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Tales of Suspense 94
"If This Be... Modok!"


From The Titanic Typewriter And Peerless Pencil of
STAN (The Man) LEE and JACK (King) KIRBY
Embellished By: Joe Sinnott
Lettered By: Sam Rosen
Relished By: Steve Chung

A.I.M. has been revived! Only The Living Legend of World War II can save the beautiful Agent of SHIELD who is now the prisoner of Modok!

But, Captain America is also a prisoner of Advance Idea Mechanics, and one of their hooded scientists is about to end the Avenger's life with one shot from his blaster!

It is only because Modok is the only one who issues the command for a prisoner's death that Cap yet lives. The scientists of A.I.M. must serve he who was their creation, and his ears are everywhere, but if A.I.M. is to rebel... it must be now! While Modok is interrogating the agent of SHIELD, and since they fear his great power, it is to be Captain America who will face him... in order to save the girl! While the Avenger meets with their leader, A.I.M. will be able to enact their own plan! All are silent as contact is made with Modok...! He is told that Captain America is now their prisoner, and Modok is asked if he wishes to examine him before he is disposed of. It is Modok's desire... and once they meet, there shall be a battle! On the floor, the paralyzed Cap knows that playing into A.I.M.'s hands means that he'll have a chance to save the girl, and he must not fail!

He begins to sink... downward...! The floor's molecules are being dispersed... as they did with... the girl! Only A.I.M. could have come up with such a method of transportation! (Holy Roddenberry, Batman!) The paralysis ray has worn off, and Cap can fight again! This time, if he doesn' succeed, he'll have only himself to blame! Whoever... or whatever Modok is... he must have a weakness... and if so, Captain America will find it! Before he can make another move, Cap is caught in the irresistable power of Modok's brain beam!

Modok is before him... he who was once a human guinea pig for A.I.M.'s scientists... but they did their job too well... and now... he is their master!! The SHIELD agent tells Cap that Modok's brain is his weapon! It can be used to control... to fight... and if he so desires... to destroy!! Modok is a far deadlier threat than SHIELD had suspected, and there's almost no limit to the power of his strange, uncontrollable mind! (Holy Jemas, Batman!) Sensing that he could not control either of them, for they are dedicated to their cause, and are willing to die for it, he has no further use for them! Modok activates his magnetic-powered mobile chair, which he claims is far more agile than a pair of legs!

Knowing that Cap seeks to goad him into action.... in hopes of finding a weak point, Modok unleashes his mind beam! This causes Cap and his shield to float helplessly into the air... where Modok demonstrates other types of mind beams... A stun-shock beam causes the steel floor to shatter... and the pieces of debris to be hurled towards Cap, but his shield protects him! A heat beam causes the floor to erupt in flames, but Cap manages to keep dodging... and in another part of the submarine, A.I.M. scientists decide that the time has come to... attack!

Squad A is deployed into the escape sub, and are instructed to leave if they fail to hear from Squad B in ten minutes. Squad B prepares to attack Modok, and if they fail to return in the next ten minutes, they will be left behind! With Modok's attention occupied, his wall destructors fail to strike the invading agents... Modok is on the other side of the door, and Captain America is fighting A.I.M.'s battle for them... with a blaster pointed at his unsuspecting back...

Cap hurls his shield, but it is intercepted by Modok's mind beam... but the Avenger prepares to tackle him bare-handed... just as the SHIELD agent yells out a warning! SPTOK! She tackles him before the fusillade of shells passes overhead... and strikes Modok!

The scientists of A.I.M. continue to fire, then turn their weapons towards Captain America, who charges them... SPANG! The Living Legend of World War II uses his shield to knock the A.I.M. agents off their feet... THBONNK! He leaps and knocks two of ther heads together!

An A.I.M. agent prepares to strike Cap from behind, but FZAT! The SHIELD agent karate chops him into oblivion. Cap tells the SHIELD agent to follow him for A.I.M.'s getaway, and at the sub, ten minutes have passed! With their fellow agents nowhere in sight, they prepare to depart. The hatch begins to close and the engines are on... but the hatch is stopped by Cap's shield... ZAK!

In another section of the sub, Modok brings forth his remaining energies, which he would have used to enslave the world! He seeks to meet his end in a manner befitting one of his stature!! He wishes to be remembered... and -- so he shall! The emergency detonator is caught in his mind beam!! He begins to increase the pressure...! As his struggle begins, the small, fast escape sub heads away from the mothership for safer parts of sea...! The escape sub is now under the command of Captain America and the SHIELD agent... The A.I.M. scientists are to be delivered to SHIELD, while Cap and the girl agent are pleased to be together at last! An far-away explosion is felt, and Modok is now forgotten...!

The Jack Kirby cover of Tales of Suspense #94 features Captain America delivering a right hook, which sends a hapless A.I.M. agent sprawling, while the SHIELD agent delivers some chops to the helmeted A.I.M. agent, and Modok watches all of this in silence. If This Be... Modok... even he must be impressed by The King's art!

If This Be... Modok, Cap must be in trouble!

From a distance, the uniforms of A.I.M. makes the casual observer believe that they are seeing a bunch of walking, talking corks.

Only Kirby and Sinnott can make an immobilized Cap's passage through the floor look dynamic.

That's quite a head Modok has on his shoulders, and I'd have to wonder if he and A.I.M. are behind such schemes as: CGC, Rawhide Kid, U-Decide, price hikes, and other nefarious misdeeds. Bill Jemas, you say? Ain't no such animal.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. If only Modok had used his for goodness and niceness, as Cap or Agent 86 would say.

The wall destructors are interesting, and I guess Modok doesn't have much welcome for door-to-door salesmen and bill collectors.

Cap has a way with his shield and those Sam Rosen sound effects really clear a path for The Star-Spangled Avenger.

Like a disgruntled passenger, Modok makes certain that if he can't ride his sub, then no one else will! (Holy Yellow Submarine, Batman!)

Steve Chung
"If This Be... Reviewed!"