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Tales of Suspense 90
"...And Men Shall Call Him Traitor!"


Written In The Fiery Flash of Inspiration By Smilin' STAN LEE

Penciled In The First Blush of Enthusiasm By Garrulous GIL KANE

Inked In The Dazzling Glow of Jubilation By Jovial JOE SINNOTT

Lettered In The Lonely Grip of Lethargy By ADORABLE ARTIE SIMEK

Reviewed In The Early Light of Dawn By SCINTILLATING STEVE CHUNG

(Originally Reviewed On 12/21/01)

With The Red Skull's mocking words of farewell in his ears, Captain America braces himself, as the walls start moving and begin to close in on him! (Holy Pink Floyd, Batman!)

The Red Skull clenches his fist, watching for the inevitable end of his arch-foe, then tells him that the land of the free and the home of the brave is doomed, by the use of his giant plastic bubble, he will destroy city by city until the nation bows before him! Knowing firsthand the nature of The Red Skull's weapon, The Living Legend of World War II prepares to scale the walls, but The Red Skull has activated laser beams, which will prove a most formidable barrier to any who dare defy him, not deigning to stay and watch his foe's demise firsthand. (Holy Dr. Evil, Batman! Good thing The Skull never had a son!) Seeing The Red Skull leave, Cap hurls his shield at the control panel, which smashes the mechanism, leaving the walls stopped and the beams off, plus a loose wire to climb. Cap is confident that The Skull's gloating will prove to be his undoing.

Cap sees that The Red Skull has already left for the surface via a pnuematic lift, and knows that if he leaves the isle, his arch-foe can activate the deadly bubble, and it has taken too long for the lift to return to him, but by tying the wire to the strap of his shield, Cap still has a chance. The shield flies and is caught in the mechanism, enabling him to hitch a ride on the bottom of The Skull's craft!

Cap begins his climb, knowing that at any moment, The Skull will see him on the viewport, as indeed he does, but this doesn't deter The Red Skull, who begins to change course and increase speed, as the ship begins a dive! Unable to climb up in time, Cap is sent into the water, with the ship remaining at an altitude where The Skull has an advantage and Cap can drown, but The Sentinel of Liberty continues his fight...

Even underwater, Cap continues his climb, ignoring the water pressure, and knowing that the ship can't go any lower without being damaged. Upon surfacing, Cap takes a breath, and he is hidden by the ship's tail from The Red Skull's sight, and to his arch-foe, he is still underwater. Bracing himself, Cap uses his shield to break a plexiglass window on the other side of the ship, and with the roar of the engines, he hopes that The Red Skull hasn't heard it.

Cap has successfully entered the ship, while in the control room, The Red Skull believes his star-spangled foe to be dead, and activates the transfer to super-sonic speed to reach his destination in seconds. Above New York City, the ship hovers, with the inhabitants unaware of the viper in their midst. Pressing a button, The Red Skull's all-encompassing plastic bubble captures a square mile of the mighty metropolis, which is lifted as effortlessly as a bubble! (Holy Travolta, Batman!)

With millions of lives in his hands, The Red Skull plans to contact Washington that he can do this to any other American city, and any demand he makes will be accepted. One voice rises in defiance to his challenge, and The Red Skull turns, surprised to see Captain America in his midst! Unfortunately for Wing-Head, The Red Skull activates a switch... SKLAKK! THWUP! The latter Simekian sound indicates Cap's sudden fall through a convenient trap door.

The twelve-foot drop is not enough to cause Cap injury, but the approach of steel tentacles belonging to a mechnical watchdog is enough to give even an Avenger pause! Hurled towards the bulkhead wall, Cap completes a mid-air somersault, then a quick back-flip to place him above the rampaging robot...

Leaping across its back, Cap uses his shield to smash its antenna, making it "blind" and unable to fend for itself, enabling him to attack! Using the robot's resilient back, Cap leaps, then confronts The Red Skull, who would seek to destroy him with his bare hands and the use of karate, but... BTAM! Cap lands a solid right, which sends The Skull flying back towards the controls, and the imminent death of New York City!

Cap knows that if the button is pressed once more, the city will plummet to its doom! Anxiously, Cap asks for The Red Skull's terms, and he gives him his word as an Avenger for 24 hours to serve him! The city is returned to its rightful place, as the bubble is then dissolved, and The Red Skull tells him to stand in front of the TV lens as he interrupts every program on Earth, for the entire world must learn of his victory! (Holy Temptation Island Pre-Emption, Batman!) The Red Skull alerts the world that what has just happened to New York City is but a mere sample of what he can do, especially with his new cohort-in-crime, Captain America! The Red Skull orders Cap to speak, and he does... telling the startled audience that he is the servant of The Red Skull, and families embrace each other in fear, for Captain America has turned traitor, and if he has joined forces with The Red Skull, then no one is safe! The Red Skull gloats that even the world cannot truly suspect what plans he has for their ulitmate fate!

An unyielding force of will, which is dedicated to fight evil, against overwhelming evil from a foe who has had at least two decades to solidify his plans for conquest.

With the art of Gil Kane, the reader sees Cap perform extraordinary physical feats, with superb embellishing by Joe Sinnott, and Ol' Smilin' Stan has Cap pointing out what his next course of action will be, from death-trap to death-trap, The Red Skull gloats about his eventual victory, and Cap's surprising announcement to the world below.

Steve Chung
"And Men Shall Call Him Reviewed!"