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THUNDER Agents 4
"The Return of The Iron Maiden!"


Story: Unknown Art: Wally Wood

(Originally Reviewed On 06/13/02)

When The Warlord, a subterranean being, was destroyed in battle with The T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, The Iron Maiden was caught, but now it is Dynamo who is sprawled on the hard desert floor, at her armored feet!

The Maximum Security Women's Prison sees a break-in, and the minons of Dr. Death are there to free The Iron Maiden. At THUNDER headquarters, Len Brown wonders, with Iron Maiden's escape, if he shouldn't stay in the area, but The Chief orders him to proceed with his assignment in Asia Minor. In the middle east, Len learns about several caravans carrying important strategic materials being attacked from Kassim, who also tells him that the victims babble about the strange visions they've seen, as well as a beautiful young woman clad in armor! (Holy Yancy Butler, Batman!)

Dynamo begins to patrol the city, coming upon a lone figure being attacked by a group of thugs! Wasting no time, he activates the belt, then leaps into their midst, where he is recognized by them, for they are none other than The Thunder Squad, and both Weed and Dynamite aren't glad to see him, for Dynamo has inadvertantly allowed Dr. Death to escape into the crowd! The Thunder Squad leave, intent on forming another line of attack, while Dynamo bids them farewell.

Time passes, and Dynamo is greeted by a seated robed figure seeking alms, but upon seeing his empty sleeve, Dynamo knows that he is in the presence of Noman, who tells him about the next caravan to be attacked, while unbeknownst to them, Doctor Death is listening in, as well! The following day finds Dynamo riding along with the caravan, when Kassim points to an oasis, which must be a mirage for it is not on any known map! Dynamo figures that it's a trick!

Dynamo removes his robe, and prepares to activate his belt, when he is knocked unconscious by a stone-tipped arrow to the head! While the caravan experiences bizarre hallucinations, Dynamo's hands are bound behind his back, while Iron Maiden warns her man not to touch the belt, for it will alert the other THUNDER agents to his aid. When Dynamo revives, he is riding a camel, with Iron Maiden at his side, pleased to see him once more. They stop, and Iron Maiden gestures, and Dynamo sees a nearby dune begin to shimmer and part...

They are soon standing in front of a large iron door, which is was hidden by an illusion of Dr. Death's. They enter and head down a tunnel, with Iron Maiden assuring Dynamo that he'll may never see daylight again! Seated on his throne, Dr. Death has a proposition for Dynamo... his life for the Thunderbelt! (Holy Offer You Can't Refuse, Batman!) When Dynamo refuses, Dr. Death seeks to use more forceful means, but Iron Maiden has an idea, and asks for some time to try a new truth serum on him. She is given one hour or else Dynamo will be slain, and they will study the belt at their leisure.

In a cell, Iron Maiden is pleased that she can speak with Dynamo without being heard. She tells him that she was impressed by his valor and ability to resist her when he was her captive. Dynamo is not a weak coward like The Warlord or power-mad like Dr. Death, but courageous and strong, even without his Thunderbelt. Iron Maiden's gauntlets embrace his shoulders, for he is the only one worthy of her love, but Dynamo refuses to join with her, being content to marry a nice girl and live in the suburbs! (Holy Juricich, Batman!) The spurned Iron Maiden slaps Dynamo with an iron glove, just as Dr. Death enters to see how things have developed. Seeing that they haven't progressed to his satisfaction, Dr. Death and a guard prepare to gun down Dynamo, but Iron Maiden rushes to his side...

Seeing this, Dr. Death guns Iron Maiden down, but not before she is able to activate the dial on the Thunderbelt, enabling Dynamo to break the chains which bind him, and leap at Dr. Death's underlings, while Death runs from the carnage. Dynamo gives chase, only to be deflected by a protective force shield!

Dr. Death gloats, for Dynamo is now sealed within an air-tight vault, but the gloating is short-lived, for he sees The Thundersquad wandering the desert floor! Intent on activating his laser defenses, he doesn't see Dynamo cease using brute strength on the field, but instead turn off his Thunderbelt, then set it against the force screen, where he activates it once more, and disrupts the field! CR-ACK! The explosive reaction strikes with the impact of a high energy blast!

The Thundersquad see the dune begin to cave in, with Dynamite figuring it must be an earthquake, but then see Dynamo emerge from below the hot sands. Weed tells the others that their transportation has arrived, while Dynamite regrets what happened to Iron Maiden, but Dynamo is out of it. At THUNDER headquarter, The Chief congratulates Len Brown, whose mind is elsewhere, and when Alice wonders if he's now bored after his exciting romp in the Middle East, Len crumples a piece of paper in his hand, then walks away from his desk, wanting to be left alone.

Iron Maiden is one sultry villainess, who is interested in our hero, the THUNDER agent known as Dynamo, in much the same way as Catwoman always pines for Batman to walk her path, or the love/hate relationship between Whitney Frost and Tony Stark, aka Madame Masque and Iron Man.

Dr. Death is the name of a Golden Age Batman foe.

Qurac is an example of The Middle East in the current DC Universe.

Noman proves that he has plenty up his sleeve.

Dynamo gets "stoned" by a stone-tipped arrow.

Dr. Death's demeanor and appearance reminds me of The Red Skull, Kobra, The Imperial Hydra, and General Immortus.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, not to mention a metal gloved slap really smarts on the cheekbone!

Dr. Death meets an explosive finish, while I hope that this wasn't the last we saw of Iron Maiden.

Len Brown is a simple man who wants to live the American Dream,which leaves Iron Maiden less than impressed.

This Review Is Dedicated To Honorary THUNDER Agents Craig Shutt, Tom Orzechowski, and JK Carrier.

Steve Chung
"The Review of The Iron Maiden!"