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Tales of Suspense 93
"Into The Jaws Of... A.I.M.!"


Face It, Faithful One...
STAN (The Man) LEE and JACK (King) KIRBY
Were Born To Bring You Captain America!
Aided Of Course, By JOE SINNOTT, Inker, And ARTIE SIMEK, Letterer!
And Of Course, By This Time, STEVE CHUNG, Reviewer Wasn't EVEN BORN Yet!

The mysterious agent of SHIELD -- is the one whom Captain America loves, and whose name still eludes him! Placed in danger when Cap sought to rescue Nick Fury -- the agent was placed in danger -- And now, with all the odds against him -- The Living Legend of World War II heads to her rescue! All that the director of SHIELD knew about the location of AIM is that they were based in a giant sub, and if anyone could find it, Cap will -- using SHIELD's Long-Distance Mini-Cruiser! (Holy AT&T, Batman!)

Cap swims on, his equipment coated with a special chemical radar-blocking screen! (Holy Selegue, Batman!) He has found the sub -- set within a deep underwater ravine! The Avenger knows that if he's spotted them, AIM must have spotted him, too, and he can feel their eyes upon him now! FZZAP! Captain America has become the latest victim of AIM, for the eyes of Modok are everywhere! (Holy Big Brother, Batman!) A cylinder with an ionic valve penetrates the mini-cruiser -- pumping a paralyzing gas through its armored nozzle!

In seconds, Cap is unconscious -- sent into an all-encompassing sea of night --! He drifts deeper -- into a timeless, noiseless limbo -- until --! The Living Legend of World War II is hurled into reality with the force of a meteor!! Before Cap can fully regain his senses -- his shield is wrenched from his grasp! On behalf of Modok, AIM welcomes him back to consciousness!

The name is a mystery to Cap, but he soon learns that Modok is the leader of AIM, and that he is being held fast to a conductive base plate by sheer magnetic force! AIM's devices are as diabolical as ever! Before they dispose of him, Cap is shown the agent of SHIELD whose life he has sought to save, and who will share his final fate. She berates him for coming after her, and the agent considers her own life of no importance, while Captain America represents a living symbol of freedom --! She considers him to be the noblest, most wonderful man she has ever known --! As she kisses him, the agent whispers to Cap that she is wearing special anti-polar cover-alls -- which can reverse the magnetic field which is holding him! (Holy Victoria's Secret, Batman!) As she touches him -- he drops to the floor!! The AIM agents figure out too late the nature of her attire, and Captain America is freed! Under enemy fire, Cap decides to take over...

SPUKUKK! The Living Legend of World War Two wades in, to the regrets of two AIM agents. BUH-KOW! An AIM agent fires, but THWOOSH! Cap nimbly dives beneath the line of fire! BTAM! Two red boots send the AIM agent into a nearby wall! The SHIELD agent is impressed that The Avenger was able to take out four of the enemy agents in a matter of seconds!! Cap replies that the gas slowed him down some --! He tells her to hang onto the blaster she's found, and they head off in search of his shield!

In a nearby chamber -- the scientists of AIM find that even a titanium blade can't pierce the shield, while a hydraulic pressure drill is also unable to damage it! Even such as they can admit defeat! One of the scientists dons a scanning helmet and theorizes that the substance which comprises the shield may be extraterrestrial in origin! (Holy Jemas, Batman!) As he prepares to report their findings to Modok, the scientist is unaware that his colleagues have been overpowered by Captain America, who uses his shield to prevent any further conjectures... THWOP! ZAK! The shield slices through the weaponry of AIM, while the SHIELD agent uses her gun to create a diversion by firing at the electronic wall circuits!

The wall circuits ignite, and while an emergency fire detail is being summoned, Cap and the SHIELD agent continue onward. They seek cover, just as AIM reenforcements begin to search for their captives. The Avenger offers to find an escape hatch for the SHIELD agent, but she must complete her mission of finding out the nature of Modok! Both Cap and the SHIELD agent watch from concealment, as The Advance Idea Mechanics await the summons of Modok!

He was their greatest creation, and overnight, the creators became his servants. All face the screen, and even they do not know the full secret of their master. The screen pulsates with energies, as Modok orders the capture of Captain America and the SHIELD agent, and failure means death to all! The SHIELD agent was working as a double agent to learn about Modok, and to discover his weaknesses. Her blaster at the ready, the SHIELD agent hopes to use it on Modok, while Cap hears someone behind them -- and acts as decoy -- so she can fire!

Throwing up his arms -- The Avenger draws attention -- and is fired upon, while the SHIELD agent fires on his assailant. It was a paralyzer ray which struck Cap, who has barely enough strength to speak -- urging her to escape while she can, and for Fury to send reenforcements! She can't bear to leave him! Never having seen him without his mask -- and he doesn't even know her name! Yet, she can feel some undeniable bond -- linking them together -- forever! (Holy Bond, James Bond, Batman!) She decides to share his fate -- and is seized by AIM! She tells them that SHIELD now knows that AIM has been reborn!! And they know about -- Modok!

The AIM agents are confident that no one knows about Modok!! The only knowledge SHIELD has is his name!! His power and his plan cannot be guessed! The SHIELD agent is to be brought to Modok --! He orders all to stand back -- except for the female!! The agent of SHIELD is unable to resist his summons, and approaches the screen, where the floor panel beneath her begins to glow with radiant energies -- She begins to sink -- to slip through the floor itself -- ! Modok is doing it -- and she can only wonder where he is sending her --?? A few yards away -- Captain America hears the girl's final scream -- as he is unable to move -- and wonders if he's failed her -- just as he did with Bucky -- all those years ago?? The next second finds an AIM agent raising his gun -- aware that their foe has escaped in the past --! He will not escape them again!! Without any further ado, Captain America -- must die!

It would be less than a decade when Steven Spielberg comes up with a movie about a killer shark, but Captain America heading into the jaws of A.I.M. did just fine, under the collaboration of Lee, Kirby, Sinnott, and Simek!

The SHIELD Long-Distance Mini-Carrier puts other extreme sports to shame.

AIM lives in a secret submarine... secret submarine... secret submarine...

Leave it to King Kirby and Joe Sinnott to make the act of waking up a dramatic event! I'm sure we've felt like that when the alarm clock goes off in the morning.

The AIM headgear resembles that used by Joseph Wiseman in "Dr. No."

Anti-polar cover-alls. Hmm, I wonder if SHIELD ever came up with the Anti-Polar mini-skirt, too?

Kirby's fight scenes are simply breathtaking. I get tired just looking at them!

The helmet scanner which the AIM scientist is using to examine the shield resembles that icon of the '70s... The View-Master!

It's interesting that we hear the voice of Modok, and never actually see him, but the dramatic build-up to his introduction next issue is successful nonetheless. I wonder if Lee and Kirby already had him designed or not?

Hmm... maybe Advanced Idea Mechanics should have considered a career in the field of aircraft mechanics instead?

A paralyzer ray is the only way for the SHIELD agent to keep up with Cap!

She is "floored" by Modok's reception, and Cap is about to be in the next shot!

Sheesh! Ten pages and I felt like I've read enough for a whole year!

Steve Chung
"Into The Jaws Of... R.E.V.I.E.W.!"