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THUNDER Agents 4
"Noman In Action!"


(Originally Reviewed On 04/23/02)

Noman is an android, but not a robot. An artificial being, and Noman's androids have special abilities. Dr. Dunn made the discovery that nearly identical android brains can effect the flow of neural energy from one to the other, and because of this similarity, Noman is able to transmit his nervous energy as an electrical impulse from one body to another. This remarkable ability makes him nigh-immortal, as only the destruction of all his bodies would cause his death, and although they are vulnerable, the android form is stronger than a human's, enabling Noman to exchange a badly damaged form for a new one, as well as employing his last weapon, which is the cloak of invisibility, which is activated when he turns the dial. Minature power cells activate a force field, enabling light to pass through the molecules of the cape without reflection, causing complete invisibility.

The above explanation appeared with illustrations by Wally Wood of Noman facing off against a pair of gunmen in his laboratory. He reclines into a chair, while his consciousness entered a nearby android form,which lashes out at one of the thugs, while the other succeeds in shooting it, but the seated figure activates his cloak and punches out the remaining gunman in dramatic Wally Wood fashion.

Steve Chung
"Noman In Review!"