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Tales of Suspense 49
"The Saga of The Sneepers!"


Story Plot: STAN LEE
Script And Art: LARRY LIEBER
Inking: G. BELL
Lettering: S. ROSEN
Review: S. CHUNG

(Originally Reviewed On 09/20/01)

A tale of The Watcher concerning something he has seen, but naturally, as is the wont of his race, he cannot interfere, he can only watch! On a distant world, unknown to those of us on Earth, those who would be our rivals exist... The Sneepers!

Their civilization is more ancient than Earth's, but more advanced than ours, as well. (Holy Multiple Choice, Batman! Stan, make up your mind already!) Being a ruthless race, the concepts of love and mercy are alien concepts, as they wage war on neighboring planets, conquering other worlds without compunction for those threatened, and making slaves of their victims! For time without end, The Sneepers have turned a telescopic gaze towards Earth, the sole inhabited planet in the solar system, but consider it beneath them since the inhabitants are primitive, and beyond their reach.

To The Watcher's unerring eyes, mankind was in its infancy as primitive cavemen, but as the centuries passed, empires were established, and during the Renaissance, as Leonardo DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa, even The Sneeps conceeded the talents and worthiness of the Earthlings. With the industrial revolution, The Sneeps are startled at how fast the inhabitants are progressing, threatening to overtake their race, as well! The Sneeps wonder if mankind will reach out to the stars and wrench it from their conqueror's grasp, but another believes that the humans have reached their peak...

The Sneepers see airplanes, with rocket ships no doubt next in development, and the time is now ripe for them to stop the inhabitants of Earth... The ships of The Sneeps are still unable to reach Earth, and are working on a way to destroy the planet from their location so that the world will not soon overshadow theirs! Scientist labor to come up with devices to menace the world, such as bombardment beams to their moon or poisoning the atmosphere with gas pellets! (Holy Smog, Batman! You think The Sneeps have struck in Los Angeles, already?) With the discovery of the atom bomb, mankind has outpaced the science of The Sneeps, and can only wonder what the Earthlings will do with such a discovery, and are bemused when they see the nations of the world threaten one another with it, and so... they wait...

The next scenes please The Sneeps, as they see mankind suffering from threats, hatred, crime, riots, war scares, and strikes, as well as fears concerning the Cuban Crisis, the fighting in Vietnam, and the Communists explosion of a new super-bomb! For The Sneeps, it is their turn to smile, as their problem has been solved... by the humans themselves! For they see clearly that in time it will not be The Sneeps who will destroy Earth, it will be mankind who will destroy itself! The Watcher sees that The Sneeps are still waiting for mankind's self-destruction, but urges us to not allow it to happen. The Sneepers must not gain control of the galaxy instead of man, and by some way, prove the alien conquerors wrong, and heed his warning. For it is we who are free to act, but he can only observe and hope! For Uatu is... The Watcher!

This Review Is Dedicated To Tom Orzechowski and Mike Norwitz

Steve Chung
"The Review of The Sneepers!"