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Wonder Woman #211
"The Mirage Mirrors!"


Story: Robert Kanigher
Art: Ross Andru and Mike Esposito

For Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman is the most beautiful woman in the world! What the military man wasn't aware of is that each time he ignored Diana Prince for the amazing amazon -- he was courting disaster with two women! Or rather one -- with a secret identity! See what happens when Steve comes face-to-face with what appears from... "The Mirage Mirrors!"

Whenever Lieutenant Diana Prince asked Colonel Steve Trevor out for a date, she would learn that he only had eyes for Wonder Woman! And whenever they did get together... Diana would have to listen while Steve sang the praises of the amazing amazon! Even on the dance floor, the Colonel's every word would be solely about her beauty! On the long ride home, it's hoped that the military man paid attention to the road than the entire time spent with Miss Prince!

At her home, Diana is all-too aware of how she's been treated by Steve Trevor, and how he's never even noticed her! It is all the more insulting since she is also Wonder Woman! The robot plane comes in answer to her mental summons, and a course is set for Paradise Island! Her mother, Queen Hippolyta, knows what her daughter is going through! When she was being courted by Hercules, the prince of power acted the same way as Colonel Trevor! Diana is eager to learn about her mother's former suitor... The demi-god was as foolish as a schoolboy in his courtship of Hippolyta!

When Hercules sought to impress the amazon queen with his feats of strength, Hippolyta showed him that such strength could be used in different ways! The son of Zeus was unaware that in her secret identity, the amazon queen was also a mercenary in the amazon army! (Holy Soldier of Misfortune, Batman!) She would listen quietly while the prince of power spoke of Hippolyta's beauty -- and spoke -- and spoke -- and spoke... The day came when she decided to teach him a lesson... She took him for a stroll in the woods... Letting the braggart catch her, Hippolyta pointed to a pair of mirrors by a tree, and the Greek demi-god decided to see their reflections!

The smile on Herc's face faded swiftly, as the beauty of Hippolyta has suddenly doubled, and he sees that the amazon queen now has two heads, as well as an extra pair of hands! The prince of power takes a quick retreat, while Hippolyta restores herself to normal with the mirage-mirror, which enables her to take any form she wants to be! When the son of Zeus offer to give the mercenary soldier a ride in his chariot, he finds to his dismay that she has found someone with an even bigger and faster chariot! (Holy Chariots of Fire, Batman!)

Having heard her mother's story, Diana wishes that she could teach Steve a lesson, and asks if the mirage-mirrors are in the witching wood... As a mother, the queen is there for her daughter, and gives her the mirage-mirrors! Flying back in the robot plane, she waits for the right time to use them! Not having heard from the amazing amazon, the colonel decides to invite Lt. Prince to the charity carnival. Since Steve invited her as Diana, she plans to return the mirage-mirrors to Hippolyta, but decides to call him back! At the sound of her voice, the lieutenant listens as Colonel Trevor tells her that he'll be happy to take her to the charity carnival instead of Diana Prince!

After the frustrating phone call, Diana plans to use the mirage-mirrors and teach Steve Trevor a lesson! The charity carnival with 5,000 tickets sold at a hundred dollars a piece attracts the attention of the criminal mastermind known as the Angle Man... With two box offices taking in the money, he plans to split the gang into two groups and steal the money in two completely different ways! At Diana Prince's apartment, Steve has come over to break their date, with the Lieutenant understanding his reasons for doing so. Once he's left her, Wonder Woman takes the mirage-mirrors to the carnival, then heads to meet Steve at his jeep!

As they walk through the charity carnival, she sees how the people are staring at them, and the Colonel considers himself quite lucky to be with the most beautiful girl in the world -- Wonder Woman! She suggests that they check out the funhouse mirrors, and Steve is confident that no matter what shape she is, the amazon would still be gorgeous! (Holy George Perez, Batman!) He is unaware that they are peering into one of the mirage-mirrors, but the Colonel soon sees that a change has come over Wonder Woman! He had come to the carnival with an amazon -- and now finds himself with a circus fat lady!

The first part of the Angle Man's plan to rob the charity carnival has begun... Four of the gangsters are riding a train to avoid capture! Seeing the crooks, Steve decides to go after them, leaving Wonder Woman behind! Before he can take another step, the Colonel watches as the amazing amazon rolls forth like a human cannonball... moving quickly along the railroad tracks... until her massive form collides with the crook's train!

As the groggy gangsters are lead away, the mirage-mirror effects disappear... with the Colonel believing that he had been having a daytime nightmare! He is so engrossed in seeing how the other people are looking at him, that Steve Trevor doesn't realize that he has been lead back to the funhouse mirrors! Now it is a tall, thin amazon who is escorting him by the hand like a little boy! The heroine had gotten the idea for these changes from the Justice League of America case: "The Cosmic Fun House!" When she bends down to ask him if he wants to be kissed in the tunnel of love, the mystified military man tells her that it had just been condemned! (Holy tunnel-vision, Batman!)

The crowd laughs, while overhead, the rest of Angle Man's gang are firing their guns, as they wait for an aerial ride from the whirly-buzzard! The criminal mastermind grins and believes that the amazon won't foil his scheme! The now-elongated amazon uses her arms to reach for the rocket ride, and uses it to strike the whirly-buzzard... SWIIISH! THUUD!

With the gang in custody and her body back to normal... the amazon heroine looks around for her date... Steve Trevor didn't even have the courtesy of saying goodbye to her, because of her physical appearance! In the darkened tunnel of love, she makes a swift change back to Lieutenant Diana Prince... She's been stood up by the colonel in both of her identities! The lesson is not over yet -- and the real surprise is still to come! Just as soon as she lets him "find" her! Lt. Prince smiles when Steve appears from around a corner, and asks her for a date... but to his dismay, he sees that the lovely lieutenant has a date with a certain man of steel...

Thanks to the mirage-mirrors, Wonder Woman is able to get Steve Trevor to see her as he has never seen her before!

If Wonder Woman had been a '60s TV series, its main rival would have been "I Dream of Jeannie." It would have been fun to see a crossover with Major Tony Nelson and the genie in the Silver Age. Such a thing would take fanboys by surprise and Dr. Bellows would no doubt be making a lot of house calls.

Holy Ben Hur, Batman! Hercules has the ultimate in pick-up lines when he comes equipped with a chariot and a team of horses!

The Angle Man is a gangster in a purple suit, with dark shades, and a menacing pencil-thin mustache. In fact, I would have cast Hayden Roarke ("Dr. Bellows") as the criminal mastermind. The actor had appeared in "The Face And The Voice" episode of "The Adventures of Superman."

In the '70s, Wonder Woman would be seen on the TV screen, both on Super Friends, and her own prime-time series, with Lynda Carter as the amazing amazon!

The '70s also saw the Angle Man receiving a super-villain costume and a mysterious device called "The Angler," which enabled him to travel between dimensions! It was on this occasion that W.W.'s book went to Earth-2 for wartime tales which mirrored the ABC series.

Both of Diana's transformations enabled her to take care of Angle Man's gang, as well as teaching Steve Trevor a hard lesson about judging people on their physical appearance.

The Pre-Crisis Silver Age Wonder Woman is a favorite of mine. From the stories and art by Kanigher, Andru, and Esposito, to Lt. Diana Prince's groovy glasses and purple military uniform... it was a lot of fun while it lasted...!

Steve Chung
"The Mirage Reviews!