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World's Finest Comics 136
"The Magician Boss of The Incas"


Story: Unknown Art: Lee Elias

The archers of the modern age find themselves in Peru, the land of the ancient Incas. Green Arrow and Speedy must work their bows against the trickery of he who would be... "The Magician Boss of The Incas" On the splash page, The Incas have caught a stranger in their midst, and their magician boss steps forward to prove his theory that underneath the Incan disguise is Green Arrow, whose true identity will soon be revealed! From behind a large Incan statue, Speedy watches and wonders if the native indian could possibly be...?

Green Arrow and Speedy have reached the climax of a long pursuit of an wanted criminal... Mighty Micro has had a head-start of a few days on the archers, and has taken one of the two trails up the road. Each archer takes one of the two forks, and plan to rendevous back later. Speedy hopes to catch up with the sly magician-criminal, who has been one step ahead of them. Green Arrow recalls how the magic stunts of Mighty Micro enabled him to pull many crimes, but the archers were able to smash his gang! They can't let up until Micro himself is back in prison! G.A. takes the right fork -- and Speedy takes the left! Making his way up the trail, Speedy is unaware that he is being watched by a hidden trio of figures! ZING! YA-HA-A-A! The young archer hears the cries from the trio who resemble ancient Incans, and decides that he's not imagining this because those spears they're throwing are real!

TWANG! TWANG! The next moment finds Speedy firing a trio of arrows at his assailants, and... the ancient Incans get a dose of the Firecracker Arrow -- the Rain and Lightning Arrows! (Holy Isabella, Batman!) They flee in terror, for they regard the arrows as powerful magic! The boy must have magical powers -- like the wizard! Having heard mention of the "wizard," Speedy figures that it must be Micro! He decides to follow them, in case he discover something to report back to Green Arrow! On the other trail, G.A. is hiding in the cleft of a hillside when he hears voices... With the figures coming down a higher pathway, he sees no reason in revealing himself until he must! Micro -- with some ancient Incans discuss an end to their secret meetings, and that they are ready to take over the tribe by now!

When they have gone, Green Arrow emerges from the cleft... He has seen that there are many for him to risk taking Micro, and besides, some of them could be hurt! His plan is to infiltrate -- learn what Micro's plans are -- and then reveal him for the crook that he is! Having heard of the secret meeting, he heads for the meeting place! Soon, G.A. comes across a hut, where he hopes to find items to aid with his infiltration plans... Within the hut, he has found what he needs to make a costume in order to pose as another Inca! Removing his disguise kit from an inner lining of his quiver, G.A. knows that he won't have time to meet Speedy at the rendevous point, but will join him later once he has found out what Micro is up to! With the make-up and disguise complete, the "Incan" hides his costume and bow and arrows until he needs them later! He heads for the town...

In the ancient village, a crowd has gathered in the square to witness Mighty Micro -- "The Wizard" (Holy Gareb, Batman!) All come to see the great feats of magic, while Micro plans to impress them so that the Chief will not be able to stand against him! He will win two things! If Green Arrow and Speedy arrive, the Incans will fight on his side! Once he has gotten what he has been searching for -- the ceremonial gems -- he will pull a disappearing act! With his audience in place, Micro begins his act... The magician uses an unlit lamp -- then passes his hand across it... and secretly drops a pellet into a chemical mixture in the lamp, and... WHROOOSH! (Holy Selegue, Batman!) The natives see that the magician has brought forth a flame-creature! Even this sight pales in comparison to the approach of a stranger in their midst! No one knows this new arrival, and Micro suspects that this stranger may be Green Arrow in disguise!

The magician tells the natives that the stranger may be wearing a disguise! He could be one of the two evil men he told them about, who wish to harm him! (Holy Lexor, Batman!) Micro intends to remove the newcomers disguise -- and the man is really Green Arrow, he'll know the archer's identity! G.A. hasn't got a chance because in another moment, he'll be unmasked, and Micro will see the face of Oliver Queen! Unbeknownst to them all, Speedy has slipped unseen into the village... and from behind a giant statue, he, too wonders if that native could be Green Arrow? Before Micro's hand can reach the make-up, ZING! His hand is caught in the grip of a Pincer Arrow! The natives are amazed by it and by the arrival of the boy archer! The trio who saw Speedy earlier speak of his magic bow! Micro is less than pleased by his arrival!

Sensing a threat to his plans, Micro commands the natives to destroy them! Speedy tells them that the stranger in their midst is a great warrior, who came with him to help them! Micro calls the boy archer a liar -- and pulls out a gun! BLAM! Luckily for the bow archer, the stranger kicks the gun out of Micro's hand! The magician's followers have their spears handy... but the Chief of the Incas has arrived! He commands his people to follow his command, and they heed Tlahuana, for he is their chief! Tlahuana states that the two deserve a fair trial! They will listen to what the strangers have to say -- as they had listened to the wizard! Not willing to risk a showdown-- Micro decides to head for the ceremonial jewels and get out of the village! (Holy McGoohan, Batman! The magician is looking out for Number One!)

He plans to divide the natives -- and head for the jewel room! He asks the natives who they will listen to -- their old and feeble chief -- or him -- The Wizard? He speaks of amazing powers which can do much for their tribe -- (Holy Mylar, Batman! Micro should put it in a bag and seal it!) When he drops another pellet into the lamp's chemical mixture, Micro conjures up a smokescreen... He states that he can change day into night! He can do feats which have never been seen before! He then calls for followers -- those who would follow the Wizard! (Holy Aerosol, Batman! I don't like the smell of Micro's scheme!) When the "darkness" fades... the Chief sees that the magician has disappeared -- along with those who would follow him, and others who were duped by his feats! The stranger tells Tlahuana that before he can face Micro, he'll need his bow and arrows! When Green Arrow returns... he learns from the Chief that the wizard has gone to the great chamber to wear the ceremonial clothes... and become Chief! G.A. knows that the ceremonial clothes have jewels which a crook like Micro would be interested in!

When Tlahuana asks why he didn't simply steal them instead of trying to win his people, Green Arrow tells him that such a theft wouldn't have been easy to do -- without the help of the people! Micro knew he'd need some inside help, so he fooled them into following him! At the entry to the great ceremonial hall... the archers tells the Chief and his group to stay out of harm's way, nor do they want those who follow "The Wizard" to be harmed, as well. This is a job... for them to do alone! Inside, Micro has donned the ceremonial clothes and proclaims himself to be Chief -- and can do as he wishes now! He tells them not to defy him or else they'll find the spears to be most deadly! Green Arrow and Speedy have only one answer for them -- and for Micro! This is their answer! TWANG! TWANG! The Rope Arrows... ZING! ZING! ZING! YA-EEEEEE! Even the natives must admit to the impressive magic of the arrows, which snare the spears from their hands! (Holy Orzechowski, Batman! The lettered sound effects are pretty keen, too!)

The magician uses several pellets -- which he flings in front of them... He believes that his ring of fire will prove mightier than their arrows! (Holy Johnny Cash, Batman! I'll bet against it!) Green Arrow and Speedy reply to his challenge with... the Vacuum Arrows! ZIP! ZIP! Two bows twang, and two mighty arrows fly forth, clearing the flames, and consuming the pellets! The natives admit that this is the greater magic! Lastly, two arrows pin Micro and his stolen ceremonial robes to his would-be throne... With his people once again united, the Chief asks what will happen to the wizard. Green Arrow tells him that Micro will return to his own land, where he can use his magic on solid iron bars! Micro will not be giving a repeat performance in the Incan village!

An enjoyable tale which takes place outside of the modern cities, where a magician seeks to win over a native people against two newcomers.

The landscape drawn by Elias is incredible, and the reader feels like they're on the trip with Green Arrow and Speedy.

It's no telling who's more impressed... Speedy or the natives?

I've heard of how hard it is to trap lightning in a bottle, but lightning in an arrow?

Even Green Arrow can be taken aback by a people from another age.

G.A. is well-versed in the art of disguise, as is many of his fellow future teammates in the Justice League of America.

It's interesting that in the village, strangers are swiftly found out. The same thing happend in a Namor story by John Byrne, which focused on the formative years of K'un L'un, the city where Daniel Rand, a.k.a Iron Fist spent some time.

Mighty Micro wears a red turban, has a black beard, white gloves, tuxedo, and red sash, making for a well-dressed villain.

Interesting to see Speedy taken aback when Micro draws a gun, but Green Arrow puts his best foot forward to save his partner.

This story is quite an adventure of lost villages, an ancient people, a crooked magician, and two heroic archers.

The Vacuum Arrows resemble two green pipes with arrows sticking out of them.

Leave it to G.A. and Speedy to show Micro the "arrows" of his ways.

Stories like these are the ones I'd love to see collected in a trade paperback format, as the two ace archers are in a story which show that they, too deserve the title of the World's Finest Team.

Steve Chung
"The Magician Boss of The Reviews"