preserve his secret, while Jor-El continues to explain that Krypton has one chance to save the millions of inhabitants. He focuses the super-powerful telescope onto the planet Earth, and tells Kal-El that a fleet of spaceships could be built so that the citizens of Krypton could reach this distant world. As Jor-El shows Superman New York and Metropolis, he asks the name of a particular small town, which Jor-El tells him is called Smallville, where he has been watching a couple named Jonathan Kent and Martha Clark! The telescopic viewer focuses in on Smallville, and a language translater device enables them to listen in on the doings of Earth, where Jonathan Kent is a softspoken young man who is in love with Martha Clark, but Gregg Halliday, a recent arrival to Smallville is courting her at the dance! The Man of Steel realizes that his father is observing the people who would become his foster-parents on Earth! Jor-El tells him that the smooth handsome banker is really a swindler who has placed some stolen bonds inside a statue of himself, then plans to skip town with the stolen funds!

Jor-El asks him not to mention Krypton's impending doom until they have the means of building a space ship to reach Earth, and he gives his word. His thoughts on the crook who is trying to take Martha Clark away from Jonathan Kent, he is determined to prevent it! The following day, The Man of Steel has learned when the authorities would be patrolling the Smallville Bank, and he uses a tiny, explosive friction-proof needle missile, which can make a pin-point landing anywhere! The top-secret propulsive fuel is composed of rare elements given to Jor-El by the elderly scientist, Ken-Dal! He fires and the needle-missile strikes the statue of Gregg Halliday, just as the police arrive, but at that same moment, a lightning bolt strikes the statue, as well, and the police see the stolen bonds blowing out of the remains of the statue! They also see the "wanted" poster of Halliday, who is really "Snark" McGill, a notorious conman! The law sees "Snark" feeling with the money in his car, but Jonathan Kent is determined to deal with that "rotten polecat" himself! At Martha Clark's home, she refuses to go with Halliday and get married, while he's determined to take her as a hostage so that the law won't shoot him! Halliday hears a voice behind him, that of soft-spoken Jonathan Kent, who tells him to get his hands off his gal, and then the young farmer uses his hard fists to talk some sense into "Snark's" jaw, while Martha is impressed by her forceful two-fisted suitor, who struck with such force, that his and "Snark's" hat come flying off their respective heads!

Jonathan wants Martha to marry him, while she confesses that she only talked to Halliday was to make him so jealous that he'd propose, and she assures him that it would be only Jonathan Kent she'd marry! On Krypton, Superman watches as the law takes "Snark" into custody, and the young couple share a kiss, knowing that fate cannot be changed, and perhaps Jonathan and Martha would have married anyway, and "Snark" would have been caught in the end! As he wonders if it was the needle-gun or the thunderbolt which caused "Snark" to be revealed, Superman is seized by an inspiration! Jor-El agrees that Ken-Dal's fuel would enable a space-ark to reach Earth, and he is certain that the scientist will give them the limited supply he has, but the construction of the ark would take years! Kal-El asks him to give him certain materials and fifty of Jor-El's finest engineers to build a super-robot! Using his memory, Superman supervises the construction of a large robot, which is able to duplicate many of his super-powers! Robo is able to lift great weights, has x-ray vision, and can move at super-speed! Since Robo is made from rare materials, only one could ever be built on Krypton! The ark is being constructed, with Ken-Dal telling Jor-El and Kal-El that there is only enough fuel for the ark to safely reach Earth, but Jor-El hopes that the planet has the element, so that the ark can make several trips between Krypton and Earth, prior to its destruction.

With Robo's aid, the space-ark is completed, and Jor-El announces their plans to the people of Krypton! Those in the audience wonder why Jor-El is frightened by a few quakes, while others believe in the young scientist! Superman and Lyla join his parents, as they fly towards the city where the space-ark is situated. From the aircar, The Man of Steel watches, as thousands enter the ark, and he believes that he'll succeed in beating fate, and save the lives of those he loves! His beliefs are dashed when a ray cuts through the heavens, and the city vanishes! As Jor-El wonders what could have happened, Superman knows all too well, for he should have guessed when Ken-Dal insisted that the ark be built within his city... Kandor! Inside the flying saucer, Brainiac gloats about the hyper-forces which caused the city of Kandor to be reduced to minature size and be teleported inside a bottle! As with other cities from other planets, he plans to conquer the universe! On the planet Krypton, only Superman knows that the space-ark, along with Kandor, was stolen by Brainiac mere minutes before they could escape, and the Bottle City of Kandor is destined to end up in his Fortress of Solitude! Since Ken-Dal and Robo were in Kandor, and the elderly scientist never shared the secret of his rocket fuel, another ark cannot possibly be built in time! They are all... doomed!

Jerry Siegel and Wayne Boring certainly knew how to write Romance Comics, ableit Kryptonian Romance Comics! "Choke"

This is one of the times that The Man of Steel is in a situation that would give even a Superman pause!

The Kryptonian beasts are cool to look at, but I wouldn't want to be the unfortunate who had to get close enough to feed them!

Superman is exposed to a different type of "K"... Kissing! (Holy What The L.L., Batman!)

Jerry Siegel wrote it best, "Two pairs of lips meet, and two hearts thrill as one..." and all else pales in significance and comparison! Yup, those multi-part "Who Killed Who" arcs pale in comparison to this tale, where The Man of Steel finds love and is able to experience it firsthand!

How ironic that Jonathan and Martha Kent were being observed by Jor-El, who would send Baby Kal-El to their world.

Martha Clark is quite the young thing, and Jonathan Kent is quite the hellion in taking down "Snark" with one punch, which has the young farmer with the "S" curl, and sends "Snark" and his Gay Nineties hat to slumberland! (Holy Two-Fisted Tales, Batman!)

Jonathan Kent resembles his foster-son Clark, just as Jor-El resembles Superman.

A stunning twist to the end of Part II, with Superman thwarted by one of his future foes, along with a non-speaking appearance by Koko, the space-monkey! (Holy Dorkin, Batman!)

This Review Is Dedicated To Bob Hughes, Rich Goldberg and Jen Contino

Steve Chung
"Superman's Review To Krypton!"