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Sweethearts 119
"Men are Unessential"

COVER IMAGE NOT FOUND Oct. 1972, published by Charlton Comics.

Story I'd guess by Joe Gill, who seemed to write just about everything at Charlton.

Art by Luis Grily, as best as I can read the signature on the splash page. The cover was made by combining two panels from the story.

Carolyn is a beautiful fashion model whose photographer, Barney, wants to marry her. She puts him off, intending to concentrate on her career. She goes on a serial dating spree to discourage him, but she ends up putting off each suitor in turn, because she doesn't want to be tied down.

The two become a famous fashion team, and Carolyn gets a big head as different handsome rich guys keep hitting on her. She depends upon Barney to help shoo them away, but after a while he gets tired of the game and makes her take responsibility in brushing them off. "Look, Dad, I'm really a karate expert and I'll break your arm if you get grabby again!" she threatens one persistent prospect.

Later, one of her rejects attempts to force his way into her hotel room. Barney sees him and slugs him. Off panel. "Oof! Don't hit me again!" he whines. Again, off panel. Can't have too much violence in a girl's comic book!

"Barney is magnificent...I've been such a fool..." thinks Carolyn. Barney sweeps her up in his arms and she thinks "I know the truth now...Barney and I belong together...and I'll always be at his side!"

Really nice romance style art inside, especially for a Charlton comic. Clean, slick pictures, interesting layouts, and pretty people, including a girl in the bathtub scene and lots of opportunities to show her wearing groovy fashion clothing.

Other stories include nice art by Alascia, PAM, and a couple not signed. They're pretty sappy, so I won't inflict reviews upon you.

--your pal, Hoy