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Tales to Astonish 101
"...And Evil Shall Beckon!"


Under The Artful Auspices Of STAN LEE
Those Loveable Legendmakers ARCHIE GOODWIN & GENE COLAN
(Amiably Aided By DAN ADKINS, Inker And ARTIE SIMEK, Letterer)
Have Powerfully Packaged Another Wistful Wonderwork Calculated To Make You Shout... IMPERIOUS REX!
STEVE CHUNG, Reviewer Has Powerfully Re-Packaged Another Witty Re-Run Review Calculated To Make You Shout... NERVOUS REX!

(Originally Reviewed On 02/04/02)

Recovering from a fight with The Hulk, Namor rests in the healing currents of the sea, sleeping... but in his sleep, he has visions of a helmeted being who taunts him and his memory, who claims to be the object of The Sub-Mariner's fear and hatred incarnate!

In his mind's eye, Namor recalls the face... the voice... and remembers! As he slew him once, The Sub-Mariner must slay him again, while the unknown villain's face smiles and points a taunting finger, urging Namor to seek him out and destroy him, if he has the will and courage, that is! PA-KOW! Namor leaps at the ghost before him, only to awaken once more, the nightmare much more clear, but the identity of the taunting figure remains a mystery. While chasing The Plunderer and passing through the site of Old Atlantis, as well as his mother's resting place, The Sub-Mariner seeks to clear his head of the mystery...

Namor takes flight, beginning to plan a new course of action against The Surface World and earn the trust of his kingdom once more, his subjects believing him to be a traitor. Having been a victim of amnesia, Namor wonders if these dreams have to do with that time, and the end of Old Atlantis. At a U.S. Early Warning Station, a small blip in sector 4 has air traffic control's attention, and the question of this being a false alarm or the start of World War III soon has a jet on the way to investigate the u.f.o., with the pilot hoping that it's not a bunch of migratory birds...

The jet soon establishes visual contact and radios to the tower that it's The Sub-Mariner, and the tower advises the jet-jockey not to antagonize Namor, who turns at the sound of the roaring jet, and sees his pursuer. Thinking that Namor will attack his ship, the pilot fires off two rockets across The Sub-Mariner's path, but to his surprise, Namor soars directly towards them, not heeding the impact heads which could blast him out of the sky. Unimpressed by the inventions of surface men, Namor catches the rockets, while dodging the explosive heads as if they were shuttlecocks.

Namor hurls the rocket at the jet, which attempts evasive manuevers, but The Sub-Mariner's aim is true... BAROOOM! The plane catches it in the wing, while the pilot has just enough time to eject, as Namor intended, and tell others about what happens when he crossed The Sub-Mariner's path. The other rocket is dropped, where it will explode in a barren area below, and the smouldering crater will be proof that Namor passed through these parts. Vowing that the surface world will know his rage, Namor seeks to uncover past memories.

While Namor heads south, the ruins of Atlantis finds its subjects emerging from their shelters and examining the damage caused by The Plunderer and his craft. Once again, The Atlanteans must wander the depths and rebuild their kingdom, not of mortar and marble columns, but what exist in the hearts of its people!

Lady Dorma and Warlord Seth are among those who mourn the death of The Sub-Mariner, who apparently met his end when he turned aside The Hurricane-Ship from The Atlantean Armada, showing the futility of war in his sacrifice. Seth comforts Dorma and knows that while her thoughts are on Prince Namor, that someday she will think of him, as well. The Atlantean fleet heads off in search of a new home. Namor has reached the Antarctic, where what remains of Old Atlantis lurks beneath chilled waters.

On an icy mountain range, he lands, wondering why he would even come here in days long past. Only the wind answers him with its howl. Feeling that his senses have led him here like a fool, Namor lashes out in his rage, with the rock and ice crumbles before him... revealing a hidden cavern beneath the mountain's surface, and the answer he seeks also lies beneath...

Stepping through the dark cavern, Namor sees that the walls are aglow with a light similar to the phosphorescent light cast by a type of plant in his kingdom. He also sees the carvings on the walls, belonging either to man or some other elder form of life. Rounding a turn, The Sub-Mariner finds himself in a frozen city, yet parts of the floor are experiencing a thawing... KRRRAK! An icy figure crashes from the ice and Namor only waits to see if its intentions are of good or evil. Seeing it advance, Namor notes its icy exterior, and its walk shows that it is adept in the art of killing.

WHOOOSH! Namor ducks beneath the arc of its first blow, then... WOK! The Avenging Son strikes, only to suffer a blast of sheer cold from the momentary contact. Caught in its grip, Namor's body shivers, but he concentrates and is able to adjust himself to the temperature, and...BTOW! -- Fight back!

WHOOM! Namor knocks his assailant into a nearby wall, rendering it unconscious, and within the semi-phosphorescent glow, he sees a nearby chamber, and within... he sees the hate-filled eyes and mirthless smile-- the same evil visage that he saw in his nightmare!

Namor enjoys a brief respite between bouts, from an man-monster to a mysterious mentalist.

The man Namor sees is Paul Destine, aka Destiny, one-time carnival mentalist and crew member aboard Leonard McKenzie's ship, which threw depth charges to destroy the icebergs which barred their course, and unknowingly threatened Atlantis, where The Emperor send his only daughter, Fen, to investigate, and the rest is history!

Fine inking by Dan Adkin, giving depth to Namor's figure, whether in fight or flight.

In his own series, Namor would face The Man Called Destiny, awesomely rendered by Big John Buscema, and his helmet of power, which would turn out to be The Serpent Crown!

This Review Is For Jen Contino

Steve Chung
"... And Evil Shall Review!"